Friday, October 31, 2014

10 Unusual Facts About Me

1. I swallow my fruit snacks whole.

2. Although I'm not a picky eater, I hate candy, except for chocolate and caramel. Jolly Ranchers, Skittles, and Dum-Dums just aren't my thing.

3. I can do a front flip, but I can't do a back flip.

4. I type with my two index fingers.

5. I've drunk from a muddy puddle before.

6. I have a blue, 5th-generation iPod.

7. I am approximately 5,6'' tall.

8. I broke my arm when I was 3 years old.

9. I have a birthmark on my right arm.

10. I am horrible at crafting.

Happy Night of the Phantoms!

Happy Night of the Phantoms, Jammers! I'd give you guys some candy, but I'm unable to do that virtually. xP

What are you dressing up as? I'm dressing up as... myself. CB

Are you going trick-or-treating? I might. ovo

Did you purchase a blobfish yesterday at the pet store? I certainly didn't. c:

Okay... bye!


Voting Day #11

Yesterday, we had a double-vote. This time, just vote out one person. ^.^

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Sharp Truth

Today, the original Hockey Mask was released for the Night of the Phantoms celebration. By the way, that's tomorrow!

Some of you may have wondered in the past how the heck Hockey Masks are related to Halloween.

Well, it's because of the famous antagonist Jason Voorhees, the murderer in the Friday the 13th series.

He is known for carrying around a chainsaw, stalking people at night. And, of course, he always kills them in the end. Pretty freaky, huh? But, it's cool in the same way. :p

Sbohem! (Czech for "goodbye".)

Voting Day #10: VOTE TWO PEOPLE OUT!

Alright, so from now on, to end the contest a bit earlier, you must vote out TWO people! I tried to do this before, but barely anyone listened. Hopefully you can all pay attention this time. :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Voting Day #9: .-.

Hello! We are nearing to the final few votes, and then we will start handing out prizes!

Vote out your least favorite costume, and try to comment by the rules. I do NOT tolerate tricks. Also, if the username you sign doesn't exist on Animal Jam, the person you voted out will LOSE a vote, therefore giving them a better chance of staying in.

It's not fair to be voted out numerous times when people are being mean and stupid.

The Animal Jam Whip needs to be kept a nice, safe, happy place!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Voting Day #8

It's officially the 8th day of voting! We are sorry to see Infinity Shyclaw leave us, though. Nice try, Infinity!

Vote out your least favorite costume! Remember, if you do not sign off with an actual Animal Jam username, your comment will not be published!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Polar Bear Photo Leaked

Hi everybody! My good friend Eyetoypuffx informed me of a leaked polar bear, or "poby" as I call them, photo.

It was found on ajinsider's Instagram account. Since I do not own an Instagram account myself, I searched for images of Animal Jam Polar Bears.

To my surprise, I certainly did come across an image after all.

Aww! How adorable! The polar bear is fat and fluffy. You may wonder how the heck this person discovered this secret screenshot. Hacking comes to mind first, but at least we get to see what the soon-to-come polar bear might look like.

Well, unfortunately, like every new animal these days, it's in the Diamond Shop, which means I have to wait a total of six weeks to get one. It's also Member-Only, and boy, does that make matters worse.

Anyway, here's my plan to earn one of these ploopy pobies:

I currently have four diamonds. It takes two weeks for a new update to be released. By then, AJHQ will most likely reveal the new animal. Then, two weeks will pass by, and finally the animal will be released to the public. That's four weeks.

I'll probably have about eight diamonds by that point, so I'll only have to wait around two weeks until I get one. Unless, that is, of course, I win some diamonds by spinning the Daily Spin wheel.

Alright. I should really end this post now. Au revoir (is that how you spell it)?

Voting Day #7

Hello! Today is the 7th day of the voting session. Vote out only one Jammer this time, please, and make sure to sign your comment with your username!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Weekly Items #7

Boogarnoses and Raspberry Sweaters


Have you ever put on a comfy, knitted sweater? If you haven't, it's available for purchase at the Hot Cocoa Hut shop. The default color is a light-ish raspberry pink, but when you wear it on an Arctic Wolf, the sweater turns darker!

I'm not sure I'd like to be a boogarnose's friend, would you?

Voting Day #6

It's almost been a week into voting! Today, vote out not one, but TWO contestants!  Just vote out one. Nobody listened the first time.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Seeing Double?

I was playing a few rounds of Best Dressed when I came across this unlikely pair of... twins?

No matter what, their patterns were the same, their colors were the same, and even their outfits were the same! The only difference was the eye type, which, I guess, distinguished them by gender. Cool, huh?

Voting Day #5

'Ello! This contest is a work in progress, and so far we're doing great! To much depression, we are sad to see Mythical Spookywolf leave the competition. Your entry was admirable, but it just didn't seem like the audience approved of it. Great job, though!

Today, vote out one person. Tomorrow we will have a little twist, or double-vote!

Vote away!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Fman Felony

*Don't worry- this is all just a troll by some random geek.*

At openthejamagram112's den, all of these fake fman122 clones were hopping around, saying Animal Jam would shut down for good.

Actually, not shut down for good.

They said that Namco is going to own Smart Bomb, and they're going to transform the entire game into anime. They also said that Sonic was going to be put in the Adventures.

Then they started having this weird conversation about My Little Pony.

One of the clones was explaining to my friend Fire how AJHQ was making an Animal Jam movie that would be rated PG-13.

A little later, the room was silent, and eventually they all disappeared.

Anyway, I just thought that was a little hilarious and completely weird. x3

New Commenting Rule (900th Post ^o^)

There's a new commenting rule on the RATH (Rise Against The Hackers). Here's how it goes:

If you are commenting as an Anonymous, you MUST put your username, or else the comment will be deleted.

I like this rule a lot, and I think that this will solve a lot of problems, especially on the RATH.

I sorta wanted to do this with the AJW as well. Now, this rule will be added to the blog rules.

If you don't know where to find the blog rules, they're just below the little box where you type a comment in.

Also, I don't appreciate people "hiding" their main account. So, as a tweak to this rule, I'd prefer it if you'd sign off with your main username, to avoid confusion.

Thank you! And be sure to vote on the contest!

Voting Day #4

Hello again! Today is the 4th day of the voting session. Yesterday, Happy Magicpuppy's costume didn't seem to appeal to the rest of the crowd. But, do not fret! There will be future opportunities for you.

Let's carry out the same operation. Oh, and ca1412- what is your Chicken Smoothie username? I've been wanting to trade/friend you for a while...

Anyway, vote!


In the newest Jamaa Journal, Liza took a picture of the new animal. Due to unforeseen weather conditions, the picture was taken in the middle of a snowstorm!

And do you know what that cute, fuzzy, white face looks like!?

A POLAR BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!


For years, I've been asking AJHQ for a polar bear. FINALLY, they might just make one!

And, I hope they're for Non-Members, and NOT in the Diamond Shop. ^.^

Now... school time. >.<


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Voting Day #3

Yesterday we almost had a tie! Unfortunately, we are sad to see Blossom Sillyivy leave the competition. Your outfit was neat; it looked like a walking cupcake! xD

Like I often say, there will always be another contest!

Okay, so, today we're going to just going to vote out one person. Actually, it will normally be a one-person vote, unless I say otherwise.

Begin voting!