Friday, March 28, 2014


I am heading away for my spring vacation now. I will miss all of you. Remember, NO POSTING from tomorrow to next Thursday. I just wanted to let everyone know there is a new gadget on the left side of the blog. It explains the news that's going on around the blog. I hope you can read fast, because the words slip by a bit quickly. (Not to mention on Tunnel Town I hatched an Albino Bunny. :D)

I wanna wish you all luck. Stay safe while I'm gone. Also, be on the lookout for any new information about Panncakess, Eeveeloutions, emb0, etc.


April Fool's!

Hi Jammers! The month is luring to an end, and that means April Fool's Day is coming up! What are some wacky things and pranks you've heard of?

Since I don't think the new item has been released yet or whatever, I'm just going to go with the post.

Anyway, I have a book filled with funny pranks to pull off for April Fool's. Don't worry, they're safe! I have one to share with you, though.

It's called the Lucky Penny trick.

If you're really generous, use a dime or a nickel. Perhaps even a quarter!

Superglue the coin to a sidewalk people tend to walk on a lot. A busy sidewalk, that is.

Hide behind a tree, bush, or some other place and watch your victims pass by and try to pick up the coin. When they realize they can't, have a good giggle! :3

Anyway, the April Fool's Party 2014 went on yesterday. Here are some pictures chocolate4050 collected:

Pretty cool stuff! Shame there's only 2 NM things. >.<

There is also a new code, which I think most of us know what it is by now. The code was released as a thank-you for being patient with the new updates AJHQ was putting in Jamaa that one day. The code is obviously THANKS, but it gives out some Imprisoned Phantoms. Hey, same code as one year for the same reason.

Go ahead and use it!
I want to let you know I won't be posting tomorrow through Thursday. I may be able to post Friday. My birthday is in 8 days! Yippee! :D

Also, tell me if you find out anything else about Wildcats or Panncakess. Maybe even wingofthesun's hack, back in December 2013.

Bye for now! Thanks for reading.

Thursday, March 27, 2014



I just KNOW Panncakess is a hacker. WHY?

Because I MET HIM! I talked with him!

I logged on earlier this evening and checked through my buddies until I reached wildcats3460. His bunny was white with black X eyes! I followed him to his den and starting screaming at the hacker. The hacker acted like an angry, evil devil. He asked me to leave and I said no. I asked him in return to tell me who he was and he said no. After that I tracked him down to Kimbara Outback where I tried to explain to him why hacking is bad and he shouldn't do it anymore (because obviously the hacker was on Wildcat's account). He started to think it over, but I found out he was pretending it all along. He left with one sentence:


Balls of cackling hurled at me, and the mysterious, shadowy figure vanished.

Later on, after my dinner, Wildcats logged on again. By then I had deleted him, but he wanted to prove to me he was the real Wildcats. He answered all of the proof-questions I gave him, so he was the buddy I once had. He explained that he had no idea what happened, but he got a strange letter from Panncakess. Sound familiar, anyone? :L

The JAG said:


Well, thanks for that, Panncakess! You just totally gave yourself away! *clap clap*

No, not really. NEVER a good applause for these dreadful hackers.

Oh, take a look! There's been at least 4 hacker posts this month. YAY! c:

No, no, never a yay.

I may have to quit AJ.

I know now Panncakess is after me, perhaps even Taxe/Dens. I honestly don't know about Emb0.

What am I going to do?

Animal Jam is in a dark time right now. There's nothing we can do about. I TRIED to reason with Panncakess. He wouldn't listen.

The main question I have, though, is:

How are my buddies being hacked, but not me? Have my buddies encountered these hackers? It doesn't make sense! I, the person who is trying to protect my friends from these people, isn't being hacked, but the friends I want saved ARE. It's mind-boggling!

Stay with me, everyone... we must be STRONG.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Oh my.

Guess what?

I was wrong.

Completely... WRONG.

I was wrong about Eeveeloutions. Dens didn't hack him. Taxe did.

But, wasn't he banned or something like that...?

Yeeeaaahh... no.

The story begins when I'm at Eevee's den, inspecting it for an unusual things. All of a sudden, he logs on, so I'm scared. But then he asks, "Nafaria? It's me, the real Eevee." Of course I asked him a few questions and he answered all of them correctly. It WAS Eevee!

After that we started talking about his hack. It was confusing, and I feel quite bad for him. :( He told the whole story of what happened.

Basically I have a whole different point of view of the hack, and it comes from the victim itself. (ooooh XD)

So, here it is:

Eevee logged on one day and found that his items were missing. That's all I remember for THAT part...

The next day he logged on, and he found A BETA HOOD, including other items, on his account. WHAT? That's weird.

Anyway, he also found something out. A random person by the username of abracadabraalakazam was sitting there in his den. Has anyone heard of him?

This was their conversation:

Eevee: "Hello....?"
Abra: "HAHAHA!!!"
Abra: ":joy:"

The strange part is that he was there, without being Eevee's buddy, and the den was locked.


That all makes sense!

Okay, was anyone here around the time when Meloetta385 was hacked? Perhaps even gingerpawz (not Gingerwings)? Taxe had both hacked them, and that den-lock glitch seems familiar....

Big surprise! :P

Yes. HE is Taxe. Abra is Taxe, the famous hacker who can climb into people's dens like a stalker. Cause he is a stalker.

Like before, I was wrong about DENS. It was TAXE.

*several minutes later*
Eevee had been on BRB for a while, then he logged back on. We were chatting about Taxe again, so I said, "I think I'm Taxe's next victim."



He repeated me: "Taxe's next victim?"

Eevee shouted: "Umm... guys.... RUNNNN!!!!"

So we ran away from Eevee's den into Sarepia Forest. Panncakess was still there, sitting awkwardly in his den. If Mr. Pann could get into Eeveeloutions's locked den, it must have been Taxe. The Taxe that a lot of people despise deeply.

Now I am even more of a victim. Thanks a lot. I'm telling you, if AJHQ doesn't lift even a finger to get rid of these hackers, I think I'll have to move to a different game. O.O

It's RIDICULOUS all of these horrifying possibilities in AJ. I HATE IT. In fact, these pitiless possibilities are WAY above horrible. It's like a pixelated HORROR MOVIE.

The worst part is, hacking is illegal, and although Jammers are getting hacked every week, month, and year, some hackers are far more dangerous than the ones that hack for rares. People hack to find out personal information that can lead to kidnapping and terrible stuff I shouldn't be explaining.

Goodbye for now. Stay safe, my lovely Whippers.

Shark Necklace

Hi everyone! Today's returning item is the Shark Tooth Necklace, in Bahari Bargains.

Watch out when you wear this, because that tooth looks like a razor!

If you tend to peek at my player card today, you may notice that most of my animals have items off of them. That's because I traded off most but not all my rares to a storage account for safety, if the hacker aims for me, which I bet within a few weeks or days he will. The great part about it is that the account with my items on it is linked to a different email and dashboard, so the hacker will never likely find my items.

If I do get hacked, I may have to great a new username to prevent myself from being hacked ever again. Back in December, when I assumed I was about to be hacked, I had collected some ideas for new usernames from my friends and myself.

Well, it's time for me to run. Adios.

-nafaria9 who is lazy not to use a signature.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Problem Solved... Not?

Hi Jammers! Today's returning item is the mystical Table with Orb.

I have always enjoyed this item and its possibilities. 

This morning I went to visit AJ for a few minutes, and this popped up:

Animal Jam was under construction. Joy! How fun. :I I hoped they had fixed the chat glitch I was having yesterday.

When I came home from school, my chat was working again! Hooray! THEN it stopped. I hate how AJ is so glitchy right now, with everyone trying to log on. >.< Why can't they shut down the website for a while like they did earlier today and release it once it isn't still under maintenance!?

But, on the other hand, I collected some very interesting information from my new friend Swaggercat. She said she had read the story about Eeveeloutions being hacked, and she discovered that Eevee had been hacked again. With Dens controlling his account, DENS had been hacked, technically. O_O

I don't know if that's the true story, but that's what I got from the very short conversation I had with her before my account went haywire.

So who hacked Dens? Was it Eevee, for revenge?

Was it someone else? Who could it be? Could it be another famous hacker, seeking power over all the other hackers?

BTW, Eevee sent me a buddy request. o-o
Who knows what's goin' on?
Anyway, I gotta go.


Monday, March 24, 2014


Really? I am so angry with AJ right now. It might be my computer, the browser, or AJHQ--I don't know. For some reason I can't talk on AJ. I have to use bubblechat and emotions to express what I want to say. The worst part is, I can't see what other people are saying in JAGS and to me directly. Nobody can see what I'm saying EITHER. I'm afraid my buddies will think I've been hacked or something terrible, and delete me when it's because of a silly glitch. Help me.... DX

New Template

I made April's Template! Sorry if you guys are hating the green, I wanted to make it look spring-like. Next month we'll do a whole different color. :)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

I am a witness of a real hack.

I am a witness of a real, live hack. I so wish I had recorded it.

By the way, my buddy Mythy is a witness of it too.

It all started when my friend Eeveeloutions logged on. I was happy to see him! He wouldn't talk to me, and soon one by one his clothing items were taken off. But why? I still hadn't suspected he'd been hacked yet.

Then he switched dens. After that, yes, one by one his items were disappearing. I was befuddled! What was going on!? Eevee wasn't acting the same as he did before. D:

There was one clue that blew it all-his bunny changed colors to a plain white with black X eyes.

It all came clear-Eevee had been hacked!

I couldn't believe I hadn't known before! I witnessed a real, live hack!

Later on in Mythy's den, we talked the situation over. I started thinking about Eevee's past.

Eevee was friends with xXRobinHoodXx, along with his friends. Turns out he's TheWhiteEagle. He was also great friends with gingerpawz, or Gingerwings. Gingerwings was hacked by dens not long ago, and she quit after that. Now I-


It makes sense! Dens must have hacked him!

Gingerwings was hacked by dens, so dens must've known about Eevee for quite a while.

But creepersofthenethter thinks it's detai1.

Anyway, who do you think it is!?

Plus, if I get hacked, add Crestedclaw.

Bye.. D:

Update: I found out that Eeveeloutions' account is now being summoned by Dens. Dens was currently using Gingerwings' account, but now he has taken over Eevee's account.

By the way, Dens is also known as arcticwolfrares.

Please, stay away from Eevee and Ginger as much as possible for your own safety!

Peck Nesting Doll and Party

Hi Jammers! I'm sorry for not posting yesterday, as I would have. :) Today's new items are Peck Nesting Dolls, sold in Epic Wonders.

Peck doesn't look like she's being herself in these dolls. O.O

In a couple weeks my birthday will be here, so I will host a party and a contest for that. ^.^ Just a little heads-up.

My friend creepersofthenethter has found a possible hacker for Misty, if any of you are still investigating that mystery. One of them, perhaps the likeliest of all, is named Uncursable. Uncurse has a lot of Betas in his den and is insanely rare in items. Yet there's another strange story to the other likely hacker, prim2766. Creeper was on an alt one night and snuck into Prim's den. They were talking about scamming! Once they spotted Creeper's alt, they knew what they had trained for. When he logged off of the alternate account for less than a minute, he only logged back on to find that his items were gone.

Anyway, REMEMBER THAT THE PARTY IS TODAY! I don't think anyone knows that, since nobody has really commented on it! If you are available please plan on coming! It'll be fun! :)

Alright, this post has been long overdue. Bye!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Search For Greely

Hi Jammers! Happy Update Day! Today we have our new Adventure, the Search For Greely....

Pictures from AJ Sky Blog!

I can't wait to try it out, it seems mythical, mysterious, and exciting! Sadly it's Members-only, but hopefully soon an Adventure will be transferred from Member to NM.

If you didn't grab a hold of a panda in the last few weeks, your chances are over! The pandas have gone traveling. Speaking of traveling, when will the friendly giraffes and the stomping rhinos return? They haven't come back for over a year!

Not only that, but it's super rare to find a rhino out in the clustered Jamaa. If you wanna see a rhino, I have one! :3 Same with giraffes, but they're more common.

Several videos have been released. Check them out!

Yay! The April Fool's Party is gonna come back around to Jamaa, along with some wacky new items. Look at those hypnotist glasses, and that oddly-colored shark fin. :D By the way, if the April Fool's Celebration is arriving soon, that means my birthday is coming up!

This is a new JAG for everyone to use. I love the eagles in it! Eagles are such fantastic creatures. ^.^

Oh, and don't worry if you didn't get all the clearance items yet-they are still here until the next update day!

I made a few graphics the other night:

I personally like my seal graphic better than my fox. They both took a long time, for computer art. :P It is said that if you are impatient with graphics, Paint, Oekaki (Chicken Smoothie players) or any other type of art used on a computer, your art won't turn out as good. If you ARE patient, your art will be AMAZING!

Alright, I hope you enjoy update day! Remember, Whip On! Also the party is on Saturday at 4:00 pm MT in my den!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pirate Chest

Hallo! Today we have the returning Pirate Chest coming back to the stores.

At least it came back NM, unlike some items. :3

Yesterday my old friend logged on, so we shared a fun, special time together of silliness.

Ice cream! :D

On another note, I made a graphic thingy:

My bunny craves sweet foods. Lol.

And just like Sir Gilbert, I made an Alpha Art for Peck. Alpha Art basically resembles each Alpha's personality.

Okay, school time now. Bye!


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Goodbye, Miscievious.... :(

Everyone: Please read. Due to a slight change in life, the party has been canceled and rescheduled for this Saturday at the exact place and time as before. Thanks!

Hi Jammers! Today's returning item is the Jester Hat, supposedly here for the upcoming April Fool's Day!

Odd that it doesn't have a New Sign on it, like all of the other new items do.

Yesterday's RIM had a really, really cool glitch which was soon removed later on in the day. When you recycled the Rare Tux, you'd get more gems than you had paid for it! It was nearly 8,000 gems that you'd get. What a deal!

Unfortunately, we have some sad news to uncover. My great friend miscievious123123 (who most of you should know after the hacking incident with Misty) is quitting, possibly along with her dear sister. :,( I'll miss her so much, everyday from when the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. So many of my buddies are fading away.....

Goodbye, Miscievious and Funpop. *sad face*

Enough of the sad stuff, it's making me feel bad.

Anyway! I made a new profile picture that I might use...

As you can tell I am getting bored of my profile picture, but I want it to be a picture of Nafaria. If anyone can make a graphic of that nefarious, purple fairy, that'd be AWESOME! :D

Okay, piano lesson time now. Toodles!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Party is Canceled. :(

Hello everyone! Happy, um, nearly-over Lucky Day. :I I can never post on time on Mondays, because of my sleep and swim team.

Anyway, I recently found out that my piano lesson has been rescheduled for the exact time as the party. I picked Tuesday because I knew I had nothing going on until the lesson date changed up. So, the party will now be.....

Same time, same place, just different day. Okay?

I hope now more people can come since it's on a weekend. :D

Here's an awesome picture of Sir Gilbert I made and edited:

It's so much fun, so expect me to make them for all the Alphas! ^.^

Anyway, I'll see you in Jamaa! May the luck be with ya!

Saturday, March 15, 2014


The protest was a success! Thank you for all who participated. It was so huge! Basically everyone in Jamaa Township was hopping, hoping, and telling those scammers to back off. :D

It was beautiful. :,)

There was a little incident with one Jammer who was hosting a scam party at her den. Ironic, isn't it? Why would she be posting a scam convention right next to our unbeatable protest? It makes me shake my head in confusion. o.o

Remember to never scam constantly. Rares are just pixels. If you care THAT much for pixels, (snorts) you're really just an idiot.

Scamming is terrible, and hacking is too! I figured out that if you learn that rares aren't worth much at all, you'd be less likely for a victim in scamming. 


Scamming Protest! :D

Hello Jammers! Today's the big day! If you are coming, are you excited? We're gonna kick those scammers' butts. >:3

Today's returning items are the Graham Nesting Dolls and the Clover Skirt.

I like both of these. The dolls came out last week, disappeared, and came back again. O.o

Okay! So, here are the details for the protest:

  • Color. I think we should all dress up white or pastel, tinted colors, since it's like light versus dark.
  • If Jamaa Township is too full, go into the next land filled with Jammers and start off a protest there. The bigger the better! ^.^
  • The protest will run about a half an hour, but you can have your own personal rant stay for as long as you'd like. I'm just saying that I'll be there for a half an hour. :)
Also remember to have fun! :B

Last night I made two more graphics...

I know, super-bad job, right? But, I'm still getting new to the editor. 

Lastly, take a peek at this:


Okay, bye!

~nafaria9 who doesn't feel like using a sig today. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Graphic ^-^

According to my friend's blog, I found out the secret tool to making graphics! ^-^ This is my first graphic, so don't judge if it's bad. :p If you want to request a graphic, go ahead!

Clover Earmuffs

Hi Jammers! I am pleased to say I do not have any school today. x3 Haha, that rhymes!

Today's returning item is the fluffy pair of Clover Earmuffs, sold NOT in the Shiveer Shoppe, which is where it should be sold. :T

I'm honestly not in the mood for posting today... :( I'm tired.

The one thing I REALLY, REALLY want done is a new blog layout. The blog layout seems so messy to me, and I'm so sick of it that it seriously makes my stomach feel guilty... blech. >.<

Tomorrow is the Scamming Protest, so please make sure you can be there! If not, don't worry. :)

In several days is the party!

That's the Whip!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Tough Decision

'Ello. As you can see there is no main post today, so my apologies for that. We went skiing yesterday and my legs hurt after, so I had a good, deep sleep, and that's what matters, right? 

Well, I mostly wanted to post because I have a very tough decision to make. Unfortunately we have limited inventory space. I really don't see the point in a limit for buddies and space for inventory, because it's not helpful. :I
Well, I can either recycle/trade away most of the plushies I collected during my first months of AJ in 2011 to by some neat things for my den to make it look "prettier", or I can keep my plushies to make my den look more... me. I love stuffed animals, so I'm gonna be sad to leave them behind... I dunno.

I need your advice! Comment what you think I should do. :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Stars and Medics

Hi Jammers! Today's returning item for the Lucky Day, which is coming up very soon, is a Clover Trident!

I love how spring is coming up. Warm weather, animals return, blue skies.... yeah, the winter was fun, but now we see beautiful, nice days arriving gradually. ^.^

I have two banners for everyone to look at:

I wish for you all to make it!

Remember to read the post down below about embo0. He's a dangerous person, and I want every Jammer to be warned.

Anyway, have you ever wondered what these stars are for?

These stars are just another piece of Jamaa's remaining, rich history. What are they for, what are they made of? Are they important to us, perhaps they could be powerful emblems made of Spirit Stones? Maybe they're one of the parts of Jamaa that is drifting away, like the Spirit Stones?

Any guesses? I'm clueless. :P

Moving on to another quick subject...

This was the original Medical Center, before it was replaced with the Sol Arcade in 2012. It was a calm, peaceful area, like the Pillow Room. The Pillow Room is SUPPOSED to be a relaxing place to chill out, like the Medical Center. But then, people started doing "sleep and hop", and all of those disturbing gross things. I think they removed it because of that. People went too far.

Same thing with the Pillow Room! At least the Pillow Room is used for adopting animals (sometimes kids but-I mean, bleh), but it wasn't removed. Not as many Jammers are doing disgusting things like hopping and sleeping in the Pillow Room, so that's one reason it's still there.

Goodbye friends!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Protest Invite


Hello! Recently I buddied creepersofthenethter, who claims to be a scam catching ninja. Back when the New Year started, there was a day when all of these Fman clones cornered every inch of Aldan. Since it is believed that Fman made a severe comeback to Jamaa, there's so many possibilities and concerns about him.

Well, Creeper believes that a retired, major scammer named embO could be controlling these silent, heartless devils, or Fman himself. fman122 was a wicked hacker that roamed the roads of AJ in 2013. He was sort of like the Black Plague of Animal Jam. O.O

Emby here was banned a long time ago. Even though he's not as a famous scammer and hacker as he used to be, he did horrible things, like hold scamming meetings in his den, with every one of them focusing on letting scamming take over Jamaa. Firetigerx, a Jammer that was also a scammer catcher, infiltrated one of his meetings.

It's said he's returned. He now educates scammers at jacksonriderisback's den, known as the AJ Scammer School. How VAIN can these people get!? Anyway, they can GRADUATE from the school, and then visit hard-duty meetings at embo0's den.

This is serious information you've collected, Creeper. Thanks! XP

We think his right hand man therottensmell may be Fman, or Emby himself. He does his work in the dead of night and the wee hours of the morning-that means he stays up all night and all day, creating nefarious (it's sad this evil word sounds like my user DX) masterpieces that are too awful to imagine.

I hope everyone understands who Emby is now. Thank you for reading.

Scamming Protest

Hello Jammers. *3* I don't feel like posting the new item today, which is a Clover Blanket. Besides, what's the point of posting the new item if everyone else has already looked at other blogs? I don't post in the mornings, anyway. :P

So, today I met creepersofthenethter. He and I tried to sort out the clues of Misty's hack, and came up with a plan, but that's not quite what this post is about.

He suggested we do a Scamming Protest this Saturday at 10:00 AM Eastern Time at Jamaa Township in server Bakoy. I'd be leading, of course--but now I'm looking for people who would be interested in joining. Meh, let's just wing it. Show up, and do a protest with us. Don't show up, and not do a protest. 'Kay?

Here is the party invitation:

It's only a week away, so prepare yourselves for a lot of fun! XD

Alright. Bye!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Flags 'n Mist

Hallo! Today's RIM is the black and red Rare Flag.

I sorta like it. I wish I had more time than I really do to post, so this has to be quick.

A little update on Misty: it appears that hive309 is Misty's DAD. o_o Uhm... okay? Well, that does explain how hive309 has a Facebook account, like wingofthesun said.

Well, anyways, some of my buddies think the hacker is now after Miscievious and I. Meh, hackers. >.< I don't care if I get hacked, though, but what about Miscievious? I hope if she does get hacked, she's okay! And I certainly don't want ANYBODY to get hacked.

I can't exactly put all of these pieces together right now in such limited time, so we'll get it sorted out later. Kapeesh?

'Kay, bye!