Friday, September 26, 2014

Phantom Vortex

It appears that Jamaa has taken its yearly Night of the Phantoms look. Jamaa Township is back to my favorite theme. ^.^

That also means the popular Phantom Vortex game has returned once again. Yes, I'm very well aware of that tiger sleeping on the portal. owo

 2014's prize is....

Wow, I really like this item! :D

So... see you around 5:00 PM Mountain Time (WhipTime). ^.^


  1. It'll be 6:00 PM for me. Though I can still make it :)

  2. Btw, do I buddy you on Luma9?

  3. Gggggrrrr!!! I would be going on aj right now but I need to update adobe flash player on my moms laptop!!! And she doesn't know what's involved so I havE to wait for my brother to get back from university today and then I prob won't be able to make it :(:(:(:(:( I AM LITERALLY ALMOST CRYING!!! I really wanna go

  4. So if my brother gets back before the party starts and he updates Adobe then I can come :)

  5. I buddied you on Luma9. I'm the golden bunny with the Founders Hat. :)

  6. So excited, hopefully I can attend, but most of all I want to meet you Naffie!


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