Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Leaked Jamaa Journal Pictures!

Hey Jammers! I've got some even MORE rad news for y'all today!

You've probably already heard about this before, but someone stole some images from AJHQ's secret files, and now we have a sneak peek of tomorrow's Jamaa Journal! These leaked photos belong to TheOneandOnlySomething.

Battle for the Beacon is being replaced with a new Adventure called Graham's Workshop. We'll find out more when this interesting challenge gets released!

You should know this by now, but Play Wild is officially released on the iPad, and is no longer in the Beta stage. However, there are a few cool Founders' items that will leave the shops soon, so download the game while you can and purchase those items!

The third page shows a graphic and a video of a lynx. I think the lynx will be the next animal, sold either in the Diamond Shop or a gift card special. And if it is, COUNT ME IN! :D

Snow Leopards will be returning (obviously), and some say that there will be a Back-to-School party going on as well. Way to rub it in, WildWorks. :T Here's the party's banner, by the way.

The final page is some strange sort of update about achievements. Since there's no text on the picture, well, we can't be sure.

Might I also add, lookie lookie! Can you guess who got 3 diamonds today from the Daily Spin? >:3

 If the lynx is for sale in the Diamond Shop, then I'm all set for when it arrives.

Have a great day! Wowie, I haven't said that in a while. A little break was all I needed, to be honest. c:


  1. I got 3 diamonds in the spin today too!-cyacheer

  2. I hope the Lynx isn't the membership card promo. Cause if it is I will never have it:( Cause I got a12 month membership for my bday

  3. Oh my gosh I'm so happy about the lynx X'3 Sadly I only have 6 diamonds, but hopefully I'll get more one of these days ;v;
    Also, doesn't the banner look like a science fair thing? Maybe that's what it is. stillnotanybetterbutwhatever

    -Goshenite <3

  4. Why does AJHQ have to PROMOTE back to school? It's not like we don't remember it's happening. I've been dreading it since the beginning of August!

  5. Yes! I was smart for saving my diamonds!! :D

  6. Hi Nafaria! I'm Bunnybobo231, I sent you a Jam-a-Gram and you responded! So happy :D
    I've been reading your blog for a long time now but I am very shy so I finally decided to comment! This is a weird suggestion, but maybe you should get a Youtube channel if you allowed to. You could make videos about animal jam! =^.^=


    1. Hi!! Just wondering, what is the name of your youtube channel? =^.^=


    2. Oh Nafaria! Sorry for commenting so much but you should check out this! =^.^=



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