Friday, June 20, 2014

Adventures Begin-Return of the Phantoms (Re-Post)

This is a re-post of a story that I made. It's how the Return of the Phantoms Adventure began. :3

"Shh, over here!" Snowball whispered to her friends. "Duck behind this bush. The Phantoms will never see us coming. Mira and the Alphas will be so proud of us!" Snowball shot a grin over her face. "What about Zios?" Jack squeaked. "How come we never see Zios anymore?" Snowball's ears drooped. "Zios created Jamaa and all of us," Snowball explained sadly. "He was a wise and generous king. But one day he fell." Daisy spit out her gum in shock. "What happened after he fell?" Daisy asked. "Keep your voice down!" Oliver summoned his paw to his mouth. "Nobody knows what happened," Snowball said. "I think he was pushed off his throne and crashed into the hole that Graham locked the Phantoms in. He disappeared after that and never came back, and now Phantoms are everywhere." Oliver sighed. "From my book of Jamaa Legends, it says that Mira's tears mixed with the elements of Jamaa and created the Phantoms," Oliver stated. "Maybe Mira's tears just created clones of the Phantoms that had been released from Zios's fall." Snowball guessed. "Come on, guys, let's go find what these pesky Phantoms are up to."
Just as the gang was about to crawl to their next hiding spot, Cookie bumped into a black ball. "Ph-ph-ph....PHANTOM!" she screamed. "Run!" Binky yelled. Just as they were about to hop away, the Phantom shocked the bunnies. Only a few escaped. The Phantoms snickered and picked up the dozy bunnies by their ears, and carried them off into the wild.

Harvey slammed the door. "Is that everyone?" he breathed heavily. "Let's see, we've got Clover, Binky, Buster, George, Pumpkin, and, of course, me!" "Wait, we're missing Snowball!" Binky gasped. "Yeah, and Daisy and Oliver!" Buster realized. "Don't forget Jack!" Pumpkin sighed dreamily. "Wake up!" Clover slapped Pumpkin. "We've got four missing bunnies who need our help. We must go save them!" "But, how?" George asked. "We'll figure something out, hopefully." Harvey scratched his ear. "Pumpkin, go find the Alphas while we work on a plan." Undoubtedly, Pumpkin was asleep. "Snap out of it!" Clover twisted Pumpkin's ears into a knot. "What!?" Pumpkin snorted as she awoke instantly. "Go find Liza. NOW!" Clover growled. "Okay, okay!" Pumpkin darted off.

Oliver woke up with a dizzy haze. "Where are we?" he yawned as the other bunnies woke up. Once Oliver was awake, he found himself-along with the other bunnies-in cages! "Wake up everyone!" Oliver whisper-shouted. "We're trapped in cells!" "Huh!?" Daisy shook her head. "Wha-where? Wait, you say we're in CAGES!?" "That's right!" Oliver panicked. "The Phantoms must have stunned us with their electrical tentacles and locked us in the cage things!" "Eww, what do they use to make these locks?" Snowball pressed her paw against the lock on the cage. "Probably some oil. It's really greasy." "We don't have time to figure out what the locks are made of!" Oliver snarled angrily. "If our bunny friends don't help us in a matter of moments, who will?"

"Liza, Liza!" Pumpkin pounded on the door. "Who's there?" a soft voice called out. "It's me, Pumpkin! Pumpkin of the Bunny Burrow!" Pumpkin squeaked. "Four of my bunny friends were out exploring, trying to be like you guys. Suddenly the Phantoms showed up and captured them! We must save them before it's too late!" "Come in," the door opened and a sweet panda stood before it. "Liza!" Pumpkin hugged Liza's strong legs. "Oh, hehe," Liza bent down and hugged the little bunny back. "I'll see what I can do. Come in and have some apple cider." Pumpkin got comfortable on a chair and drank the warm cider. "Your cider is the best, Liza," Pumpkin commented on the delicious drink. "Thank you!" Liza blushed. "I have been thinking about what you've said. Going out and encountering a very ferocious creature is highly dangerous, even for we Alphas. Since it is only the bunnies' fault, it is up to you and who is left to save them." "Me!?" Pumpkin's mouth was wide open. "Not just you, but the Jammers of Jamaa," Liza corrected her. "I'll give you a deal. I will train whoever you invite to help, but you must do the explaining and inviting. Got it?" "Yes, Liza," Pumpkin dipped her head. Liza nodded. "Good luck."

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  1. Oh, yes! In read this story before, and it was PAWsome!



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