Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SUPRISE! Happy Birthday, animalclip!

Hello Jammers! :D Today is a very exciting day, because there is a surprise update, filled with tons of new fun!

Aww, cute! Pet Rhinos are now in the Diamond Shop. If you need one more diamond, there is luckily a new diamond code that gives each Jammer 1 diamond. o-o Cool, right? The code is twelve, by the way. No caps. Just twelve.... like me! XD

They're are so adorable. ^-^

A BETA PARTY!? AWESOME! Now everyone can enjoy a glimpse of what Beta was like back in 2010. Let's hope scammers don't overthrow this blast to the past like they're conquering Jamaa now. >.<

Anyway, the party is great! You can explore the 3-floor den and shop for new items. Remember the monkey statue that was placed instead of the Zios Pit? You can purchase that, along with a variety of animal banners. :3

By the way, all except one item in the shop is Non-Member! That's great!

Rumor has it now. A new animal is on its way! If you look on the top left corners of each page of the Jamaa Journal, the words spell out the new animal. Yes, soon we will have OTTERS! :O

Also, congratulations to the Ribbon Scarf creator! Your idea is natural and cute, like a bandanna. o3o

Hooray! I've been longing for this book to come out. I want to order it immediately. >:)

Drat. I logged myself out. Dx While the globe is spinning, there are new loading pages!

There are probably more, but I really like the new graphics. What do you think?

Ooh! Now we get to vote for a new den item theme, out of Hair Salon, Egyptian Treasure, and Ice Cream Parlor. You have no idea how much I love ice cream. *o*

If you thought In Too Deep was easy as pie, try out the Hard Mode! I'm going to be adding In Too Deep to the Adventure list sometime.

Meanwhile, watch the new videos coming at you live each and every day!

Here are the three new items, the Ribbon Scarf, the Grill, and the Candy Necklace. Truth is I hate candy corn. Blech.

At least they're NM!

Introducing the pain relief gadget called CLEAR DEN! Finally! I no longer have to search through my inventory and push all X buttons on my items. Thank you, doctors! My back feels so much better! x3

In honor of the sudden update, it is also animalclip's birthday!

Animalclip and I know each other as neighbors, so drop by and say hello if she gets on! Additionally, it is VICTORYSCREECHxD's birthday party, too!

Speaking of parties....

That's right, the 120,000 views party celebration is TOMORROW! Sorry for such a short notice. :p Summer is busy, busy busy!

I guess I'll see you all tomorrow! I have an orthodontist appointment at 12. :I



  1. Agh the egyptian one is so beautiful :O
    I can't wait to get on AJ to ge those bootiful items *-*
    Happy bdays :33
    Mine is in 6 days!! Yahoo!!
    Random sad news: I puked today e.e
    Because of the boat ride e.e


  2. fuzzhead Peace, Love, and UNICORNS!!July 23, 2014 at 12:29 PM

    I love dis update!!

    1. fuzzhead Peace, Love, and UNICORNS!!July 23, 2014 at 12:33 PM

      Btw the new animal is an otter :P the letters in the top left corner in jamaa jurnal spell it :P

  3. OTTERZ :P
    I wonder if they're going to walk on four legs or two



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