Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Why are the oceans so unused in AJ?

Do you remember when AJHQ was trying very hard to get the oceans back into business? They did everything they could-NOT!

See, the reason why nobody likes to hang out in the oceans is because there's nothing worth doing in them (other than chatting with buddies)! There's no:

  • Underwater Claw
  • Underwater Adventures
  • Underwater Photo Booth
  • New Underwater Animals/Pets
  • New Oceans
  • Underwater Alphas for Sea Animals
The oceans need a bit of a special site for Jammers to visit, don't you think?

If only AJHQ would listen to our problems and requests for once. >.<


  1. Yeah! AJHQ should make underwater adventures. That's a good idea!

    1. lol thats funny because i suggested underwater adventures before i even read this. not like AJ will even look at any of them though

    2. Underwater adventures are added now :)

  2. There should be an underwater adventure
    Blueberryb I got a google account for christmas

  3. Yeah... And also a big problem is that NM's, with only 2 animal slots, can't get an underwater animal...


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