Saturday, June 21, 2014

Proper Forgotten Desert Etiquette

  • Always carry around a watering can, in case you find an oasis.
  • Always pick up every shard possible! Don't think in your mind, "Hehe! I'll just leave this shard laying here so the others can find it."
  • Help out as much as you can. You'll have very angry teammates if they find out you're just "brb-ing" the whole time so you don't have to do any work. If you do need to leave, assure everyone why you must go (unless you are in a big hurry).
  • Use the Adventure Map as a guide! This is a trustworthy gadget that can lead you to finding all the crystals. You can also make sure you don't search in the same place over again with the map.
  • Cover all areas! Even if you think others are getting all the shards where they are, there is definitely a 50% chance they might miss a shard or two. By using the Adventure Map, you'll know where you need to look.
  • If you want more prizes, don't end up trying to get the purple shards! The purple crystals are therefore the hardest to get and take up a lot of your time. Remember, you only get one prize per color of crystal. Want more (and better) prizes? Do not get the purple shards.
  • Work with three/four eagles. Looking for all the shards and getting all the prizes solo is next to impossible. Whereas with two eagles, it's slightly easier, but it is still quite hard. Work in large groups for the better!
  • If you have a laggy, old computer, resist the chests with gems. It could make your computer freeze up and you won't be able to complete the adventure!


  1. I won a conest o3o
    I wont first place in traditionnal art o3o (paper)

    Mythy o3o

    Martin Garrix >3<

  2. . Looking for all the shards and getting all the prizes solo is next to impossible.
    I sometimes do it myself and I get every. :P im not bragging, im beng serious. im great at finding the shards :)

    1. Omg can you help me then!? Once I get my Mom to unlock me account, and renew my membership. Wanna play with me?


  3. Yup! This'll help for other Jammers who don't know how to cooperate - seriously, thank you, Naffey!

    And, Mythy, congratulations! :-D


  4. Attention Naffy. Balaur changed users. She is now WaterGazelles. Balaur=WaterGazelles
    ~kittens1111=^. .^=

    This trade on CS was epic!
    ~kittens1111=^. .^=

  6. Naffy, do you think treasure chests on the ground effect prizes?


  7. May I please add, even though it seems obvious enough it happens quite a lot (to me at least)... ppl join or even start an adventure only to just randomly bail out on the other person (or people). I am very puzzled by how often this happens.. I have not seen this in the other adventures really.. I just dont get it, like why even join o.O

    1. I think it's because they think the adventure is to hard. I don't know why they even join. 8P



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