Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekly Items #2 & Important Stuff


Hey! I forgot to post the weekly items on Saturday. Heh-heh, busy me. Here they are (credit to AJS)

Also, I have a few requests about the Challenges.

PLEASE don't make any unnecessary comments about your personal participation in the challenges. It's hard for me to keep track of points when a gazillion comments from gazillions of people are all scattered everywhere. So to keep myself from bursting in anger, rage, and frustration, I kindly ask that from now on you either:

-Email me the challenge proof points and how many points you earned total. Keep it all in one email. My email address is

-Comment the challenge proof points and how many points you earned total. Keep it all in ONE COMMENT! Like I said, it's difficult to keep track of your scores, and I won't be giving you a prize because everything is everywhere. Your information could end up on a distant planet in a faraway galaxy or in my pineapple parfait. I DON'T KNOW!

If your comment is too long, type it on Word or a document program so you can keep track of it. Then copy and paste it into the comment box when it's complete. 

Don't worry, it's okay if you've made multiple comments without knowing. I'm cool with that! Just from now on, send me emails or comments that include all the full information in an organized fashion. ^.^

Alrighty, as a reminder, this Friday is the PAR-TAY! YAHOO! Check on the previous posts below for the invitation, or simply just look here. XD

For those of you who don't know what the poo is WhipTime....

WhipTime is the blog's official time. Well, guess what? IT'S THE SAME TIME AS MOUNTAIN TIME! YAY! So whenever you see something labeled WhipTime, think of Mountain Time. If you need help with time zones, I'm glad to help you, or you can just Google it. e3e

WhipTime = Mountain Time = Animal Jam Headquarters Time

There you go. Have a marvelous Monday!


  1. I know this is off-topic as heck but I'm burning with rage for no reason help before the storm clouds surrounding my brain have a huge electrical blast and I explode


  2. this will be funny....
    barfs comments :owner of some random blog: no please no more comments :barfs comments: why so many comments XD thank you

  3. Friday is my dad's birthday. Unfortunately, he is traveling so he won't be home to celebrate. Probably gonna celebrate with his work buddies. :P

  4. UGH!!! IM SO MAD!!!!

  5. Ok, I will comment my proof points and stuff tomorrow.

  6. ...

    I thought AJHQ uses Salt Lake City time?

    1. Umm... that's the same time as Mountain Time...

      Cities don't have their own times. The world is separated into different times, if you know what I mean. owo

  7. Ok, I did all the challenges except for the trade away rares thing.
    Store items:
    Striped couch
    Ocean den
    Small den
    Giant kangaroo plushie
    Leaf fan
    Old hood
    Silver glove
    Silver brick
    USA flag
    Bunny hat
    Patched rug
    Liza statue
    Pirate bandana

    Party: Marydoodle976 Victor256 Samms New Jammer New Jammer New Jammer World: Balkan
    Perimeter: Started: Deep blue Ended: Appondale
    30+5+10+20+10+10+10+5= 85 points! Yay!

    1. Oops, I meant that I did do the trade away rares thing. The reason why it says that is because I was sort of lazy so I copied my old comment and pasted it there. XD


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