Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Some Funny Videos

These were not made by me, but created by RainbowtheCat AJ. I found these little videos hilarious! Check out her channel!

There's so much more to watch and see! :D

Monday, September 29, 2014


Yay! We're reached 190,000 views. And that means only 10,000 more views until 200,000 views! :D

To celebrate, a new contest is up on the contest blog. Click the trophy icon on the right to get there!

Also, I provide you two more exciting graphics for free use. No credit needed. c:

To Victory

You may not know this, but I consider you as one of my best friends.

In fact, everyone on my buddy list is a person I consider as a best friend.

But you stand out to me uniquely.

I understand your choice to go. Maybe you do need a break after all. Whatever you think is best, I think is best.

You are always so fun to be around. Your bouncy mood always cheers me up whenever I'm sad, so I wish to do the same. You often set a nice example to me, you're funny, and one of the best AJ buddies I could ever have. There's more of you out there, and you are all important to me. Victory is special in her own way. I'm glad. c:

Hopefully this can make you change your mind. If not, it's okay.

I'm just really depressed that at least four people have quit this past week. If they were still here I'd write them a specific message towards them, too. That includes Emam49, MythCat2907, DewDropReptile, Grapevine588, and possibly you, Victory.

I get serious emotional pain when somebody quits. Truly, I do. Sometimes when I've grown REALLY close to a friend, I typically have dreams about them, sad enough to make me cry. I hate going through that. I dread having that sorrow with you, Victory, after I did with Repti.

It takes a while for the emotions to run, perhaps a few days...

Anyway, I do care about you. And I'll be honest here. Some of us actually do love spending time with you, including myself. I agree with your stress, because I've felt it before. Once you get relaxed, decisions might change.

I don't want to be let down.... not now. :(

Elsa Drawing

Mkay... I promised. >.<

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Anna Drawing

Yup, I drew this with my little sister's whiteboard today. I also drew Elsa but she didn't turn out as good. Should I post it? Her nose is tweaked and poor Elsa isn't as neat. :c

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Weekly Items #3

Check out all the cool items that were released this week!

Also, I've noticed a lot of fighting occurring on some of the posts. And you probably know the reason- Taco. *sigh* To avoid anymore arguments, I will not publish ANY comment that is made by tacocat101. Additionally, I don't even want to HEAR his NAME. Commenting about Taco? Do not expect your comment to be seen on the Whip.

Thank you!

Pottermore's Updates


This morning I joined Pottermore, after seeing a post on Pinky's blog. I've read the Harry Potter series and didn't know there was a whole game to it, so I joined. I just got put in my house....


Sweet! I always liked Hufflepuff. Gryffindor seems too heroic. I wouldn't fit in. :P

Anyway, the party yesterday was great! Here are several snapshots from the party. I'll be posting them on the Good Times page. ^.^

You guys all make parties so much fun! At 200,000 views there will be another party and a BIG, HUGE contest! Be sure to view, view, view!

As a present, I'm giving away my Phantom Statue graphic. No credit needed!

Also, I do not think anyone else has discovered this yet, but did you know you can now preview dens before purchasing them?

Now you no longer have to worry about spending your gems on something you don't want.

Lastly, a little saying by a Jammer to make you laugh.

Heh, heh. Adios!

Friday, September 26, 2014


YES!!! I CAN GET ON MY MAIN ACCOUNT NOW!!! So that means the party will be at MY den, just like any regular day! YIPPEE!!!!

Phantom Vortex

It appears that Jamaa has taken its yearly Night of the Phantoms look. Jamaa Township is back to my favorite theme. ^.^

That also means the popular Phantom Vortex game has returned once again. Yes, I'm very well aware of that tiger sleeping on the portal. owo

 2014's prize is....

Wow, I really like this item! :D

So... see you around 5:00 PM Mountain Time (WhipTime). ^.^

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Alright, I got some news. Apparently I'm suspended until FRIDAY. -.-

Maybe I haven't been hacked after all, but who knows? Eh, we'll find out soon enough.

Unfortunately, I am unsure of if I'll make it to the party on Friday. Cross your paws I can make it! DX

The big question that I have is WHY I was suspended. Welp, it's because of a Personal Info violation. Weird.

I'm very frightened. Not because of the high percentage my items will be gone. It's just plain scary to know that someone is controlling your account, which I hugely wish isn't the case!

Stay safe! Ooh, and watch this little video from Webkinz. It goes out to hackers! o3o


I checked again today and my account is still suspended. Hopefully something doesn't go as far as being hacked...

And If I'm hacked, buddy me on Luma9...

I guess I can check again after school today. It's PTC so I get out around lunch time. :D

Tuesday, September 23, 2014



I didn't even do anything wrong! Grr...

How come AJHQ suspends the wrong people? And how come they give you warnings for the dumbest reasons?

Take this experience for an example.

Not too long ago, I was talking with my buddy partyanimalzz on AJ, and I was telling her about my new school and all that stuff. When I tried to answer one of her questions (which was if I made any more friends) I got a BULLYING warning. WHY THE POO WOULD AJHQ GIVE ME A WARNING FOR POLITELY ANSWERING SOMEONE'S QUESTION!?

At least I didn't even INTEND to bully... o.o

Admit it. Smart Bomb has some pretty stupid moderators, and a horrible firewall system.

Hopefully my account will be back to normal within a day or two. Besides, I don't really have any time to play AJ this week. Today I have to babysit my little sister and her friend, go to my tennis lesson, and complete some very difficult homework.

I could rant on and on about my homework assignments- especially in math. Sheesh!

How the poo am I gonna finish this stuff? Do they expect me to NOT worry about extra-curricular activities? Do they just think I'm going to be done with my homework at the speed of light?

If so, they're beyond nuts.

Anyway, I'm getting off topic...

Oh yeah. Have a terrific Tuesday, 'cause I know I'm not. >8U

Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekly Items #2 & Important Stuff


Hey! I forgot to post the weekly items on Saturday. Heh-heh, busy me. Here they are (credit to AJS)

Also, I have a few requests about the Challenges.

PLEASE don't make any unnecessary comments about your personal participation in the challenges. It's hard for me to keep track of points when a gazillion comments from gazillions of people are all scattered everywhere. So to keep myself from bursting in anger, rage, and frustration, I kindly ask that from now on you either:

-Email me the challenge proof points and how many points you earned total. Keep it all in one email. My email address is nafariaaj@gmail.com

-Comment the challenge proof points and how many points you earned total. Keep it all in ONE COMMENT! Like I said, it's difficult to keep track of your scores, and I won't be giving you a prize because everything is everywhere. Your information could end up on a distant planet in a faraway galaxy or in my pineapple parfait. I DON'T KNOW!

If your comment is too long, type it on Word or a document program so you can keep track of it. Then copy and paste it into the comment box when it's complete. 

Don't worry, it's okay if you've made multiple comments without knowing. I'm cool with that! Just from now on, send me emails or comments that include all the full information in an organized fashion. ^.^

Alrighty, as a reminder, this Friday is the PAR-TAY! YAHOO! Check on the previous posts below for the invitation, or simply just look here. XD

For those of you who don't know what the poo is WhipTime....

WhipTime is the blog's official time. Well, guess what? IT'S THE SAME TIME AS MOUNTAIN TIME! YAY! So whenever you see something labeled WhipTime, think of Mountain Time. If you need help with time zones, I'm glad to help you, or you can just Google it. e3e

WhipTime = Mountain Time = Animal Jam Headquarters Time

There you go. Have a marvelous Monday!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Email


180,000 Views Contest- AJ Challenges

I've come up with a list of Animal Jam Challenges! These are optional for anyone who wishes to participate.

Each challenge is worth a certain amount of points. If you earn 75 points or more, I'll send a little-over-a-medium-rare to you. It is possible to earn 85 points total.

There is NO cheating whatsoever allowed! Each challenge has its rules, so obey them or NO prize! Got it? Good luck!

-Play at least 1 round of each game in the Sol Arcade (excluding Pet Games) and win. If you mess up ONCE, you must start the whole challenge over. There is an exception, though: if the game you are currently playing includes lives, you don't have to restart the challenge until all of your lives have been used up on that game.
Points: 30

-Complete at least one round of Hedgehog without using any of the diamond power-ups.
Points Worth: 5

-At a less crowded server, host a party at your den. You must get at least 5 visitors to come to your party. Any kind of party is allowed, especially the ones that grab a lot of attention. ^.^ You must write down or make a note of what server you hosted the party in and the usernames of the visitors at your party for full credit.
Points Worth: 10

-Wash all of your pets at the Pet Wash in a 5 minute time limit. You have to include the names of your pets that you washed for full credit.
Points Worth: 15

-Run around the perimeter, or border, of every building, land, and ocean in Jamaa in a 10 minute time limit. NO EAGLES ALLOWED! Include what land/building/ocean you started at and what land/building/ocean you ended at.
Points Worth: 20

-Climb to the top floor of the Chamber of Knowledge within 15 seconds.
Points Worth: 10

-Send all of your buddies a complimentary Jam-A-Gram within 10 minutes. The Jam-A-Gram must have some sort of kind meaning to it. Think of something nice to say before time runs out!
Points Worth: 10

-Gift/Trade 5 rares to random people within 20 seconds. They cannot be your buddies! Include the usernames of the people you gifted/traded and what rares you gave them for full credit.
Points Worth: 10

-Purchase at least 1 item from every shop in Jamaa. Make a list of all the items you purchased for full credit.
Points Worth: 5

Friday, September 19, 2014

Which Do You Prefer?


There you go!

Also, sorry about that TBA post inconvenience earlier. I was adding some of Mel's photos to the post when it wouldn't publish right away, so I just had to revert it to a draft. It is now complete for viewing pleasure. ^_^

Thursday, September 18, 2014


When today's update came around 12:00 AM MT, along with it came a new Adventure called "TBA".

This abbreviation stands for "to be announced". Besides, whenever a new Adventure comes out, the Jamaa Journal's main subject is on it, right? Welp, not this time.

So, I'm going to infer that is Adventure WASN'T supposed to be released yet.

Luckily, a good friend of mine, Meloetta385, managed to grab some video footage and pictures of TBA. All credit and information go to her! ^-^

By the look of the Adventure icon on the screen, it looks like whatever TBA will end up being will be a pet Adventure! I'm excited for it.

Here's what pops up on your computer when you first start.

Notice how Liza's name is replaced with three question marks. And her explanation of the Adventure isn't very clear, either; she literally ORDERS you to "go do stuff" for 15 minutes straight. How rude of you, Liza!

There's also a similar layout of TBA.... Oh yeah! It looks like the Forgotten Desert. :3

When and if the real Adventure is released, Liza will hopefully by then have learned her manners AND give us specific commands.

Next, five bags of gems arrive in thin air and circle Liza.

See the poorly drawn candies over the bags? Meloetta believes this is a sign that TBA will be complete just for the upcoming Night of the Phantoms celebration.

Additionally, two exclamation point tabs pop up beneath Liza. Clicking on the left one will bring you to an empty room... o.o

But if you click the tab on the right, this will pop up:

Pressing the NO button will simply remove the pop-up from your screen. If you'd rather press the OK button, the game will automatically end, and Liza will give you this message:

Times doesn't have an apostrophe, and Liza's sentence is very unorganized. The word "this" must be a placeholder for a more thoughtful phrase.

For all who wish to see more of the Adventure, here are some other pictures Mel uploaded for me. :)

If you'd like to see Mel's video, visit her blog: Animal Jam Flash.

Thanks for reading! I'll post a party invitation this weekend in honor of 180,000 views (I can't believe we boosted up that high!)