Wednesday, July 31, 2013

See you later!

I'm going off to my trip now! I won't be posting from tomorrow to Saturday, but my mom has an iPhone, so we'll see. Bye! When I get back I will show you some pictures. =)

Never Mess with a Mouse

Good morning jammers! Actually, that's not a very good greeting, since I know there are international players out there viewing this, so let's just say, hi, jammers! I told you I was not supposed to be posting today, and you can't always know everything, so here's the updation: I will NOT be posting from tomorrow-Saturday. I will be on a short vacation with my family up at Bear know, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming? Those kind of places. Anyway, today's new item makes the monkey twins a set, the Pet Monkey Plushie!

There isn't much to post about today. Hey, my house smells like cinnamon toast! :P 

Oh, and, a little blog news, we're up to 11,000 views and it's only been 3 days! How cool is that? Good work, guys! When we get to 15,000 there will be another party.

A fun little kangaroo video that you can also watch in Jammer Central: 

And a random but funny story about my almost-everyday life: 

We had a mouse in our walls in the kitchen recently. It had been there for maybe a week, and about 7 traps were set out. This mouse was a clever mouse, because it avoided each and every mousetrap. One night, my mom was in the kitchen and heard the mouse squeak. She quietly yelled for my dad to come and see what was the fuss. My mother had explained the whole squeaking story to my dad, so he looked under the cabinets and other places for the mouse. Unexpectedly, the mouse came running out of the kitchen wall, and ran in circles in the place of my dad's feet. Screaming. That's what my mom did. Scream. Thankfully, none of us woke up, not to mention it was about 1:00 am in the morning. The sneaky, gray rodent began to run up my dad's legs, so he jumped up and down to shake it off. The mouse lost its grip and fell onto the floor, and with his bare foot, he accidentally squished it. Luckily he had caught no diseases or anything. The mouse looked soooo creepy in the trash can-with his legs folded up and everything. 

Now, did that scare you? Or maybe make a laugh?

Never mess with a mouse. Unless it's the super-annoying kind that won't leave your house. 

That's the whip! There's also a new Glitch tab, and the Fun Stuf tab has been updated. Bye for 3 days! 
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rodeo Party


This is a quick designed image of my made-up party, the Rodeo Party! It took forever....I'm so tired. Well, I hope you're impressed, comment your thoughts!

Recipe of the Month-August 2013

That's right, Webkinzers-the new Recipe of the Month is here! No chip is a chip without salsa, right? Make some spicy Mexican dinner tonight for your pets, starting with this simple recipe from Webkinz Insiders! It is for the Blender.

Jammer of the Week!

I totally spaced the JOTW, so here it is now! The lucky jammer this week is....


This jammer is very brave. She stands up for what she believes and to protect her friends! She is never too afraid to ask for help, and a very nice player indeed. 

We Had So Much Fun!

I have to say, this is one of my most successful blogs ever. Thank you guys for encouraging me throughout all these hard times! Here are some of the things we did.

Giant Monkey Business

Hey jammers! Today's new item is a Giant Monkey Plushie, sold in the Summer Carnival! This plush is pretty cute, and maybe a bit cuddly. But I'm not going bananas for this one!


It's also weekly Diamond Day! I got my 4th diamond, so now I can buy that tail armor I wanted. But I also like the pink tail armor, reminds me of sizzlerat. You know, the AJHQ testing account who tested out tail armor? It was pink, so I might get sizzlerat's. Except the one in the Diamond Shop has purple baubles, and hers has pink baubles, but the full pink one isn't sold. Oh well, I think I'll just-hey, wait! Did she have blue tail armor or pink tail armor? Everyone's blog articles say a whole different thing. No, it must have been pink. OKAY! The final decision is PINK with PURPLE BAUBLES! 

That was a lot of blabbering. Well, anyway, I don't really like my art blog. It's just too crowded, so I'll just post art on here, starting next week. It will just be at random times, like sometimes I do boring, random posts. >_< Now I'm going to tell YOU what WON'T be boring: the party today! Click here for the invitation! I hope everyone can come, so please invite your friends if you'd like! :) 

That's the whip for today, and, oh, by the way, I'm going to be taking a few pictures at the party. My blogger thing is all fixed out. :) 

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Real Roos

Hey jammers! Today is Rare Item Monday, and while I thought the Rare was going to be a Rare Backpack, I figured out it's probably next week's. Anyway, the REAL Rare is a pair of Real Musketeer Boots (it's actually called that, no joke).
Yesterday my grandma surprised us with Arctic Wolf Membership Cards, even though I already bought one. I was going to give it away or something, but I realized I could buy a kangaroo! So I did, and her name is Bouncing Templepuppet. Speaking of kangaroos, you can now add "roo" to the end of your animals' names! 


It's almost August, and that means I might put up the new August background today! And don't forget to check out the 10,000 views Party Invitation! It's coming up quickly because I will be on a trip for 3 days, starting on Wednesday. So no posting until Wednesday-Friday, I believe. Click here for the invitation!

Two new codes! HOOOT and KOALA are each worth 500 gems!

That's the whip for today, see you in Jamaa!

Saturday, July 27, 2013


YES! 10,000 views! I knew we could do it! Thank you for all who support this blog! I will be hosting a party, of course! Here are the details:


Get ready for a splashing party!
What: A Pool  Party!
Why: In honor of 10,000 views
Where: nafaria9's den in SERVER SAWTOOTH
When: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 at 10:30 am-11:00 am U.S. Mountain Time
Who: Everyone!
Please come and enjoy!

Turquoise Necklace!

Hi jammers! Today's new item is a Turquoise Necklace, sold in Epic Wonders. It's pretty, and it seems it comes from a culture!

Here's a glitch I found out (these are snowyclaw's animals):

As you can see, all the animals take up clothes of another animal! It's really annoying me, and I think it might have to do with the Adventure Courage on animals in every land.

Also, some people have not been agreeing with the Scammers and Hackers tab. I can understand your opinion, but if you don't like this blog, don't read it! There are tons more blogs to read instead of this one. Some of my favorites are on the Other Jammers' Blog tab. For your information, I have witnessed almost every single one of those scammers and hackers that are on that list. I've seen Taxe, Solidblue02 (dens), and nearly all of the rest. The ones I HAVEN'T witnessed scam are on that list because I've heard from other honest blogs and people that they scam/hack. And by the way, I made a list so people knew who to look out for. I don't like my blog to be criticized, so if you don't like it, don't read it.

This is just a baby blog, anyway. And I can understand that one vote for my blog stinks-my blog needs work, maybe more gadgets, maybe more news. But I need thoughts on how to make this blog better than it the baby blog it is.

Anyway, enjoy the Whip if you don't hate it! 

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