Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

Hello! Sorry, I was a bit busy this morning, so I couldn't post earlier. The new item is the Terrace Chair, an addition to yesterday's Terrace Table.

I enjoy it a lot, but I think the Wooden Chairs and Green Lawn Chairs are much better.

Do you ever get the feeling that the animated Magic Mirrors on AJ work?

Including personal questions, most of the time the mirror answers correctly. O-O If you own a Magic Mirror, or find a den with one of them in it, ask it questions! Test it!

The contest will be finished TOMORROW! :D About the whole spike giveaway thing.... I was joking because I knew I would be done by then. X3 Anyway, get ready for the biggest contest ever!

Are you excited for the final matches of the World Cup? I can't believe Germany beat Brazil! 7-1! That's CRAZY! :O:

Which team do you think will win? Germany? Mexico? Argentina? Netherlands?

Okay, I really should stop rambling, but I wanted to tell you I'm making a new page with my stories on it. ^~^

Bye, thanks for reading!


  1. Let's go Argentina! #10 . I love the magic mirrors are awesome :)

  2. Yey Germany :DD
    Huehue my dad's half german so yeah xD
    The lawn chair looks like some checker tiles placed weirdly on some wooden planks o-o
    Excuse my imagination xD



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