Saturday, January 31, 2015

Blogger How-To #1: Blog Radio Station


My friend asked me how I made a blog radio station.

It's simple and free. Go to to set up and customize a playlist for your blog's radio station.

You can change the color of the radio, choose which songs you want to play by using links from YouTube or Soundcloud, and adjust the settings.

Once you're finished, click "Done", and it will give you an HTML code. Copy and paste the code into a HTML/JavaScript gadget, and you're ready!

I must warn you. When you have a blog radio station, it takes longer for your blog to load. That's why the AJW is laggy most of time.

I hope this helped! :)

The Friendship Movement: Sharing the Love

Hey everyone!

Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I thought it would be the perfect time to encourage you to "share the love".

What that means is to show your friends just how much you care for them. With a simple compliment, a thoughtful Jam-A-Gram, or a special gift, what better way to spread the happiness this?

So, I encourage every single one of you to stop by and express just how much you care about your buddies, by doing so:

Send/trade your friends each a friendship bracelet. When you do this, compliment them on a positive quality they hold that you admire. Try to make every compliment unique.

Whoever gives the most friendship bracelets before Valentine's Day will win a mystery prize that is very special to behold.

Be sure to check back on your records often, which will be found here. The records will track who has given the most friendship bracelets, and where you are in the race.

Are you getting in the friendshippy-mood yet? :D

Alright, let the movement begin!




1st Place: xxfrostcatxx (43 Bracelets)
2nd Place: tig47498 (28 Bracelets)
3rd Place: awesomepanda868 (25 Bracelets)
4th Place: sealy05 (23 Bracelets)
5th Place: fomar (13 Bracelets)
6th Place: purplestarclub (9 Bracelets) and Balaur (9 Bracelets)
7th Place: violet86271 (8 Bracelets)
8th Place: Mesha336 (6 Bracelets) and Junie4563 (6 Bracelets)
9th Place: RM21 (5 Bracelets)
10th Place: breazia (4 Bracelets)
11th Place: Camp2014 (3 Bracelets)
12th Place: sixty58 (1 Bracelet)

Let's get in the loving spirit, people! ^.^

Friday, January 30, 2015

Beach Towel Graphic


The winning name for the Phantom Kingdom is . . .


I loved this one because it reminded me of the soda pop Fanta. Man, soda sounds so good right now, even though I hate it. Maybe it's just because I'm sick and I'm craving random thinks I typically don't eat. o3o

Great job, Suzi00! You picked the perfect name. Many others picked catchy ones, too, and that made it quite hard to choose.

From now on, this alternative Jamaa will be known as "Phanta". :3 Ye-hey!

Your little prize for winning will be sent momentarily.


No More Smiley Face? :c


I just barely found this out, but for some reason, yesterday's update came with something horrible.

As a matter of fact, almost EVERY update comes with something bad, and that's usually a super annoying glitch that never buzzes off. >8U

Anyway, I was typing the super happy smiley face emote into the chat box on AJ (this one: :D) when suddenly a warning message popped up.

I'm not very happy with AJHQ for considering a smiley face "inappropriate".

Sorry if this post just took up your time. I wanted to post something because I was bored, but lately there hasn't been much to post about. :/

The contest results have been posted, though, if you want to check to see if you've won.


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Special Delivery

Hello! :) I was surprised to see another when I logged on this afternoon.

Actually, it's not even a full update, but that's quite understandable because it's only been a week since the last one. Regular updates come every two weeks.

Anyway, the only real thing that's an "update" is the new Adventure "Special Delivery".

When you first begin, an employee of the Jamaa Postal Service or whatever hands you 30 Valentines to deliver out to the houses.

Guess who the employee is?

Rose, an OWL!

Aww! Owls are so cute and chubby.

Moving on now.

The first trip you'll make around the block is pretty easy, but it gets harder and harder. I have to say, the prizes are totally worth it! They're so awesome! ^.^ They consist of Chocolate Mira Statues, Heart Lava Lamps, 

The map is in the shape of a heart, by the way. <3

Well, that's all for today! Buh bye.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Double Meloettas


Phantom Kingdom

Hi Jammers! ^.^

Today I don't have to go to school until 9:30 AM. Whoo-hoo! :D

Anyway, my friend Violet and I were exploring the new den, Greely's Hideout, last week. As I was exploring, I noticed something at the very tippy top.

(Oh, sheesh. Now that is one bad picture. o.e)

What do you think this is?

A phantom factory?

A phantom mining town?

Surely the capital must be the Phantom Tower.

I'm thinking this has to be some sort of a kingdom, just like Jamaa.

Jamaa is the place where all the animals live.

(This picture is slightly better.)

What if there were to be an alternate Jamaa, but for phantoms instead?

Now, here's where you're gonna have to listen up!

Comment a name for this "Phantom Kingdom" by combining these two words:

Jamaa + Phantom

For example, here is a comment entry from a local citizen who is currently locked up in an asylum.

Username: ploopyfeet (srsly y do i even bother to enter these stoopid coneetests!!)
Name: JAPHANTOMAA!!!! did i do it wright?? i combined da 2 words so.

Whoever comes up with the most catchy and creative name for the "Phantom Kingdom" will be rewarded a prize or two. c: The winning name will be chosen tomorrow.

Have fun!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Reasons to Quit

Hey Jammers!

Today I was in Coral Canyons and I saw someone crying because they lost their Membership.

I walked over to them and asked, "What are you going to about it?"

They replied, "I will quit AJ once and for all!"

Of course, I just rolled my eyes and left.

I bet you're wondering what today's post is about. Well, that little story up there explains the majority of it.

We're going to talk about good reasons to quit and bad reasons to quit! Yay! ^.^

This post is not mean to encourage anyone to quit. That's just silly.

But, if you're ever thinking about quitting, this post may help you.


1. Age

Animal Jam is already addicting enough, and it can be hard to pull away. But let's stop and think about it. Imagine in 30 years from now, you're still playing AJ with all your friends and stuff. When you get out into the world and start applying for jobs, people are going to ask you what you like to do, people who you've worked for as references, and all these complicated questions. If you've just sat and clicked a mouse your whole life, how well are the chances of you getting that job?

2. Boredom

Everyone gets a little bored from time to time, especially me. Eventually, as people grow older, they get interested into other things rather than computer games like Animal Jam. I know it doesn't sound like it now, but once you're fifteen, you're just going to shut that computer down for good.

3. Busyness

Yes, it's a real word! As you progress in life and start attending Middle and High School, a lot of homework and projects are going to be on your hands. This is probably the best time to quit Animal Jam. It's time to move on. You're so busy that you don't even have a spare minute to log on your account. Trust me.

4. Extra-Curricular Activities

And we can't forget activities that are extra-curricular! While some of us may play the trombone and others soccer, if you want to get really good at a sport or instrument, you have to practice. Practicing takes up time, and so does Animal Jam. But is playing AJ really a talent that could be useful to you? Not exactly.

5. Health

Is playing five-six hours of Animal Jam a day really worth it? Don't you ever get sick of staring at a screen that long? We all know that two-three hours of electronics a day is good enough. Instead, go play outside! Get some fresh air. Do something different. It will make your body happy, and the people around you as well.


1. Loss of Membership

This is just plain silly. Even when you're a Non-Member, you can still have fun while you play AJ! You can talk with your buddies, go on a few Adventures, buy a few things here and there, etc.

2. Scammed/Hacked

"waahhh i was scammed on my rurz so pls sned me rurz"
"omggg i was hackedddd halp me by sending me rurz!!!"
"sned me rurz now or else i will destroy u"

NO. Getting scammed/hacked on your items is a horrible, poor excuse for quitting. Sure, you might feel let down and sad, but it is worth leaving your friends behind?

I hope you take these reasons into thought and consideration before you ever quit AJ. ^.^


Monday, January 26, 2015

Friendship Bunny Graphic

Friendship Party: Same-o, Same-o

The Friendship Party looks a lot like last year's.

Same theme: in a princess den, with pink and red roses and hearts scattered everywhere.

Even the same people fighting over the "chairs of royalty".

 . . . 

There IS something new, though, and that's the pile of Valentine's Day cards, a new item to the shop.

If only I found a box of chocolates and a stack of cards waiting for me in my locker on Valentine's Day. BUT I WON'T, 'cause this year Valentine's Day is on a Saturday. Yippee. e3e

Big Dens

Hello! ^-^

Lately, I've been noticing that all the new dens are huge. Way huge.

When the Crystal Palace came out, everyone was so excited because it of its rather unusual size.

But after purchasing it, many of us were too lazy to decorate it because it was so big. At least I was lazy. :p

Then, when you needed to find a buddy in the den, it was like going through a maze. Even with an eagle, it was very difficult.

After a couple months, the epic Sky Kingdom Den was released.

It included a waterfall, a cottage, a forest with grey skies and rain, a three-story castle, and a rainbow slide!

But yet it was so enormous that it wasn't easy to find your friends or decorate it with items.

Now that the Greely's Hideout den is out, I'm getting kind of tired of all these gigantic dens, especially since they all cost seven diamonds! That's crazy! >.o

What do YOU think of these dens? Do you think dens should be a little smaller in size, or should AJHQ keep making big dens? You can comment your answer on the Howls page, because that's this week's prompt. owo

See ya later!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Poll Location

Because of the new template, I had to adjust the location of the polls. If you want to vote, go to the bottom of the blog where the WhipChat is found. This will be the new location until March. Thank ya very much! ^-^

Valentine Ideas

These ideas are super fun and easy to pass out for upcoming Valentine's Day! :)

melted crayon hearts
Melted Heart Crayons
I was browsing the Internet one day and I found this awesome and easy project for Valentines to give! (idea from

What you need:
A heart-shaped silicon baking mold
Crayons (old or new-Crayola works best)
A bowl
Warm water

Firstly, the paper labels on the crayons need to be taken off. Fill the bowl with warm water. Don't spend 2 hours peeling off the paper of the crayons-instead, dump them into the bowl of water. With most crayons the paper comes right off.

melted crayon hearts

Now break the crayons into different sized chunks. You can do that with your fingers or a knife. Now combine the chunks in the silicon mold. Be creative about what colors you put with together-for example, oranges, pinks, and reds work well together as do blues, greens, and purples.

melted crayon hearts

Now place the mold on a sheet pan. Preheat oven to 230 degrees. You could have preheated it before, but it doesn't need to take 20 minutes to preheat. Eh, your choice. Anyway, bake the crayons for 15 minutes for the same temperature, 230 degrees. Once they are done, set them aside to cool. Note: The wax from the crayons will be liquid when you pull them out from the oven, so if that is your result you're doing everything right. Oh, and be on the lookout for chunks of crayons floating in the liquid-some brands' crayons do that. :P

melted crayon hearts

Now that they're all cooled, pop them out carefully.

Ta-da! You can say, "You color my world!" when giving them out. Just a fun pun to use. :)

Homemade Silly Putty
Who doesn't love something to squish? I was looking around, again, and found a few project ideas and summarized them up for you. ^.^

What you need:
Sta-Flo Liquid Starch
Elmer's Glue-All
Food coloring
A bowl
A spatula
Note: It's VERY important that you use these brands and nothing else. From what I've heard, these brands make the perfect silly putty. If you can't find these products, just buy the store-bought putty and give those out...

First of all, gather the ingredients. Pour the Glue-All into the bowl. Yes, ALL of the Glue-All. Now add the food coloring-however many drops of it you want. Mix them together while adding small amounts of the starch to the bowl until the mixture turns to a gooey substance.

You'll have to knead the putty until it isn't sticky anymore.

Voila! Some awesome gak to roll your fingers through. If it still feels sticky, add more starch to it.

You can put this a small bag and say, We're Silly Together! Or some other pun... :P

You may just make this for fun, of how epic it is.

Have a good time making these!

February Template

I edited the blog for its February template. I know I already did a sunset-themed one back in August, but a pink sunset is different than a red sunset, right? xD

Now all I have to do is change the Jammer of the Month and the music . . .

Friday, January 23, 2015

Peck Graphic

Say hello to Peck! There are a few small spots that I missed, but hopefully they won't interfere.

I made this graphic right when I heard that a new Introduction to AJ was made. I personally like the one where you are taking a trip on the boat with Liza a lot more, don't you think?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Friendship Hideouts

Hi everyone! Today is another update day . . . with barely any updates! Yippee! c:

Just kidding, there's a few new things to look at. :P

First, let's start off with the front page:


Is that what I think it is!? Another Adventure!?


Seriously, when I first looked at the update this morning, I thought that Greely's Hideout was the next Adventure. I mean, I've been waiting forever for the story to be continued. Haven't we all?

Now I realize that Greely's Hideout is actually a den, which is okay. And where it is sold?

The Diamond Shop.

But I have to admit, it looks pretty cool!

Anyway .  . .

Aww, some adorable Friendship Armor! That bunny is super cute. <3 Pick up this armor set at . . .

. . . the Diamond Shop. :/

On the bright side, the Friendship Festival will be arriving soon, and that means the Friendship Party will be returning as well.

AJHQ must really love pandas. They adopted one at San Diego Zoo. Oh, how I love the memories of San Diego Zoo! ^.^

It has now been confirmed that owls are the new animal!

But that video up there? It's kind of weird. o.e

I like the previous videos much, much better, especially "Oh Deer". Out On a Limb is . . . strange . . .

Meanwhile, be sure to watch a more delightful video, a Sketch Jam of Mira!

So, I guess we'll be seeing the new den item set in two weeks. :)

In an addition to this update, there are some new Jam-A-Grams for you to send!

I like the hummingbird JAG the best, because they're sitting on a cherry blossom tree branch. Cherry blossoms are so gorgeous! Who agrees?

I leave you with a funny Olaf picture I made the other day. xD

Well, that's the Whip!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Attention All Minecraft Players...

Does herobrine really exist? My brother and I were debating on his existence, and I want to know some key information. Could someone tell me the story behind herobrine and all that jazz? Thanks! :)


Whewie! It seems like only yesterday we ticked the 280,000 views mark, but now it's already 290,000? That's crazy!

I won't host a party this time, but the 300,000 views party will be HUGE! And that's only 10,000 views away. :3

Thankfully, there is a contest I will be opening this weekend, so you can guarantee that to come soon.

Once again, I greatly appreciate all of you and your friendship, comments, views, etc. Your support has taken the AJW quite far! ^.^

I'd also like to mention and thank RainbowCat1 for designing this beautiful picture of Marble Jingle Shoes (Countess Vinedeer :p), my deer on Animal Jam! What a pawsome piece of art!

It is now my profile picture. <3

Sadly, I probably won't be able to post much the next few days, because tomorrow I have swim practice, and on Friday the French Club is going on a field trip to the crepery (crepe factory). Yummy!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Party Pictures


The party last weekend hadn't gone as planned. I only was there for about ten minutes, and unexpectedly had to leave.

Luckily, my good friend elizaboo1104 came shortly after I disappeared, and so did a few other buddies of mine. While she was there, she managed to snap a few screenshots and sent them to me. ^.^ I'm so happy to know that the party was still fun!

Let's all give a round of appawse (get it?) for Elizaboo! :D

Monday, January 19, 2015

Laptop and Royal Tiara Graphics

Feel free to use these graphics without credit. :)

Compassion and Mercy

Hello everyone this fine morning!

At least, I think it's morning for most of us. :P

Anyway, this weekend I learned a lot about compassion and mercy, so I wanted to make a little post about it.

Compassion and mercy go hand-in-hand with one another, but they aren't the same thing.

Compassion is when you wanna help someone who needs help. When you have compassion for someone, you feel bad for them. You feel sympathy.

Mercy is when you wanna give someone a second chance, even if they don't deserve it.

When somebody does something wrong, we need to be merciful and forgive them, because there's always a chance they will learn their lesson and move on. We can't fight forever, can we?

There's a picture of a meditating Rafiki on my refrigerator with a quote on it (don't ask x3). It says:

"Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die."

Anyway, we also need to have compassion. For example, if we are angry, and start making wrong decisions, we might feel bad for someone who was affected by these decisions. It's kind of hard to explain, but hopefully you get the idea.

Remember, this world needs less big and important people. It needs more people who are nice, compassionate, and merciful!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

2014 Slideshow

Two weeks ago I posted a slideshow presentation filled with all of our good memories from 2013. Now, here is the 2014 one!

Party Reminder

The party is today if you feel like coming. I've been playing Disney Infinity a lot these past few days, and I honestly think it's better than Animal Jam. So much to create, so much to do . . . ^.^

The only problem is my siblings keep hogging the Xbox, so I barely ever get to have a turn. -.-

Anyway, come to my den in less than 2 hours! c:

Also, be sure to check the Howls page, because there's a new prompt for next week. Speaking of next week, I don't have school on Monday! Yippee!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Raspberry Colors

Hello! ^c^

Today I wanted to talk about the old glitch color: raspberry.

Raspberry . . .

. . . raspberry.

It sounds evil. o.o I mean, say it out loud in a creepy way and it sounds pretty darn malevolent.

Raspberry . . .


Back in 2010-2011, the color palette looked like this:

Such limits! >.<

But, this palette did have a secret of its own.

When you clicked on the right side of the color located at the right hand bottom corner of the palette, or in this case, light green, your animal would automatically turn raspberry!

Then, the year 2012 arrived, and one day the color palette was updated with more unique colors. The secret color glitched remained, but instead of turning raspberry, your animal would turn ice blue!

When the color palette was updated for a third time in 2014, the glitch stayed, but the color didn't change. :(

Long story short, nowadays you might see people with a raspberry color on their animals. This isn't the same glitched raspberry color you could change to in 2010-2011. For further information, here is a comparison between the two.

The glitched raspberry (left) is SUPER rare to see. Only a few Jammers kept the secret raspberry color on their animals. The color palette raspberry (right) is nothing but the color palette raspberry.

Are you CN what I'm SAYING?

(Cartoon Network fans out there. xD)

Welp, I hoped ye learned somethin'. 'Cause there ain't much to post about these days. Am I righ'?

Farewell, y'all! Y'all come back, or else I'll be feeding yer horses moldeh hay 'till ye return. >:3