Monday, June 30, 2014

Shape Shifters

Hey hey hey Jammers! Today is Rare Item Monday, and since Freedom Day is drawing closer by the minute, we have a cute Rare Freedom Tie to show our spirit!

It's perfect! It's Non-Member, too. For some reason I've always liked ties, but I never figured out why.

The contest will be here VERY SOON! I am just wrapping up the finishing touches. All week I'll be working on that, because it's overdue and I must get it done. The AJMV can wait. c:

On the other hand, did you know some objects (and animals) in AJ create shapes?

Two dolphins together make a heart. <3

Two tiger topiaries (tails pointed to each other) make a butterfly. I don't have a picture of this one, but I know my friend kittens1111 has them in her den. ^o^

Anyway, see if you can discover more shapes!

Last summer I did Jammer of the Week. It got *ahem* kinda out of control, so I want to start fresh with Jammer of the Month instead. Simply comment your username below and a raffle number 1-15, and if you get picked your player card will be shown on the blog.

To end the post, I collected more graphics!

I am on fire!



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