Have you ever wondered what life in Jamaa was like back when Animal Jam was first starting out in 2010? This period of time is called Beta. A beta version of a game means that it is still under development. The company spends time fixing any bugs, glitches, or other issues before the game is released publicly. When the game is officially released, it is known as Alpha.

Here are some pictures of Animal Jam during beta testing (these pictures belong to their rightful owners):

This was the homepage of Animal Jam during beta.

This picture depicts a beach party being held at the old Crystal Sands. Believe it or not, during beta, there were no water slides; just... rocks. And water. :P It looked like this:

Interesting! ^-^

This is a picture of the old Temple of Zios. Notice that where the Zios pit is located today stands a statue of a majestic monkey, which is now an item that can be purchased at the Beta Party. I have a theory that before Zios' fall, he was a monkey. What do you think?

The dens were different back then, too. There was only one kind of den that every Jammer used. It was three stories high, and it was the biggest den that was ever known in Jamaa history until the Crystal Palace was available in the Diamond Shop.

The old customization screen looks a bit different as well. There were less colors for you to choose from, less buttons, etc.

Before the Sol Arcade existed, there was a small hut next to the Pillow Room. It was called the Medical Center. It was replaced with the Sol Arcade because of inappropriate activity taking place there. The modern Medical Center can be found in Kimbara Outback.

This is what the old Jamaa Township looked like. In the heart of this land is a big gong, where the Jammer Central billboard is today.

This is what the old Jam Mart Clothing looked like. In this picture, you can see that there are no Membership labels. During beta, Membership was not a thing. Also, the items are very cheap. You can see that the beta hood is being sold for only 250 gems, whereas some items today cost as much as 2,500 gems!

Another picture of the old Jam Mart Clothing. You can see that skullies are available for only 10 gems. Skullies were removed from the game because they looked inappropriate on pandas.

Yet another picture of Jam Mart Clothing.

This is a picture of the old Jam Mart Furniture. You can see that some popular beta items are being sold for a small price, including the orange mat, the RC car, and the robot.

Another picture of the old Jam Mart Furniture. The wallpaper and flooring icons appeared differently back then.

Yet another picture of the old Jam Mart Furniture.

In Coral Canyons, there used to be a little shop called Coral Corner. It sold plants, pottery, and other artistic den decorations. It was located where the den shop is found today, on the far left side of the bridge.

Another picture of Coral Corner.

Some old Jam-A-Grams.

And that's it for this page! Let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section down below. :)


  1. This blog is very helpful! Thanks for taking the time to make this blog. :)

  2. wow this is really helpful thank u!

  3. Hi! Mind if I use some of the photos and information for my blog? I will give credit :)

  4. I wasnt from beta but 2012 IS STILL OLD RIGHT??

    1. Yes of course it’s old :) I think your still considered a veteran player even though you didn’t play in beta, but in my opinion 2010-2014 are the “old” periods

  5. Club Geoz looks futuristic
    Bad AJ
    *looks over at animal wearing shades*
    Bad bad AJ

  6. so, i was thinking, we do a bring beta back thing because is aj made jamaa beta style for ONE DAY it would be awesome. to join: *jam-a-gram me saying you are doing this *make your name tag blue with a horse symbol (to look like horse coins) *wear beta items or items that look like beta items *if you have beta stuff center your den around it *go to jamaa township in a crowded world and say BRING BETA BACK. BRING BETA BACK. BRING BETA BACK. etc. jooooooooooin!!!!!!!!!!!!! -sneezy77

    1. sorry in the first line i meant to type if not is :P -sneezy77

  7. plz look at my blog! it might be a little messes up but it would mean a lot to me if you looked at my NEW blog!
    would also like it if other jammers seeing this comment looks at my blog too! ;)

  8. I really like your blog and find it very helpful :P

  9. Two things:

    First, the Medical Center stood where the Pillow Room currently stands. The Sol Arcade was released at a time nowhere NEAR the beta.

    Second, the limited color choices and old Jam-a-grams were not exclusive to the beta. The color choices were updated about a year after official release, and as for the old Jam-a-grams, they may or may not be an option today.

    I know the second thing because I played Animal Jam directly after beta testing. The second thing I know because I remember the Sol Arcade being added in an update waaaaay later in a new location; there was never a building in that spot. Also, other sources say that the Medical Center was in the Pillow Room, which makes sense because it was not as near as popular after beta as it is today.

    - PUKIGIRL02

  10. wow i saw the tab "Beta" and thought it was all about me
    sobs mistakes have been made
    no jk ily naf

  11. here is my story on Zios

    He was brave,he was common and he was the one.
    Zios was wishing for adventure he loved adventures he did them daily and it only took him a hour a day to complete all of them then it happened.
    One day zios was walking around wanting adventure when he saw something blowing in the wind his curiosity got the best of him.He chased the golden brown thing blowing trough the breeze then with one big jump he grabed it.He soon relized it was a map!
    -adventure! FINALLY.- He soon reconized the townships big gong the Alphas hit to tell jammers about new updates.He was soon at the gong he saw that he needed to The Chamber of Knowledge.Over The Lonely Bridge -the right bridge- he swung from branch to branch -the fastest type of travel known to monkey-. He had finally reached the door he opened it as it opened it make a large kkkkkreech -that's the sound of to FLAT stones rubing aginst each other- he went in.He followed the map to a trapdoor he tried opening it soon relising that he need a skully key
    he thought of were it would be.He thought {mabey its in one of the animal books} he searched in the wolf book,the bunny book ,and koala book.He finally reached the monkey book it had the KEY!He put the key into the sloth and it fit he opened the door and walked down.He saw a small opening. He squeezed into the hole and came out of the other side he saw this big emblem but surrounded on the ground was 4 crystal shaped holes they each
    read earth,water,lava, and air. He looked around and soon he found the 4 crystals. He put them in the holes they belonged
    in.Then the emblem glowed yellow.All of a sudden he saw shadows of different animals behind him "w-who are y-you" he said.
    Then a Bright blue light came from behind the emblem.It was Mira The Sky Mother!Then the other shapes became clear The Alphas were with her!"Zios you are going to join me for you are the one." Said Mira. "W-what do y-you mean?" Said Zios." you are joining me in being a a GOD." Said Mira " R-really?" Said Zios. "Yeah isn't he kind of young?" Said Greely. " Don't worry Zios he said I was too young to be an alpha,but look at me now! HYA!" Said Peck as she kicked the air.

    So then Zios accepted being a god and then little did he know that the emblem contained great power.It helped keep phantoms form Jamma,but the light started to dim and the phantoms invaded
    The Temple Of Zios.The Phantom King turned Zios into the Statue you see in The Lost Temple Of Zios now.So Thats why every time 4 people sleep around Zios phantoms come up gaurding his body, so u cant turn him back.
    -Krislynnb HOPED U ENJOYED

  12. Replies
    1. Nafaria if you like my story say this 77<3#5&


  14. is a tan jammliday scarf worth a rare pink star hat and dark blue fox hat and a non member sword and a sun balloon and a feathered mask?

  15. Aww man, now I miss the old crystal sands. :p
    Those were the days.

    1. Yeah. Wish I was there to get the top hats- the only one I have is the Freedom one. REALLY wish I had the custom one- saw two Jammers with it!

  16. UGH. i wish i was old enough to play AJ back in da wonderful, WONDERFUL, beta days :(

  17. Is that yellow and red pot in clearance a beta item? I like it anyway and I may have one.
    - Addieartist

  18. its pretty intiresting how diffrent the beta is than now a days i ust started in 2017 so this is entiresting for me! and i like he old crystal sands better :3

  19. Hi Naffy!

    I had a question: where did you get these images? I want to write my own page about Beta times, and I don't want to directly copy your pictures :)




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