Monday, August 31, 2015

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

First Day of Whoopschool

I don't feel too enthusiastic to write a peppy little "HIIII JAMMMERRRSSSSS!!!" introduction, so let's just cut to the chase.

Four words for you: first day of school.

To be honest, last year's first day of school went very smoothly.

This year, things were REALLY unorganized.

First of all, our dorky bus driver forgot it was the first day of school, so he didn't show up. All of the poor kids waiting at our bus stop (including myself) were somewhat disappointed.

At our school, we have two lunches. If your fifth period class in a certain area of the school, then you may either have 1st or 2nd lunch. French is my fifth period, and since it's a language class, I have 1st lunch.

Or so I thought.

During fourth period, my stomach was grumbling. Usually, if you have 1st lunch, lunchtime is right after fourth period. I couldn't wait to dig in on food!

Then our principal announced over the loudspeaker that there was some confusion and each student was to go to their fifth period class and talk to their teacher and find out what lunch they had. That meant French for me.

So after fourth period was over with, I went to ask my teacher what lunch I had (even though I already knew), and he said 2nd lunch.


Okay, I'll admit it. I'm smarter than most of the people in that freakin' French class.

But it doesn't take a SMART person to KNOW for a FACT that my FRENCH TEACHER is a COMPLETE IDIOT.

Last year, I swear he was absent for HALF THE YEAR. That's like, a full quarter per semester!

Sometimes the PRINCIPAL had to fill in for him because he was TOO LAZY to call a sub!

What's even WORSE is that I told my FRIEND to MEET ME at lunch, but now I couldn't DO THAT because I have 2ND LUNCH. 


French 2 has always been this way: Fifth period for the entire year, and 1st lunch for the entire year.

Has something CHANGED?


The only good side to this is that I'll be with a few more of my friends (friends = 4 or 5). The bad side? French is awful, I starved the whole time, and I let my friend down.

I can tell 8th grade will be a total bust.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Leaked Jamaa Journal Pictures!

Hey Jammers! I've got some even MORE rad news for y'all today!

You've probably already heard about this before, but someone stole some images from AJHQ's secret files, and now we have a sneak peek of tomorrow's Jamaa Journal! These leaked photos belong to TheOneandOnlySomething.

Battle for the Beacon is being replaced with a new Adventure called Graham's Workshop. We'll find out more when this interesting challenge gets released!

You should know this by now, but Play Wild is officially released on the iPad, and is no longer in the Beta stage. However, there are a few cool Founders' items that will leave the shops soon, so download the game while you can and purchase those items!

The third page shows a graphic and a video of a lynx. I think the lynx will be the next animal, sold either in the Diamond Shop or a gift card special. And if it is, COUNT ME IN! :D

Snow Leopards will be returning (obviously), and some say that there will be a Back-to-School party going on as well. Way to rub it in, WildWorks. :T Here's the party's banner, by the way.

The final page is some strange sort of update about achievements. Since there's no text on the picture, well, we can't be sure.

Might I also add, lookie lookie! Can you guess who got 3 diamonds today from the Daily Spin? >:3

 If the lynx is for sale in the Diamond Shop, then I'm all set for when it arrives.

Have a great day! Wowie, I haven't said that in a while. A little break was all I needed, to be honest. c:

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Play Wild is Out!

Hey Jammers! I've got some exciting news today!

My friend cyacheer informed me that Play Wild, yes, THE Play Wild has been released for American users on the iPad! Hooray! Now we don't have to worry about switching countries anymore. ;)

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sticking to the Old Plan!

Update: Give me ideas and suggestions for posts in the comments! My brain is dry.

So... I was thinking of quitting both Animal Jam and this blog for a while.

The reason is because Animal Jam doesn't have a lot to offer after playing it for as long as I have.

But then I realized what makes it fun (for me at least): messing around with people!

If you've ever seen my video series "The Ice Cream Angel", well, that will give you a laugh.

I love seeing people's reactions when I dress up like a complete idiot and sell my organic ice cream flavors, made from only toenails, nose hairs, mucus, and shaving cream! More flavors to come soon. >:D

Anyway, I've decided to keep playing Animal Jam as often as I want to. That doesn't mean every day.

And I will continue this blog, but I will only post when I feel like it.

I guess we're sticking to the old plan, aye?

Arr, now go swap the poop deck!

(Wow, haven't used that signature in a long time. o.o)

Monday, August 3, 2015

Apps I Recommend

Whenever I'm feeling bored, sometimes I'll walk down the stairs and grab my iPod or Kindle Fire and play a few games. Here are some apps that I find fantastic!

Tunnel Town is an app that will keep you playing forever and ever! There's so many challenges to complete (some of which take loads of patience). You can also breed bunnies, decorate your burrow, plant a garden, and mine for gems!

Cinderella Free Fall is an amazing game! Unlike the other Disney Free Falls, instead of making matches of three, four, or five, such as in Candy Crush, you must connect jewels in a line. It's sort of like dot-to-dot. It's super fun and a must-try!

Frozen Free Fall is pretty much the same as Candy Crush, but it has beautiful graphics, new power-ups, and a Frozen character by your side!

Maleficent Free Fall is similar to Frozen Free Fall, but with characters from Maleficent and different power-ups. It also has a cool little twist with obtaining power-ups; you must purchase them with magic, which you receive a certain amount each time you finish a level.

Inside Out Thought Bubbles is AWESOME! You HAVE to try it. Not only is it NOT another Free Fall, but it's actually WAY MORE FUN! This is one of my most favorite apps out there! You get to play with (so far) Joy, Sadness, Anger, and Disgust, all of whom have different powers that can help you get through levels. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS APP! RIGHT NOW. THANKS! :)

Pet Rescue has an unusual plot, but it's still very fun. Your job is to tap rows or stacks of the same colored blocks to help the pets reach the ground safely. In my opinion, the pets look kinda weird, but it's still a great app.

Two Dots is a great game as well! It's basically a mixture of Candy Crush and Tetris.

Ah, yes! The classic Fruit Ninja! I'm sure most of you already know what this popular game is, so there's no need to explain things. Besides, all you do is just... well, slice fruit like a fruit ninja! Haha!

Welcoming another classic is Angry Birds! Wa-hoo! If you don't know what Angry Birds is, well... we need to fix that. You launch birds from a catapult, knock down towers, destroy pigs and blah. All because the pig king stole the birds' eggs.

Temple Run: Brave is just like Temple Run, obviously, but set in the mystical forests of Scotland, where the movie Brave takes place. You play as Merida (or Fergus), and you are being chased by Mordu. There are a few tweaks, though, that make the game a bit more original.

And last but not least, Jetpack Joyride! It's another sweet app by Halfbrick (the studio that produced Fruit Ninja) that is fast-paced and requires lots of thinking. Good luck trying not to get fried by lasers, electric beams, and missiles! Don't worry, it's not the boy-ish game is sounds like.

These are just some of the apps I really like. There are plenty more out there, of course! What are some apps you really enjoy playing?