Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Horse Coin

Everyone knows the mysterious Horse Coin, right?

If you don't, this post is going to be all about it.

This is the Horse Coin. It's the first and only 3D object in the game. Oddly enough, it spins around in a circle over and over again. Nobody knows for sure how it came to be in Jamaa, but so far people have told these two stories of its existence:

1. They were a prize in the Forgotten Desert when it was first released to the public. But after an hour, the Horse Coins were removed from the Adventure, and only about 30-40 remain.

2. Horse Coins are available in the Horse Claw. I snort when Jammers say this. Horse Coins existed in AJ before the Horse Claw was released. So, this rumor is not the least likely to be true.

Horse Coins are pretty rare items. Some players might offer 4 Founders for one, therefore making the trade worth 16 long spiked collars! KA-CHING! $.$

Horse Coins could also be worth a couple good-colored Tiki Masks. :o

Keep your eyes peeled for these epic objects!

Butterfly Balloons

There will be NO posting from Wednesday, July 30th to Thursday, July 31st. I will return Friday afternoon.

Hiya! Today's new item is an addition to the Balloon Hat set in the Summer Carnival- the Butterfly Balloon Hat!

It's not as bad as the Electrocuted Snake. I prefer this one much more. The butterfly is normal. :3

We've got some more screenshots to add to the Funny Jammers page:

The first picture is kinda rude in some way, but I didn't take it as an insult for some weird reason. It didn't offend me. owo

Yesterday's mystery was tough, with only a few guesses being correct. The winners I have chosen are prettybunnygrl and rascalcat for answering mango!

Prettybunny gets the Glitched Nerd Glasses, and Rascal gets the Spirit Glove. ^.^

Since mom is making me pack all morning for a three-day Girls Camp, there won't be a new mystery until I return on Friday. :( I hope you can all wait!

See ya, and thanks for reading. I wish you (again) a happy birthday, Mythy!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Mythy! C:

Shh... Mythy is probably asleep right now, since it's around 2:30 am her time, so this is a surprise post for when she wakes up. XD

Happy birthday pal! Above are your online presents- a graphic (made by me) of your fox, and a card with Krystal wishing you a great birthday. :3 Oh, and check your mailbox on Animal Jam for another present!

Also, if there's a party, I won't be there because I have Girls Camp. :,(

Thanks for all you've done for your buddies and I! -extends virtual hug-

King's Generator

*Info credit to DewDropReptile.*
On King/X's YouTube channel, Cocoa9000productions, there's a newly updated video offering another one of those hack downloads.

King has created an item generator that is supposedly programmed to give you, well, rares. There are plenty of other dangerous websites and softwares which can hack into your Animal Jam computer or cause bad damage to your computer. Take viruses for example. Your computer could break if you don't have a strong enough firewall.

Because people are so ga-ga over rares, they fall for it. Rares are hypnotic, like pocketwatches. It's not a good idea to risk your pixels for more pixels. XP

Beware of King/X/e31110. By the way, e31110 is another account belonging to King.

Mystery #10-Lucky Peachycloud

Yes, Lucky is boy- a very hungry boy!

1. Lucky is a monkey who lurks in deep rainforests. He loves to eat fruits, seeds, leaves and nuts, but his most favorite fruit grows here. This food is a widely popular fruit and has been growing since over 5,000 years ago. In India, its growth home, a basket of these fruits represent friendship. Your next clue is found on a page with a collection of Animal Jam Whip's old headers.

1st place.

2nd place.

There's no need for detail. It's the 10th mystery! Ya-hoo! owo

Nerdy Eyepatches

'Ello, Jammers! Today is Rare Item Monday, and that means the RIM for today is a Rare Eyepatch.

Not great, but you know what I mean. :p

I also missed the Beta TV from Saturday.

Thanks to the Animal Jam Sky Blog for this picture. This sequel to the Beta Television is much different...

Check out the updated Rares page, and the new Funny Jammers page! I'm going to be adding Founder's Hats and Tiki Masks to it soon.

I caught this Jammer hosting a Nerdy Penguin Clan at her den. The penguin's potbelly makes the picture more hilarious! o3o

I better go now. My apologies for the sloppy post. :I I have some things to get done on the Krystal Way, but a new mystery will pop up quickly. By the way, Ca, I was at tennis lessons while you were waiting for me to log on. >.< When can sometime this morning be a reasonable meeting time?


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Updated Rares Page!

I spent about an hour updating the "Rares" page, so now all the rarity scans match today. ^.^ Feel free to read the tips I provide you!

Rant and Art

Hey Jammers! Today's new item is a pair of Epic Antlers, sold in Epic Wonders, obviously.

Very wazy and zig-zaggy, like a rollercoaster. owo

I wish to congratulate ca1412 the owner of a Rare Spider Mask and fuzzheadlola the owner of a blue Jamaaliday Scarf. You guys won the contest! Good work! Your prizes will be traded whenever you have time, or online. Let me know a good time to meet. I sent you a buddy request, by the way, Ca.

I have some artwork to be featured. x3

It's a customized plushie of my wolf Jumping Spiritmajor! :D I love it so much. I wish I could snuggle it in real life. o3o

This is a Flyscorp. Read the Krystal Way to discover what it is. XP

I've been wanting to do a mailtime rant for a long time, so here I go.

Mailtime, in my opinion, is one of the dumbest things EVER created on AJ. It's where you send a YouTuber gifts, and then a video is made of the YouTuber opening the gifts. And if the gift isn't rare enough, it's recycled or discarded. It's a waste of TIME. It can also be a scam. People will say to send them items for mailtime, but most likely they don't have a YouTube account. :/

To summarize, mailtime is pointless!

I tried mailtime once, aka WhipMail, but the years passed and my brain got more logical thinking and reasoning. 0w0

So yeah.

Next mystery will be up after tennis lessons. Bye for now!

Friday, July 25, 2014

I Now Have a Horse Coin.

It's true. Don't believe me? Visit my den.

I logged on just a few minutes ago and looked through my JAGs. I had a letter from girlsrule1012.

Her offer was this for my Beta Arctic Hood (there are only about 20 in existence today from active players):

We met at my den and I asked her these questions:

  • What is a Horse Coin worth?
  • What's a Beta Hood worth?
She told me a Horn Coin is worth a Founder+ and my Beta Hood was worth a little less her trade list. I accepted, because it's JUST A BUNCH OF PIXELS. ^.^

Although, I was kind of sad leaving my precious Beta Hood behind. :,(

Anyway, I came to her den and she had LOADS of Beta Items. I mean LOADS. I have a hunch she's a hacker/scammer, but you never know...

Anyway, that's the story of how I traded my Beta Hood. owo

Wanna hear the story of how I GOT my Beta Hood?

Okay, well, do you ever sometimes just randomly click on people and trade them for an item on their list rapidly?

I did that to a girl with a freakin' Beta Hood on her trade. o-o So I offered her a heart locket and a Crystal Greely Statue, and what did she do?


That was the same day Mel buddied me, by the way. XD

I was so surprised...

I'm on a roll.... lol....

Bye.... :P

3rd Chance


We're gonna be nice and give you a third chance. If you blow it, there will be no more forgiveness.

Electrocuted Snakes

Hullo! Today's new item is the Snake Balloon Hat, found in the Summer Carnival for 2,000 tickets.

It looks electrocuted! Somebody, call the doctor!

I think the Summer Carnival is home to some of Jamaa's wackiest items. Wouldn't you agree?

DewDropReptile reminded me about yesterday's new item which I missed. It was a Beta Table, sold in the new Beta Party.

It's a cute, decorative wooden table to place in any den for any reason! ^.^

Ever since the Beta Party opened, I've heard a lot of complaints about how the items aren't "Beta". :/

The Beta Party's purpose is to experience what a normal den was like during Beta. The items don't have to be Beta to make the party Beta. Ugh. It irritates me so much (cause I'm like that) I want to smother intelligence and logic all over their faces.

On the topic of parties, yesterday's bash was really fun!

I got two new plushies for the Krystal Way! :D Thanks again to all who came!

Now I need to post on Krystal. The mystery has an extension, since it has two prizes, so the last day to enter is today!


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mystery #9-Rosy Berrylily

You know how the contest goes.

1. Rosy is an herbivore. Most horses eat one thing: grass! But Rosy doesn't appreciate grass as much as she does with this mystery food. This food is grass that has been cut and dried specifically for cattle, sheep, goats, and of course, horses. Your pet rabbit or guinea pig might eat this food as well. Your next clue is found on a blog with a graphic (by vms915) of a koala wearing a medal.

The 1st winner will get this.

The 2nd winner will get this.

I'm lazy. owo

Good luck. 



Today's new item is the Cactus Fence. Not too uplifting, but I suppose it's okay.

Let me tell you more reasons why I wanted to quit.

Drama causes stress, and drama is everywhere on AJ. So recently I haven't been acting too nice to my parents and siblings. The problem is, they have no clue what's been going on lately.

I feel too scared to tell them my issues because they might think I'm immature and what not. I don't want to mess up and sound stupid. Parents don't always understand things, especially if they're computer-game related. At least my parents don't. :(

Got any advice?

Anyway, the party is today, but after the party I won't be on Animal Jam. I'm banned from it. :T I probably won't be playing tomorrow, either.


There might be a new mystery today, but only if I can put it up quick enough...

Alright, well, bye....

Rafiki's Quote


Okay, yesterday I over-exaggerated a lot about quitting Animal Jam.

I was feeling a bunch of mixed emotions, involving sadness, pain and anger.

I didn't know where to turn, but quitting wasn't the term for it.

That's when I remembered this quote from Disney's The Lion King:

Running from it is just like quitting, abandoning all who care about you.

If we learn from it and fight back in this war, we can accomplish anything.

Looking at my buddies' responses, old JAGS and compliments...

Quitting wasn't worth it.

I'll stay for now, at least.

Wars will happen in life. Life is full of danger, possibilities, risks, and trials...

But we must figure out how to live with it.

It's normal for life to be hard, because nothing is flawless, not even you, Creepers.

You thought you won.

But remember that darkness can't always win.

There will be darkness in this world, yes, but that doesn't mean we can't make it better.

Our light side will play our schemes for mercy.

Your dark side will defend, but also attack. But the truth is unbeatable.

We have a life- we're going to live it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SUPRISE! Happy Birthday, animalclip!

Hello Jammers! :D Today is a very exciting day, because there is a surprise update, filled with tons of new fun!

Aww, cute! Pet Rhinos are now in the Diamond Shop. If you need one more diamond, there is luckily a new diamond code that gives each Jammer 1 diamond. o-o Cool, right? The code is twelve, by the way. No caps. Just twelve.... like me! XD

They're are so adorable. ^-^

A BETA PARTY!? AWESOME! Now everyone can enjoy a glimpse of what Beta was like back in 2010. Let's hope scammers don't overthrow this blast to the past like they're conquering Jamaa now. >.<

Anyway, the party is great! You can explore the 3-floor den and shop for new items. Remember the monkey statue that was placed instead of the Zios Pit? You can purchase that, along with a variety of animal banners. :3

By the way, all except one item in the shop is Non-Member! That's great!

Rumor has it now. A new animal is on its way! If you look on the top left corners of each page of the Jamaa Journal, the words spell out the new animal. Yes, soon we will have OTTERS! :O

Also, congratulations to the Ribbon Scarf creator! Your idea is natural and cute, like a bandanna. o3o

Hooray! I've been longing for this book to come out. I want to order it immediately. >:)

Drat. I logged myself out. Dx While the globe is spinning, there are new loading pages!

There are probably more, but I really like the new graphics. What do you think?

Ooh! Now we get to vote for a new den item theme, out of Hair Salon, Egyptian Treasure, and Ice Cream Parlor. You have no idea how much I love ice cream. *o*

If you thought In Too Deep was easy as pie, try out the Hard Mode! I'm going to be adding In Too Deep to the Adventure list sometime.

Meanwhile, watch the new videos coming at you live each and every day!

Here are the three new items, the Ribbon Scarf, the Grill, and the Candy Necklace. Truth is I hate candy corn. Blech.

At least they're NM!

Introducing the pain relief gadget called CLEAR DEN! Finally! I no longer have to search through my inventory and push all X buttons on my items. Thank you, doctors! My back feels so much better! x3

In honor of the sudden update, it is also animalclip's birthday!

Animalclip and I know each other as neighbors, so drop by and say hello if she gets on! Additionally, it is VICTORYSCREECHxD's birthday party, too!

Speaking of parties....

That's right, the 120,000 views party celebration is TOMORROW! Sorry for such a short notice. :p Summer is busy, busy busy!

I guess I'll see you all tomorrow! I have an orthodontist appointment at 12. :I


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Scammers Don't Rest

Hello there! Today we have a Circular Chair now available for Members' purchase in Jam Mart Furniture.

I really like this item. It's high-end, modern, and comfortable. :o

I've already sent the two tied winners some pigtails, but I still want to shout out their usernames.

Congratulations to VICTORYSCREECHxD and CleverQueen!

I'm going swimming again with Abigail (see Krystal's archive for a recap), so I don't think I'll have time to make a new mystery. :C Don't worry, a fresh, new one with an extension and two medium rare prizes will be made!

Here's a reminder for the upcoming party:

I hope at least some people can come! For those who can't... well, it's okay. :)

Lately there has been some rumors that my buddy DewDropReptile hacks and scams. Someone is anonymously commenting on FATE, AJW, and probably other blogs.

Despite the fact he has heaps of Betas, he doesn't bully, scam, or hack at all. Why would you even blame somebody for doing something that you have no real proof of? :L

Please, please, PLEASE- no more rumors, lies and silliness.

Since we're on the topic of scamming, a lot of my buddies are being scammed. It's like a big scamming wave just flowing in suddenly. o-o Here's a tip on how to avoid being scammed:

NEVER send anything to anybody who says they'll send stuff back. It's an obvious scam that many people fall for. People will say:







There are plenty more scams out there, but it's never good to risk your items if you love them that much. Not everyone is trustworthy. In fact, there are too many liars out in Jamaa to even count and keep track of!

That tip I just gave you is simple and it covers a lot of the other tips, too. Hacking is a whole new level.