Saturday, April 26, 2014

Shelves and Legende

Hi Jammers! I don't feel very good today, I've been having harsh stomach pains. e.e Today's new item is another urban shelf called the Modern Shelf.

First we had the brown shelf theme, now we have a downtown glossy shelf theme. If only they'll make a few items in the theme for Non-Members! That would be pretty sweet.

Alright, so several individuals looked at my add-on post about a suspicious guy named "Legende". According to the information we have so far, he was Pinky's friend's friend. Not Pinky's friend. :P

He obviously has unreleased gazelle horns, a brown beard, and most likely plenty of other rares he's hiding. In the beginning he wasn't at all a bad person, until he was hacked on his rares, and returned with the biggest rares in all of Jamaa. He doesn't like to talk about his rares, either.

So what can we do about this mysterious figure haunting Legende?

I noticed two things last night while investing him:

For some reason his giraffe reminds of Panncakess' old bunny when I saw him at Eeveeloutions' den about a month ago. If you were one of the few who looked up Panncakess during that time, I bet this giraffe look is familiar to you. I suspect he might have an admiration for Panncakess, or he is Panncakess himself.

The last thing, that probably is just a coincidence, most of his animals have the name "Prince Vinehero". I'm not saying that's a bad name, it's the fact that the name keeps ringing in my head like I've heard it before.

What have you noticed about Legende?

That's all for today. I will see you guys hopefully back on May 3rd!


Friday, April 25, 2014

Who is this guy?

This dude was at Pink's den around my dinnertime along with a few of his suspicious friends. They were talking with each other, and then one of his followers asked, "How'd you get so rare? And where did you get those gazelles and that beard?" He avoided that question by ignoring it. Apparently, snowyclaw is no longer the one without unreleased gazelle horns!

Just who is this guy?

*Update: Legende is actually Pinky's friend. He was hacked long ago, but we believe he's being controlled by someone else, due to the fact he has really rare rares.*

Winged Shoes and No Posting

Ello. I haven't posted in 2 days, so today I got the energy and decided to post.

Today's new item is a pair of Winged Shoes! They kind of remind me of Cupid, or an angel. And if I were to classify this into a rarity group, it'd definitely be the Mechanical Angel category.

Shouldn't this have been better released for Valentine's Day or the Friendship Festival?

Anyway, I hear some of you saying that Endangered is being numerously hacked. A few of you are donating items to the account, and that's great! Thanks for those! But they keep getting hacked. So if you donate clothes now, your hard work on retrieving those clothes will be put to a waste.

I suggest NOT sending any clothes unless you WANT them to be thrown away. :(

Last of all I want to teach all of you a lesson. And I'll teach it to you in commentary:



  1. This seems like a tough situation.

    If you asked advice from everyone on AJ, they'd probably say: GIVE HIM PAYBACK! LET US HAVE OUR RARES BACK!

    But from where I come from, I've learned that even if people are mean to us, we need to be nice to them back. We shouldn't think of revenge, and instead do something kind. Sure, some may say, "That's crazy! We want our things back! We shouldn't be cruel to a hacker!" But in the end, by not bothering with his account, we're doing the right thing.

    It's up to you. :)
 So it appears that the background is green. >.< Oh well. I guess that's what you get for not taking a screenshot...

Plus the text has moves over. Nuts. Hmm... there!

Eh. :p

Please read both comments, and I bet you'll have a nice life if you listen to them. c:

Before I go, I wanted to say that my friends and I are taking a trip to California for a week. We leave on Sunday, April 27th and come back on Friday, May 2nd (I think). I'll be posting tomorrow, but then for a week I won't be on ANY game: CS, Animal Jam, Webkinz, even Blogger. Notta. Zip.

Thanks for reading this extremely boring post, goodbye!

Sorry for the weird backgrounds today! Blame the comments and my dirty habit of being LAZY.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Necklaces and Omni Glass

Hey Jammers! Happy Earth Day! What things can you do to help out our planet on this honored holiday? Today's new item are the modern Omni Glass Shelves, available for Members to purchase in the Jam Mart Furniture.

As always I am too lazy to take my own screenshot, so thank you Scooter AJ for the cool image.

Lately our desktop has been acting odd, and that's the computer that I like to make screenshots on the best, so I have to use the small laptop with only a mousepad. Mousepads, apparently for me, are tough to maneuver. Until the desktop stops being stupidly annoying, I cannot make my own screenshots. LAZY-BUM ALERT!

Anyway, yesterday I logged onto Endangeredwildwhip to empty out the gems for the cats and noticed the tiger was all weird-looking and a bunch of necklaces-okay, for specifics I'd say around 30-in its inventory. Someone had gotten on the account, most likely a hater of this blog, and wasted all of our collected gems on NECKLACES.

Luckily I was able to recycle them all and ended up with at least 500 gems. Beat that! >:3

But frankly, if this ever happens again, I don't know what I'm going to do but close down the program. I know none of you did this, just some idiot that likes to terrorize our projects as Whippers. I want to give everyone a second chance.

Wait a minute... I just realized, if whoever did this whole necklace incident to Endangeredwildwhip, they probably WANT to bring the conservation fundraiser down. If I say I will close it down, that would just make them more powerful.

Now I've made my final opinion-


Go ahead and do what you want, you little shadow, but it will not effect whether the project stays or not! Sucker! >:D

Okie-dokie, goodbye! Remember to protect our Earth.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Wow ;)

Wow guys. WOW!

Every day or two I get these super nice JAG compliments, like "You're so nice!" and "You're an inspiration!" or "Your blog is the best!". I LOVE THESE. I LOVE THEM!!!!!

So thank you so much for your encouragement and kindness and all things beautiful! :D

I only have 90 buddy spots left, I just realized.

Did you know before I created a blog I only had around 20 buddies? Then the numbers just went whoosh! They flew up, shattered the ceiling, and blasted to the moon! Lol. :P

(And yes, I'm not DUMB, I know that we have 100 buddies. XD)

My bad for not posting today. I have a book report due, my writing test is this Wednesday, swim team practice, blah, piano lessons, stuff, and what not. I was just super busy. I always am, thank you very much!

Especially on Mondays.

And I'm posting at 9:09 pm MT.


Well, I better get going through my homework again.... bye!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Woven Shoes

Hey! Today's new item which is thankfully NM is a pair of Woven Shoes.

(GIF from Animal Jam Sky Blog)

These shoes look a lot like sandals to me.

Also, tomorrow is Easter! Happy Easter! XD

On Endangeredwildwhip, I donated all of the collected money evenly to lions, tigers, and cheetahs. Each day I will try to empty the collected money out and give it to the cats. Some days I won't be able to do that, so go ahead and donate the money yourselves!

Aww man! I was in the middle of an adventure when AJ froze! D: I absolutely hate that! I wonder if AJ could create a button the would save your progess in an adventure, so you could come back to it later?

Alright, that's all there is really to talk about today, so, um, yeah, bye!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Myth's Plan Setup

Hello! Today's new item is the Greely Nesting Doll, which is actually pretty cute for a sly, shadowy figure like Greely.

(picture from AJ Spirit)

My buddy Creepers thought of a great idea for an organization called Mira's Army. The first meeting will be at 10:30 EST on April 27th in his den. I unfortunately will not be there, but I was invited to be the co-leader of the group, so I'm honored and will gladly accept the offer. :)

Gloves have now been marked with a "rare" plaque. My friend Nummy thinks they may come out as a RIM soon, because the same thing happened with Scary Bat Wings.

(picture, again, from AJ Spirit)

Also, did you know on the parent dashboard, you can now unlock and lock trading and gifting for accounts!? I suppose AJHQ did that to protect us from being scammed. Sucker scammers. >=)

And the last topic is about Mythy's long-lost idea to raise charity for big cats. I created the account about a month ago and totally spaced the project, so my bad for that. It's all Naffy's fault. XD

So, here is the account RULES and INFORMATION:

This information has been removed for privacy reasons.


This account is used and belongs to the viewers and contributors of the Animal Jam Whip. If you get this account banned multiple times, the process is ruined for everyone.

That means, please, PLEASE do not use the account to do anything but collecting gems and donating them to the big cats. Please don't waste the account's collected gems on anything but donations-that means, DO NOT waste gems on items and animals.

If you agree to these rules, you're set to help!

Give a big thanks to Myth for the good plan. :3

Let's raise money for our felines!

That's the Whip!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Little Rant

Hey everybody! I'm so overjoyed that giraffes are back. :3 I'm also really glad about the rest of update day-at least most of it.

There's one little part about the update that my friend Pink pointed out on her blog:

Non-Members can no longer send gifts.

This is getting super out of hand. I have a one-word message for AJHQ:


Stop giggling around with your awful ideas of ways to get Jammers to join the Club.

None of us can live like this anymore.

If they continue this any longer, we'll all:

And then AJ says:

That's not healthy for mortal beings.

Obviously AJHQ is trying to bring down NMs. We won't let that happen. And if they do, they'll have to suffer me quitting. :)

Along with a couple other thousand Non-Members who put down their mouses and laptops and say, I'M DONE WITH THIS GAME!

What do you think of this update in discrimination!? 


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Just a Few, Thing.


I had wanted to talk about a couple things, but I decided not to.

The one thing I DO want to talk about is that I made a CS blog, so all lesson-posts will be found on there! Go to and view it, please. :3

Yep... that's about it!

So, um, yeah, ciao.

(BTW I fixed the link... AGAIN!)

Ship's Helm and Coming Soon

Hi everybody! Today's new item is the Ship Helm's table. GIF from AJ Sky Blog!

At the moment I'm kind of rushed for school, so I promise to post right after school because I don't have swim team practice tonight. :) I have a few things to share, so come back and visit! XD

@Anonymous- This is an AJ Blog. It's just lately I've been really busy. My school's testing session is arriving soon and I don't have a lot of time to post things about AJ because everyone already knows basically the new updates and stuff by the time I get to post. Just hang in there with me!

Monday, April 14, 2014

CS Rarities


Hehe. :3

So, hello!

Today (since it is still not 12:00 am for me right now although this is probably the latest post ever) is Rare Item Monday. This week is a Rare Leaf Necklace. Pretty color, but pity it's locked for NMs.

Anyway, I have another Chicken Smoothie lesson to share with everyone! And no, I'm not trying to make this a Chicken Smoothie blog... heeeeyyyy! Should I make a CS blog?

I dunno. :P

The lesson is on CS rarities. Yes, hopefully most of you know that pets get ranked for how common they are. I will list the ranks from least to greatest:

OMG so common

Very common




Very rare

OMG so rare!


I was going to explain a little about these rarities, but it doesn't matter. I prefer leaving things simple, not junking up the posts with spots of my random babbles I do.

Have a fun time, Whippers, until I post... umm... tomorrow. :)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

That's right.

If you get hacked and you cry silly because your precious rares are gone...
(Credit to Nick of CS)

Sparkly Shoes and the Pound

Hello! Today is the day I can actually DO a nice post. :P Today's new item is a fancy pair of Sparkly Shoes. O_O

(GIF from AJ Sky Blog)

This item is definitely not one of my favorites. These shoes are just like high heels for curved feet. And the fact it's not Jamaasian makes it even worse.

Well, I hope most of you read my post about Chicken Smoothie. From just that simple post I got a lot of new players to join it! :D

I had a friend ask me how the Pound works. The Pound is a place where you can adopt pets that were confiscated from players who were banned. Even some of these pets were donated by players alike. (You can donate your unwanted pets to the Pound too.)

The Pound opens at random times, usually 4-8 times a week. You can only adopt one pet per 24 hours, so be wise with your selection!

When the Pound DOES open up, this it what it will look like.

About 15 random pets will show up on your screen. These pets are available to adopt. When you've made your choice, just select "Adopt me now!" 

If you aren't satisfied with any of the pets given to you, you can always get a new set of pets.

Of course you'll have to wait a few seconds for them to get a new set rounded up.

Here are some tips for finding some good, hardy pets in the Pound:

  • You can see that on the second picture with the clock, there is a heading that reads, "There are 253 pets left in the Pound!" When the Pound opens, there's sometimes 1,000-3,000 pets in the Pound, maybe sometimes much more or much less. As people adopt pets, the rarity of the pets left slows down, and you'd have to be really lucky to snatch a rare one at 600 pets. The Pound WILL notify you if the Pound is opening within an hour and a half, so be aware of the timing.
  • The Pound allows the pet's age to be shown. If a pet is not that old of a pet, it's not likely to be a rare pet. If a pet is, let's say, 3,456 days old (age is counted in days in CS, not years), it has a chance at being a rare. If a pet is 34 days old or 59 days old, it won't be a rare pet. That's VERY unlikely.
I'll be doing a few more CS lessons over the trail of posting that I'll try to make up. Have a good weekend!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Chicken Smoothie

Hello, everyone!
I know very well I missed yet another day of posting. The week is flying by, and time is not up to me, of course.
I had a school meeting for a big fieldtrip the whole grade is going on. Not to mention swim team.
Anyway, this post is about a website called Chicken Smoothie.
Some, not most, but some third or whatever of AJ play Chicken Smoothie, abbreviated as CS. CS is a game where you adopt pets, trade pets, draw art of pets, buy pets, and have a lot of fun!
I really suggest this minor game for pet-lovers. :3
I'd like to name a little group of my favorite pets. In fact, most of these were found in the Pound (a place that opens at random times and is filled with all sorts of cool pets) or by trades. But, I did adopt and raise another portion of these pets.

First off, we have.... EBONY! You can see her, the firey, fan-tailed dog at the bottom of the blog, supporting CS.


I honestly had no clue she'd turn out like this! I got her right when I joined CS back in December 2013.

This is Hagrid. I selected him from the Pound one early morning and was shocked to see it was a "rare" pet. He was my first rare pet I had ever gotten, so it made me proud of myself. :3 I like his name the best about him, not his rarity. Hagrid fits him, don't you think?


Welcome Molten Raindrops, a feline who was gifted to me by the amazing scree35 (her account on CS is scree53). Molten Raindrops is one of my favorite pets because, again, how her name fits her personality and look. She too is rare.


I also really enjoy Merida. Merida's heart isn't fragile like the beautiful china she is. :)


This here is Oreo, a giggly lion cub that has PPS. PPS stands for Peter Pan Syndrome, which means this pet was born with a special syndrome that allows it to stay a baby forever. <3


Hello there, Teardrop! ^-^ Teardrop is a mystic rat that was also given to me by scree35. Thank you so much, Scree!


Don't forget my pal Moondirt! Doesn't Moondirt actually look like... a moon? With craters? And... dirt? :P Moondirt is extra special to me, because Moondirt is another pet that I love for personality. I love him not only because of that, but because it was handed down by scree35 AGAIN. There was a lot of courage, love and kindness put into that, Scree. Thank you once more. ^.^


This is Eden, the snowy-white, pretty deer. She wears a silver bow and scarf, making her stand out.


This is Splat, the Butterfly Wolf! Butterfly Wolves are very unusual creatures. They're basically graceful, light dogs with graceful, light wings. At least Splat is. XD


Now THIS is Galaxy. Who is Galaxy? Well, Galaxy is a rabbit covered in cosmic, starry fur. But there's more to herself than her fur, because after all, the universe has billions of other things to explore. Just like Galaxy! :D (Galaxy could be considered one of my TOP FAVORITES!)


Last of all we have Lindt, a chocolaty bird that came out for Easter one year. Don't try to eat Lindt, or you'll be sorry!

I totally recommend Chicken Smoothie for anybody. It's so fun! It might be confusing at first, but since I have used the computer a lot before, I think I know how to operate this fun website. Go and have a blast at CS!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Hi everyone! How is your day?

I'm sorry I haven't been posting for two days. It's annoying to me when I don't post and I get kind of guilty. Then when I log on AJ and Blogger, I realize there's nothing to do when there are no new comments or views or whatever.

Apparently I discovered I'm a little lazy, so sometimes I remember that I need to post, but never do it. :p

Anyway, 70,000 views!!!!

30,000 more views until we reach the BIG GOAL... 100,000 views. :D

Thanks so much, all of you! I think I say thanks too much, so my apologies if it bugs you. Lol.

Well, today's new item is an NM, Jamaasian Golf Bag. Agreed, it is a little human-like, but at least the stitched bag and the wooden clubs are unusual!

Thus being said that by now everyone who looks at blogs in the morning knows the new item, there's nothing else for me to post about! Bleh.

I guess this is bye for now! See you!

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Wow. That party was so fun and successful! I planned it all just last night, and because of the amazing buddies that I have that came and even anticipated to go, it was a blast. I'd like to thank:

  • skydrain7
  • cyacheer
  • pink200330
  • wolfpaws4330
  • RainbowCat1
  • animals352 (are those the right numbers?)
  • scree53
  • moonstar88745
Also everyone else who came and wanted to come are mentioned too. c: 

And I'll never forget these wonderful gifts you all gave me. Whippers are special people-kind, thoughtful, and caring. You all are Whippers. (Please excuse me if I sound cheesy.)

So many people were there! It was so, so, so FUN! Big parties like this are always great.

Thank you all for your support, I'm so happy. Don't worry, I promise to make parties in the future to be as fun as this was. I'll try, at least! Speaking of that, since we are so close to 70,000 views, that party could count for the views, too.


Thank You! :)

Thank you all so much for the compliments so far and yesterday! Today's my real birthday, and it's also the birthday party.

And, I'm so glad that many of you can make it to the party this time! :D

Just another quick reminder.

It'll be super, super fun!

Anyway, today's new item is a Surfboard. It's like the one that returned in the sea, but this time it's for land.

The design of the surfboard is good! Especially the cute cartoon sun. ^3^

This morning I was talking with some friends. One of them, norty, said that Free Chat is now restricted and blocked off to all NM accounts. 

(I captured this moment when norty, the cheetah, released the news. Teehee. :P)

But seriously, it's true! Get on to your parent dashboard and see for yourself.

This sign will pop up if you try to get Free Chat on a NM account that doesn't already have it:

This is awful! It shocked and appalled me to see this update. First everyone ranted about the chat history, and AJHQ didn't do anything about it. Then they put this into the game, so sooner or later everybody will discover this too. AJ's gonna get a lot of complaints if they continue to do this stuff. And, people will leave because they'll think it's an unfair site.

AJHQ, more NMs exist in Jamaa than Members do! Members are taking over because there's barely anything left for the Non-Members! If the NMs can't pay for Membership, they'll just slip out of Jamaa, and without NMs AJ can't be AJ.

Yet, if the NMs can pay for Membership, Members will rule anyway.

It's not fair.

What do you think of this?

Tell me in the comments. Bye, and I hope to see you at the party!

Friday, April 4, 2014

You're Invited :)

I hope you're all okay with the invitation, yes, it's a bit early, but it's on the day of my birthday anyway! :3