Monday, June 30, 2014

Horse Coin

I was in 7's den (yes, the 7) and I found a Jammer with a very interesting item.

This is a Horse Coin! It is said you can get them in the Adventures, but I'm not so sure. Report anything else you see.

Carrot04's Contest


My buddy, carrot04, wanted me to post about a contest she is hosting!

All you have to do is send her a good item or two, and whoever sends the best item wins a Rare Tiara. They will also receive the chance to be a guest star in two of her videos.

You can enter multiple times. Again, this is not my contest. It belongs to carrot04 specifically.

Here are a few more things you need to know:

  • The items you send will be either given to poor or given to friends of Carrot. She may even keep the items herself. If you wish to enter, make sure you're sending items you don't care about.
  • On the JAG you are sending with the gift, say, "This is for the contest!"
  • There will be a 1st place, 2nd place, AND a 3rd place.
  • The contest ends July 5th.

Thank you!

Shape Shifters

Hey hey hey Jammers! Today is Rare Item Monday, and since Freedom Day is drawing closer by the minute, we have a cute Rare Freedom Tie to show our spirit!

It's perfect! It's Non-Member, too. For some reason I've always liked ties, but I never figured out why.

The contest will be here VERY SOON! I am just wrapping up the finishing touches. All week I'll be working on that, because it's overdue and I must get it done. The AJMV can wait. c:

On the other hand, did you know some objects (and animals) in AJ create shapes?

Two dolphins together make a heart. <3

Two tiger topiaries (tails pointed to each other) make a butterfly. I don't have a picture of this one, but I know my friend kittens1111 has them in her den. ^o^

Anyway, see if you can discover more shapes!

Last summer I did Jammer of the Week. It got *ahem* kinda out of control, so I want to start fresh with Jammer of the Month instead. Simply comment your username below and a raffle number 1-15, and if you get picked your player card will be shown on the blog.

To end the post, I collected more graphics!

I am on fire!


Saturday, June 28, 2014


I've seen snowburn this week, but guess who else?

True Colors

Hi Jammers! Hope you like the new template. ^.^ Today's returning item, back for the Summer Carnival, is the classic Lollipop Necklace!

It's worth the 2,000 tickets, trust me. o3o

I have a pretty good guess to what Mira actually looks like.

We only see her as statues and spirits. We never get to see her true appearance.

In Double Up, there is a mysterious animal you must find a matching pair of. 

And if your eyes can see clearly, don't tell me that doesn't look like a grey heron.

Don't tell me it doesn't look like Mira.

Anyway, I'm going to give you a tour of the Freedom Party, since there is nothing else I wanted to post about.

This is the main crib. The Freedom Party is the smallest party in Jamaa, with a rectangular layout.

If you click on those red, white and blue rockets over there, you will have a set of four tiny sparklers that eventually blow up in your face. And yes, that fox is on top of me because of the lack of room. XD

On the right side of the party, there's a shop where you can purchase a Freedom Animal Hat. I personally like the Cat Hat and the Raccoon Hat the most. 

And on the left side of the party is a shop filled with wonderous fireworks for your den. Host a show with your buddies!

Well, see ya!

Friday, June 27, 2014


*Note: As of January 18th, 2018, all current Adventures (except for the Forgotten Desert) are for all Jammers.*

You might have heard about Adventures before. Adventures are the hottest buzz right now in Jamaa-saving Animal Jam from dangerous Phantoms, helping the Alphas accomplish their missions, and discovering Jamaa's inside culture. Released June 2013, you'll never get bored with the Adventures!

To start unfolding the secrets, you'll need a guide to help you out. Well, here you can have a complete collection of all you need to know about each Adventure and more to come! Your training begins now.


It looks like Nafaria has been called to be an Alpha! :P Instead of listening to Liza, you can quickly read these few tidbits I'd like to share about getting to know the Adventures well. You've got to have at least SOME idea of how to play, don't you?

This is the main screen. You can see that the player and gadget tab has been updated to Adventure Mode. The colored arrows have a coding:
Red: The red arrow points to your task. After you complete that task, a new one will appear.
Orange: The orange arrow points to the courage bar. As you go through the Adventures and complete tasks, your courage level will grow. Until you reach level 15, the shape surrounding your courage level will change from circle to star to rhombus to square. The hearts below the courage meter represent how many lives you have left.
Green: The green arrow points to the Adventure Map. As you advance in exploring the Adventure, the map will expand, showing every area you cover. It can also be helpful in finding your way back.
Blue: The blue arrow points to the "View Players" gadget. When you click on this, you can see your companions on the Adventure with you. The more buddies you have on the quest, the more quickly you'll get the job done!
Purple: The purple arrow points to the "Exit Adventure" gadget. Simply click on this button and you will be wiped out from the Adventure!

Do you see the foggy, purple mist around the Phantom? That's the area the Phantom can see. If you aren't in that area, the Phantom will not chase you.

These plants are called Chomper Plants. They trap, or chomp, Phantoms. Get in the Phantom's sight, and lead it to a Chomper Plant. Now you won't have to deal with that Phantom again!

These long grasses my wolf is hiding in make it difficult for the Phantoms to spot me. Creep silently beneath the grass and slipping past the Phantoms will be a piece of cake!

Exploration can lead to great rewards. Sometimes you might spot a chest, and it will include a specific amount of gems! :3

Also, do you see the dragon glove I'm wearing? Certain clothes like swords and gloves can be useful in tearing down Phantom Pods and Webs.

That's pretty much everything. Just keep adventuring and you will discover more! ^.^


Are you ever out and about on an adventure, and you wonder why it takes so long to destroy, say, a phantom pod? Believe it or not, certain items can help increase the damage when you click on a phantom pod and attack it. Here is a list of some, but not all, items that might be helpful and just how much damage they do.

1. Ice Gauntlets / -32 damage
2. Rainbow Gauntlets / -31 damage
Image result for rainbow gauntlets animal  jam
(picture belongs to Meloetta385)
3. Wind Gauntlets / -34 damage
4. Phoenix Leg Armor / -29 damage
5. Bone Claws / -36 damage
6. Legendary Glove / -35 damage
7. Mummy Glove / -27 damage
8. Glove / -25 damage
9. Lava Glove / -31 damage
10. Dragon Glove / -29 damage
11. Spirit Gauntlet / -29 damage
12. Freedom Glove / -21 damage
13. Silver Glove / -23 damage
14. Golden Lava Glove / -37 damage
15. Sword / -20 damage
16. Golden Mummy Glove / -36 damage
17. Scorpion Claws / -32 damage

18. Pirate Sword / -25 damage


The Phantoms have returned to Jamaa! Help Liza rescue the rabbits and return peace to Bunny Burrow!

Level: 1 (Easy Mode), 2 (Hard Mode)
Status: Everyone
Animal: Land
Secret Passage: Arctic Wolf




The Phantoms have opened a dark portal and Jamaa is in danger! Help Liza seal the portal and trap the Phantoms!

Level: 2 (Easy Mode), 3 (Hard Mode)
Status: Everyone
Animal: Land
Secret Passage: Fox (Easy Mode), Fox and Lion (Hard Mode)





Help Cosmo, the koala Alpha, create a special new seed that can defeat the Phantoms and restore the land!

Level: 2 (Easy Mode), 3 (Hard Mode)
Status: Everyone
Animal: Land
Secret Passage: Tiger (Easy Mode), Tiger, Koala, Raccoon, and Elephant (Hard Mode)




It's time to take the fight to the Phantoms and stop the Phantom Fortress once and for all!

Level: 1
Status: Members Only
Animal: Land
Secret Passage: Phantom


Other Prizes:


Help the fight against the Phantoms by exploring the island, finding the tiki statues, and retrieving their powerful pearls!

Level: 1
Status: All Jammers
Animal: Land and Flying
Secret Passage: Arctic Wolf


A scroll in the Forgotten Archive spoke of a lost map. Can you make it past the Trials of Zios to recover it?

Level: 1
Status: Everyone
Animal: Land
Secret Passage: Lion


Top Left Chest: Zios Mask Totem

Top Center Chest: Scroll Pedestal

Top Right Chest: Flame Traps

Bottom Left Chest: Trial Potted Plant

Bottom Right Chest: Trial Tiger Tile

Other Chests:

... and various gem amounts