Friday, May 31, 2013


I was playing AJ today and you won't believe what happened!

I traded a few items for a Beta Arctic Hood!!


I've been wanting one forever!!! Seriously!!

So, that's one item off my wishlist :)

YAY!!!!! BOO-YAH!!!! :D : D : D : D

But then....

When I was checking in Aldan to see if this hood was REALLY ACTUALLY beta (Aldan jammers do know a lot of rarity in items standards), I got a million (literally! kidding), umm, letters.


You aren't epic cause you don't have epic clothes.

What for hood?

Yeah, I guess that's the consequence. ONE MILLION letters!!

Well, that's it and good luck with your dreams.

: D
Me =D

My hood in my inventory.

: D