Monday, September 30, 2013

No More Scamming/Hacking!

Hello jammers! It's Rare Item Monday! The RIM for today is....

A Rare Wavy Bookshelf for ALL JAMMERS! Add some color to your den with this epic item!

Also, I have spotted a couple glitches!

Interesting! These pictures will be uploaded to the Glitches! tab. 

On to a bigger note....

Don't you just HATE scamming and hacking? I'm completely SICK of this madness. Jammers that played during Beta Period have told us that the Trade System didn't exist, and there were no rampages, no crying jammers, and no fights. I'd like to have the Trade System without this kind of behavior, and I'm sure everyone who doesn't scam/hack does as well. I'm not sure if there is a way to put an end to this besides being cautious and not as item-hungry. 

On Saturday me and a few other jammers put together a No-More-Scamming event where your animal would turn completely yellow and hop. I think even some jammers said, "If you scam, be black and jump over there!" Were they looking for a fight? :I Thankfully nobody listened.

There's also been a few signs about a new hacker with a new hacking method-fman122. It has been said that he sends you a JAG, which secretly sends two other unexpected gifts-a virus that may break your computer, and your AJ account could be put in danger. Do NOT open any mail from him, and don't try to get near him at ALL. This rumor has been notified by many other blogs, so here's my warning to you: BEWARE!

Well, it's 7:00 AM for me. Time to get ready for school! Bye bye! No more scamming!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

ANOTHER New Item & Hershey87's Contest

Today I found another VERY EPIC item....!

A studded collar! I got mine in black. I plan to wear it in Aldan so people will bug me. >:D

Also, hershey87 is hosting a Greeting Contest on her blog! The link is The plot of this contest is to come up with a cool greeting besides "hey". You may just win a pair of Rare Scary Bat Wings! Good luck my friends!


Hello jammers across the world! Today's new item is a moustache, sold in Jam Mart Clothing.

Funky. I won't be buying this though. And anyway, wouldn't March be a better time for these to arrive? 

Anyway, I was visiting Club Geoz and I saw a band of punks with moustaches. Coach, the one with the pink, spiky hair, said he had washed it in the little pond next to the missing River Race. Pretty weird stuff!

That wolf isn't him, though.

Anyway, yesterday I went on the Hive Adventure and I got an Orange Alpha Stone! Here are some more screenshots:

It seems that elephants and horses are the secret animals! I never got a picture of the horse thing, though. 

And that king looks clumsy. :P 

So....I guess this is it for today! Also, please don't visit the Fun Stuf page. I was on it and accidentally clicked DELETE, so now I have to redo it all. Which comic was your favorite or least favorite? Should I bring new ones in and old ones out?

Oh! Last thing. Camp2014 wanted me to advertise her contest. Please click here to enter!

Have a good Saturday! I felt as if yesterday was Saturday. Hmm. Okay, goodbye!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Rudolph Costume

  • Reindeer Antlers
  • Antlers
  • Gazelle Horns 
  • Mechanical Angel Wings
  • Freedom Wings
  • Angel Wings 
  • Leg Armor
All of these are clothing options to make your animal look like Rudolph!

Spiked Mohawk and the Hive

Hi jammers! I woke up, jumped off my bed, looked at the clock, grabbed the laptop, and sat on the chair next to the window. Anyway, today's new item is a Spiked Mohawk!

Colorful and skinny.

So, how many of you have been on the new Adventure lately? I never got passed the 4 Alpha Stones part, but from dens I've seen the prizes. Here they are:

Red or Bronze Alpha Stone
Fire Pot

I think that's what they are called. Here are some screenshots from the Adventure itself:

I didn't even get past the 4 Alpha Stones part! Aargh. 

Another side note! Scary Bat Wings have a Rare sign on them and are called Rare Scary Bat Wings now.

I liked them better when they were called Scary Bat Wings. Making things have a "Rare" mark on them just makes people more greedy. >.<

Lastly, the winners have been announced on the Contest Blog!

Have a good day! Goodbye!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Spooky Updation

Hey jammers! I know I said I wouldn't be posting today, but I am. Anyway, today's new item is a Wristwatch, sold in Jam Mart Clothing!
Picture from Animal Jam Sky Blog.

That's the black version of it. I couldn't get the brown version (the normal version) because Scooter Jammer uses a photo slideshow thing. The rest of the pictures will be copied from Animal Jam Times!

The new Adventure is here! The best part? GREELY is in it! :D 

Elephants have returned! Home, sweet home, elephants. Also, pet tarantulas will be sold in the Diamond Shop soon!

 Pet bats have returned, and they are found in the Spooky Party, which has returned also!

Ooh! A new feature, as well as a NEW ANIMAL! EEK! I wonder if it's going to be a cheetah or some other fast and spotted cat. Who knows?

My Mansion Den is all complete. >:) I also can't wait for the party! Sadly, there aren't any on at the moment.
Elephant facts are hiding on the banners around Jamaa! Also, don't forget to try the Phantom Vortex. It's a fun game where you protect your candy from Trick-or-Treating from the sinister Phantoms! This year's prize is a Heavy Phantom Statue. I got a red one. It looks like a squished version of the Tall Phantom Statue.

What else have you guys seen around Jamaa?

Oh, and a side note: The winners of the contest will be announced TODAY! Visit the contest blog to see the prizes.

All for now, goodbye!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Great Party Once More

Wow everybody! That was so amazing! Here are some screenshots of what we did during the celebration. I'm sorry for those who couldn't make it, and sadly I can't do an after-party because I had quite a bit of chores. >.< Click to enlarge, by the way.

We had a blast! :)

No Posting Tomorrow

Sorry, everyone! No post tomorrow. I'll be back on Friday. Also, the party is in 6 minutes! :D

Badges and Beards

Hello jammers of all ages! Today's new item is a Pirate Beard, sold in Jam Mart Clothing! I knew this item would return. :P

Huh. Is AJHQ just lazy enough to bring back returning items instead of new items? Arctic Hoods are some item I'm interested in.....oh well.

Don't forget, the party is TODAY! WHOO-HOO! Please come if you can. :)

Don't forget to enter the bonus contest! You can enter by clicking the AWARDS button on the side of the blog. Only about two jammers have entered it, maybe three, and if you don't enter it, you may not win! Winners will be announced tomorrow, so enter quickly! 

I've also liked to talk about Kangaroo Badges! They appeared about a week ago.

The nose goes a bit off, but they're alright.

Here's Weekly Animal Fact (WAF) for this week: 

That's cool! Do any of you use Mozilla Firefox for your Internet Browser? The family desktop does. I use Google Chrome to post. What do you use?
I've also been hoping for ways to make the blog better. There's also a new poll on the side. Please comment your thoughts and ideas about the blog! I'd be glad to hear them!

Well, this is has been a long post. Finally! :D

Goodbye everybody! Have a good Wednesday! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why I'd Make A Good Author for AJNM

Before I start getting into the real Non-Member stuff, I'd like to mention something: I LOVE NON-MEMBERS! I believe every jammer should be treated equally and fairly because of who they are, not by their items, colors, and status.

Sadly, we have a long ways away from equality. Lots of you know that Membership isn't a bad thing because it pays Smart Bomb workers money, which they use to feed their families and pay for their houses. But don't you think that Animal Jam could get a teeny bit more fair than it already is? Take a look at this graph.

Click to enlarge!
Take a close look. Non-Members only a get a little bit of benefits. We need to make them have at least a few more benefits!

Like pupp1266 and partyanimalzz, I want to host a Non-Member Day on November 1st! Maybe if one of us contacted Animal Jam about this idea, they could make only Non-Member items sold on that day, only Non-Member animals available to use that day, etc. It could be a reminder of how Non-Members are just as special as Members.

I want to help donate to the stores! I can accept donations by using the account animalclip, which my friend lets me go on. I don't have much inventory room left, so I have to use her account. 

I'd also post tricks in my spare time! Here is one of my tricks:

Any Jamaaliday Items
Penguin Plushies
AJ 3rd B-Day Cake

Take the Jamaaliday items and set up a scenery for the wonderland. You can make different landmarks, like Ice Lake, Angel Pit, Fireplace Volcano, Giant Candy Cane Streelights, or Mt. Shiveer Ice Slide. Place penguins all around the wonderland, or you could huddle them together. Be creative! 

I hope you all understand that Non-Members are completely amazing, although times can be tough. Enjoy being a Non-Member, it's not all that bad! :)


P.S. Please read the Animal Jam Non Member! And partyanimalzz, I can give you my mom's email at school. Can't tell anyone online. >:)



Katniss Everdeen Costume


  • Pirate Hat
  • Eagle Hat
  • Musketeer Hat
  • Hood with Feather
  • Fox Hat

  • Crossbow
  • Bows and Arrows
  • Musketeer Boots
  • Real Musketeer Boots
  • Cowboy Boots
  • Snowshoe Boots 
  • Leaf Necklace
  • Gold Chain Necklace
  • Necklace


Aargh jammers! I really need to start waking up a bit earlier. Then my posts won't be as short. >.< Anyway, today's new item is the returning Pirate Hat, sold in Jam Mart Clothing.


Does this mean that the Pirate Beard will return, too? Probably.

Here's the invitation for the 20,000 Views party! It's tomorrow! Tonight I'll get my den ready for the big celebration! :D (Oh, and by the way, it's 3:30 PM.)

Other than this post, I don't have much to say.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to do Jammer of the Week!

Camp2014 is a very nice jammer, and that's no lie! She's super fun to be around. All hail Camp2014! :3

Weekly Animal Fact will have to wait until tonight.

I gotta go! Goodbye! And do good in school today!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Aztec Warrior Costume

Here is how to make the perfect Aztec Warrior costume for Night of the Phantoms!

  • Feathered Mask
  • Head Feather
  • Knight Helmet
  • Headdress
  • Eagle Hat
  • Knight Armor
  • Spartan Armor
  • Sword
  • Pirate Sword
  • Homemade Wings
  • Leaf Necklace
  • Silver/Gold Chain Necklace
  • Elf Cuffs
  • Leg Armor
Have fun experimenting!

Rare Skull Helmet and Costumes

Hello jammers! Today is Rare Item Monday with a rare just in time for Halloween-a Rare Skull Helmet!

Speaking of Halloween, the Night of the Phantoms is coming up! Which means it would be fun if everyone wore a costume on AJ. Wouldn't that be cool? I can post ideas later on.

I'm a bit jumpy. I need to go to the restroom. >.<

Aah. So much better. Anyway, please plan on the party! One of you asked for an after-party, which I can try to schedule. Here's the invitation again! Oh, and also, you can enter the contest by clicking the side button called AWARDS.

All for now, bye!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Contest Updates

Hey everyone! This has gotta be quick. I'd like to make an announcement about the 20,000 views contest. I need to switch up the prizes a bit because I've got better and cleaner ones planned. Anyway, the main reason I'm making this post is because everyone so far has answered them CORRECTLY, which makes it very hard to choose a winner! I think I'll be making a few bonus questions about Alphas, which will determine the winners of the contest. If more than 2 people get the questions right, I'll have to raffle them. This is gonna be a lot of work. -sighs- But, isn't it worth it? I can't let down my viewers. :P

Also, the invitation needs an update. It's PM, not AM. :)

Have a happy Sunday, goodbye!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

20,000 Views Party Invitation

Please read and come! :)

Contest is Open!

The contest is now ready for you guys to enter! Sorry, I don't have great prizes, but the next contest will be more spectacular! Good luck! Enter on the side of the blog by clicking the awards button. Now I have to go feed that cat again.....

Beaded Necklace

Hello jammers! Today's new item is a Beaded Necklace, which was predicted in the adventures.

Nice item! I wish they'd come out with a Non-Member item next.....

Anyway, please forgive me! The party invitation has not been completed, and the contest is halfway typed up. I had to help mow the lawn last night. >.< That took up a big chunk of my spare time.

I don't have much to talk about today. I will let you guys know when I get the contest and the party invitation complete.

Thanks everyone! Have a jamtastic day!