Friday, September 27, 2013

Spiked Mohawk and the Hive

Hi jammers! I woke up, jumped off my bed, looked at the clock, grabbed the laptop, and sat on the chair next to the window. Anyway, today's new item is a Spiked Mohawk!

Colorful and skinny.

So, how many of you have been on the new Adventure lately? I never got passed the 4 Alpha Stones part, but from dens I've seen the prizes. Here they are:

Red or Bronze Alpha Stone
Fire Pot

I think that's what they are called. Here are some screenshots from the Adventure itself:

I didn't even get past the 4 Alpha Stones part! Aargh. 

Another side note! Scary Bat Wings have a Rare sign on them and are called Rare Scary Bat Wings now.

I liked them better when they were called Scary Bat Wings. Making things have a "Rare" mark on them just makes people more greedy. >.<

Lastly, the winners have been announced on the Contest Blog!

Have a good day! Goodbye!


  1. Hi nafaria! Whoa, nice blog background! It rocks! ;D


  2. nice update on the blog! i'm sick right now, I have a sore throught. stupid allergies!-cyacheer

  3. Forever alone........

  4. Erm nafaria9... I hope you don't mind I traded my bow for a pair of rare mech angel wings and a rare scary cat hat... ~puppiesluvpancakes


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