Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ship's Helm and Coming Soon

Hi everybody! Today's new item is the Ship Helm's table. GIF from AJ Sky Blog!

At the moment I'm kind of rushed for school, so I promise to post right after school because I don't have swim team practice tonight. :) I have a few things to share, so come back and visit! XD

@Anonymous- This is an AJ Blog. It's just lately I've been really busy. My school's testing session is arriving soon and I don't have a lot of time to post things about AJ because everyone already knows basically the new updates and stuff by the time I get to post. Just hang in there with me!


  1. I like the new item
    Blueberryb sorry for short comment I have athletics soon

  2. And now it's 9:31 PM and I don't have school for two weeks :3


  3. Ah! Testing... -.- I wish you good luck on your tests (when they come). Ours is coming up in a two weeks. .-. Also, I like the new item! Ship's Helm... :D

  4. you are da best :3
    also, derpy likes muffins :3

  5. Testing season: September, April, and, May. It's good to see you posting again when you were gone I only had two blogs to look at and I like to see different blogs.



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