Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Mystery of Misty

I bet a lot of you know that my good friend Mistybreeze472 was hacked just a while ago.

It all started yesterday when I was hanging out in my den with miscievious123123 and her sister, funpop23. All of a sudden, Misty logged on. I knew she hadn't been on in a long time, so I was delighted to see her again!

She arrived to my den, saying things like she was scared or nervous:

"Plz help naffy"

"hcer took everything store stuff for me"

"help me transfer"

"they took all my rares"

It came to me like a heartbroken Misty was hacked. I wish I could have helped a lot more than I did, but Misty seemed too shaken up to explain anything. In fact, too suspiciously shaken up that it didn't even sound like her!

After Misty logged off, Miscievious and I chatted. We put on our FBI suits and went onto the crime scene to investigate.

We looked around Misty's den first. We discovered that the hacker and only taken her clothing. Her RARE clothing. Her den stuff was all there. Sure, she didn't have as much den rares as she did clothing rares-but hackers usually take everything. Whoever hacked her didn't want much from her.

That doesn't make sense, though! Hackers hack for items. Most of them, at least. Hackers are mindless monsters that don't care about people's feelings.

Miscievous and I made some theories:

  • There's a chance Misty could be lying, or it's a troll.
  • There's also a chance Misty is honest, and she really did get hacked.
  • The hacker could have been on Misty's account. The only twist with this is that she said, "plz help naffy". How would the hacker know one of my nicknames on AJ? Even if this slight theory is correct, the hacker must know me.
Well, this morning I found another unpleasantly surprising clue.

  1. Numnum! i got hacked a gain if my tiger is wearing a bunny hat. all my stuff are gone. i asked tootyfafa to check. Mistty
  2. You're not Misty. You're hive309.

See!? Whoever impersonated Mistybreeze is known by hive309. They posted it on their own Blogger account.

That puts a lot of things together. Thanks, hive309! c:

WHAT!? Hive doesn't show up on the Jammer Search!

Now this is getting scary. At least now we have a suspect. 

I've estimated a few facts about this person:

  • hive309 must have been viewing Nummy's blog, and possibly mine.
  • Hive could be Misty herself!
If anyone finds out anything else...

Please let me know.


  1. Fish301 commented some really mean stuff about me, and then said 'that wasn't me, i like your blog,' but the language he used sounded similar to the language he used when he said mean things about me. And who would want to frame a random, little-known Jammer?
    So I think that he did that only because I made him come across as mean in my posts, and he didn't want to be reported.
    Hope that this helps! :)

  2. Ahh, that's why you were wearing that outfit when I was hanging with you!

    1. Me too i saw her in that outfit!


    2. Wolf I've caught you scamming or I got the numbers after your name mixed up >.<

  3. O.O
    This is starting to get creepy...

    1. Another bit of information, but I'm not sure if it's helpful.
      I looked up hive309, and I found that there's a Facebook account with the username hive309. (That's not tha helpful though. XD) Also, hive309 has been on Blogger since 2009, even though he/she has no profile picture, no blogs, and no information on the "About Me" part of his/her profile.

    2. The fact that this "hive309" has been on Blogger since 2009 and has not done anything with his blogger besides comment on Sol Lucet in Jamaa, as maybe comment on a few other blogs, makes me think that hive309 could be a 2nd account of a person's actual blogger. But this arouses another question:
      Why did hive309 comment on Sol Lucet in Jamaa? Why not this blog, or Camp's blog, or Pink's blog, or any blog? Was it because Misty like Sol Lucet in Jamaa a lot, or what?
      Note to Mistybreeze462:
      Do you know anything about what's going on? Do you know hive309?

    3. Yes i do he is my DAD
      ~THE REAL Mistybreeze472


    Misty is not a scammer. I think the hacker is hacking misty's account and since you are RARE and is a good friend of misty, the hacker is scamming you for your rares saying they got hacked. And if you give misty your rares the hacker will transfer your items to his account and- wa-la! Nafaria9's items are gone. Remember the days when I figured out you and me that snowburn hacked me? She suspended me by saying a swear word or something else. She abused my account! The very next day at school wolves01012 said I was mean to him on animal jam. I told him that it wasn't me it was the hacker! The hacker is using misty's account to gain rares from misty's nice and rare friends!

    OK NOW FOR hive. Hive is 100% bad. Using my brain, if hive is misty misty is scamming YOU! Your friend is betraying you and trying to get your rares by saying she got hacked. Is misty nice to you? If she's nice she might be trying to earn your trust then scam you. If she's a decent friend she has a higher chance she is not hive. Why would a decent friend care about your rares? Or anything?
    It makes sense for me. One of my BFFs since 2012 on AJ turned on me in 2013 then scammed me. He earned my trust. Think again. Julian2 will get scammed by XxverykindguyxX because he earned julian's trust! If XxverykindguyxX asked Julian2 for a collar well Julian will give! Makes sense? If misty is a good friend of you she can scam you by saying she is hacked! So- If misty is a good friend, she has a higher chance of being a scammer or hive309. I THINK hive commented on my blog. Check out my blog soon for my full complete essay of what my THEORY is.
    - skydrain7

    1. Good idea... But I really don't want to think of Misty as a scammer. I mean, she CAN'T scam. *sigh* I dunno...
      ~a wingofthesun who is eating Girl Scout Cookies right now~

    2. Hmm, it seems that wingofthesun is always eating something...SWEET! XD

  5. You have awesome CSI skills, but be careful! Also, the hacker might've known you, but they might just be an avid reader of your blog. Maybe someone commented your nickname somewhere, and the hacker just scrolled through the comments and said, "Aha, so that's her nickname!"

    I don't know, that could be a possibility. I hate to admit it, but hackers must be at least a little bit smart in order to figure this stuff out.

    Scary. O.O

  6. Wait! I just reamber something! You said she hadn't been on in a while! Maybe the hack figured out her pass, and went on the account. Then they pretended that they were hacked, and asked me and nafi for rates. I think I heard misty ask nafaria If she could have a worn. If so, this still means that misty is off. The hcker just wanted rare s, which they could send to their account. Then they would take her rates as well. This is just why I have anoher Account for backup! A


    1. Thanks for your thoughts and opinions guys. ^.^ Yeah, Misty hasn't been on in like, two months... besides Friday. I wonder what really happened to her, and WHY had she logged on, all scared and stuff? :I It just bewilders me.

  7. Mistybreeze here the real one that's my dad's blogger i am not allowed to use it sorry for not explaining nafaria 9. i am quitting animal jam and i am giving you my lolipop necklase
    For the last time

    sorry for not explaining i did get hacked. plz belive me i am quittting animal jam and i will give my stuff away

  9. rares turns to rates XD "Scammers want rates" "I like collecting rates."

  10. I saw a jammer once named hive309, but did not show up as a jammer on the search.
    Tell misty I’m sorry for her


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