Friday, June 29, 2012

A Lesson All Should Know

Yesterday was a fun day! What did you do for Summer Sensation 2012? I learned a good lesson that everyone should learn. Popularity doesn't come to you for your looks and Rare Items-it comes to you when you are kind to people and be polite. The more the kind, the more the friends you'll make. I even taught someone else my lesson!

Maybe you'll see someone in the Clubhouse or Kinzville Park that needs help. Why don't you go over to them and ask them what is wrong instead of looking at them and keep on swinging on the swing or chatting with new/old friends?

Everyone has feelings. Some Webkinz pets, or even Webkinzers, are more sensitive and can be hurt easily. Think before you speak to them, and make sure if they aren't having a well day, say something nice instead if "too bad!"

Sometimes people in the Trading Room will ask you for a certain piece of clothing that your pet is wearing. Usually the clothing will be a very high valued clothing piece. Most of times in KinzChat Plus you'll see pets chatting with their friends. Notice their clothes. Those clothes are highly valued. If you are bothered by everyone asking you for your Rare Clothes, I strongly suggest you do not wear them in public.

Once I asked a pet for what they would like to have in exchange for a Rare Clothing piece they were wearing. This was last year, 2011. The pet answered, "Priceless." Priceless items are things like Exclusive Items, Super Beds, or Rare Clothes. Super Beds can only be found in every 5th adoption of a Webkinz. Exclusive Items can only be found in the Wish Machine, Wishing Well, and in every adoption of a Webkinz. I didn't have any Exclusive or Rare Clothes, so I asked her, "Like an Ice Cream Super Bed?" And she said in a whiney voice, "Super Beds aren't the type of Priceless I need. I need the Priceless Clothing! Loser!" And she left me there in the room, heartbroken.

Maybe once you'll try to help someone get a Rare Clothing piece. But what if you have that item and you don't want to give it to them? That's what happened to me yesterday. I realized it would mean a lot more and be way easier to just give them mine. So I did. I went back to the penguin and said, "I didn't get it for you, but I thought it would be easier and mean much more if I just gave you mine." They were so happy. You know what makes me the happiest? When my friends are happy. If they aren't happy, got hacked, someone they loved passed away, something that someone scammed them on, I have to do something. That is what friends are for!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Today's Webkinz Rare Items!

Did you get your Ancient Emperor Statue yesterday? If you did, congratulations! Now you can start collecting the Rare Items Arte sells. Today Arte will be reshelving his shelves with Rare Items at 1:00 pm KT (Kinztime) and 3:00 pm KT. At 1:00 pm KT, Arte will be selling a Hot Air Balloon!

This Rare Item costs $1,950 Kinzcash. That's about (this is my guess) $8,000 Kinzcash cheaper than the the statue yesterday!

The next Rare is only available during the hour of 3:00 pm KT-the Medieval Lion Taspestry!

This banner of royalty costs $1,567 Kinzcash.

Pick up 'em before they're gone and Happy Rare Item Collecting!

It's Here!

 It's here.... Summer Sensation 2012! Be sure to log in today to win your free Turtle Wading Pool! Also celebrate by going swimming, playing outside in the sun.... or have some terrific outdoor fun with your Webkinz. Happy Summer Sensation!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rare Items

Rare Items are items that have a lot of value and can only be found at the Curio Shop. The Curio Shop is found to the right of the WShop in the Kinzville Map. Every hour the shop owner Arte reshelves the store with randomly picked items. Every hour be sure to check Arte's new stockings of items, and if you are lucky enough you might see a Rare Item for sale!

Just like the WShop, you'll need Kinzcash to purchase something in the Curio Shop. Most Rare Items cost more than $1,000 Kinzcash, so make sure you have enough to buy the rare in stores before Arte reshelves his store shelves again!

At 2:00 pm KT (KinzTime), there will be a Rare Item in the Curio Shop-the Ancient Emperor Statue!

This statue cost $9,050 Kinzcash, so be sure you have enough!

This Rare Item is part of the Ancient Civilization room theme. Room Themes are series of items that kinda make a group. For example, the Sweet N' Treat Wallpaper goes with the Candy Theme. Sometimes items don't belong in a theme, like the Ponytail Palm. To find out what theme matches you and/or your pet, go to the WShop and click on ROOM THEMES.

Happy Rares!


Nafaria, Webkinz World's purple, evil fairy of the Magical Forest brings back offers for your Alyssa's Star Challenge stars! Nafaria was here back in September 2011, and is back for the month of June 2012! If you spot her, click on her. She will offer you a prize for a certain star. If you have that star, click ACCEPT or DECLINE. Sometimes she'll give you the prize and keep the star, other times she'll take your star and give you nothing in return! Be careful and choose wisely when it comes to trading with Nafaria!

If you do not have stars already, go to the Kinzville Map. In the left top hand corner of the map, you'll see a cave with a pink fairy on top. Click on it. Then click the arrows until you find Alyssa's Star Challenge. Click INSTRUCTIONS to find out how to earn stars and other prizes!

Have fun trading.... or else! :)

Summer Sensation 2012

Summer is here.... and the Summer Sensation 2012 is nearly here! Celebrate summer tomorrow by logging in with a special summer gift.... the Turtle Wading Pool!

Looking for a yummy, sunny recipe for your pet(s) to eat? Here is a fun-in-the-sun drink to blend!
There are lots of ways to celebrate summer! Happy Summer Sensation 2012 to all Webkinzers!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rockerz Pets

It looks like the Webkinz Rockerz pets are available to buy! Have a rockin' time with the Rockerz cat, Bulldog, Lion, and Cow. Yesterday I adopted the Rockerz Cow. I named her Calcium. Each Rockerz pet adoption comes with a Rockerz Outfit and a special Rockerz Challenge. Challenges are icons that will appear in your room. Complete each challenge for a special prize! It's not always easy solving a challenge the first time. KEEP TRYING until you succed!

Image Name Released
File:Rockerzbulldogavatar.png Bad to the Bone Bulldog June 2012
File:Peacelovemoosiccowavatar.png Peace, Love, Moosic Cow June 2012
File:Rockerzcatavatar.png Punk Princess Cat June 2012
File:Rockerzlionavatar.png Rock and Roar Lion June 2012
 Which Rockerz pet do you like the most?


Welcome to the Webkinz Whip! I am Utahhaileybug. My blog will tell you everything you need to know about Webkinz. If you don't have an account already, go to to create a FREE account or register with a Webkinz Plush Code Tag today!

Every month I post a Webkinz recipe. This month's recipe is...

Ocean Bubblyglub

  • Apple Juice

  • Root Beer

  • Sushi
 Make sure you use your blender. If you don't have a blender yet, go to the WShop and click on KITCHEN AND BATHROOM. Keep clicking the arrows until you find the blender that matches you! Then click CHECK OUT and click BUY.

Make sure you use the correct ingredients. If you don't have your ingredients yet, go to the WShop yet again, and click on FOOD. Keep clicking the arrows until you find the right ingredients!

Otherwise, Happy Webkinz and have fun finding out information and secrets you may not have known yet!