Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Icicle Snowmen

There Will Be No Post Tomorrow! Sorry! :(

Hello everyone! Happy New Year's Eve! What are your plans for 2015's welcoming? ^c^ My family and I will be spending the night in a hotel, so I won't be able to post tomorrow morning, as the big red title reads above. :p

Today's new item is an epic Snowman Throne!

I'm going to start giving items a rating. Here are my ratings for this particular item:

Price: 3/5
Creativity: 4/5
Color: 2/5

Snow is white, and even though white is actually all the colors mixed in together, it's still kind of bland, so that's why I gave the rating I did. xD

Today is the LAST GIFT of the Advent Calendar, so let's hope it's a good one!

Icicle Lights! I wouldn't call them "lights", though, because in your den they don't really light up the place. :/ But, on a brighter note, they aren't a returning item, so the last gift was worth keeping. ^-^

The Item Drive was a huge success! As I was handing out all your excellent donations, I noticed something.

A lot of people already have plenty of rares, so why do they call themselves "poor"? e.e It annoys me. So of course I didn't give THEM anything because of their spoiled whines and moans.

Again, thanks for all you guys have done!

I've prepared a little end-of-year video with all our greatest moments together as a blogging community (yes, even the great Taco Rebellion xP). I'd post it right now, but I'm kind of struggling with a few technical difficulties...

It looks like Miss is our 3rd place winner! I will send you your prizes ASAP.

To determine who wins 2nd place and 1st place, vote out just one person today. Whoever gets eliminated will receive their 2nd place prizes on Friday, and the remaining contestant will receive their 1st place prizes on Friday as well.

Good luck!

Oh, and before I go, here is a Horse Coin graphic I made. :) Feel free to use it!

That's the Whip!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Quote :)

In case you can't read the text, it says, "No one in this world is 'mean'. It's a matter of opinion on what you take offensive."

I made this quote because it's true. One person may have done harm to you, but not to others. That is why forgiveness exists. c:


Hey Whippers! We have quite a few good things to talk about today! Meanwhile, the new item is a pile of snowballs, so that you can have some ammo for your snow forts. >:D

And today's gift is a Giant Snow Globe!

It's a returning item, but that doesn't mean it's bad. ^-^ It would make a great addition as a centerpiece to a party!

Alright, so the good things. :3

First off, we've reached 270,000 views, which is AWESOME! We're only 30,000 more views away from 300,000. Let's see if we can make it there by the middle of February! Once we get through with the Winter Fashion Show, I'll promise to put up another contest. I've decided to switch the party to 280,000 views, just for time being. c:

Secondly, this is the 1,000th post! Isn't that crazy?

Haha. xD

The third thing is that our total for the Item Drive is 379 items! Wow! When we reach 280,000 views, we'll have a combined party for that accomplishment. ^c^ Great work, everyone! You all really got into the giving spirit, including:

- Carrot04
- purplestarclub
- elizaboo1104
- Camp2014
- ca1412
- marigold55
- and many others ;)

I will begin handing out all of your epic donations today. Thanks so much! The needy will hopefully appreciate your gracious kindness.

And finally, I created a side blog to the AJW, where you can submit stories, photography, and art! Check it out here.

I'm also gonna give the Howls another day to stock up, as there are only 4 submissions. Enter your howls! Express your thoughts!

Now, let the suspense roll in...

We are down to the last 3 contestants! Vote out one person today, and whoever gets eliminated will receive the 3rd place prizes. Good luck to everyone!

That's the Whip! :p

Monday, December 29, 2014

Extraordinary Items

These items are not ordinary - they're extraordinary! This page is designed to inform you about the weirdest, wackiest of items, most of which are very rare. Most information and pictures come from my good friend Meloetta385. If you want to use these pictures, visit her blog here and ask for her permission. Thank you!


71 was a glitched item from long ago. You couldn't trade or recycle it. If you tried to send it to a friend, you would lose the item for good. When you wore it, it would change the color of your animal's eyes.

"Legendary Wings"

When the land edition of Best Dressed came out, Legendary Wings were available for selection for only a short amount of time. Although they look a lot like the different sets of wings we see today, it is most certain that they will never be released in stores. Later, they were removed from Best Dressed, wiping out their existence.


(This picture was taken by me, not by Meloetta.)

This item was discovered by ajinsider. It has been proven that Nemachu owns one - or did own one. Nemachu claims AJHQ deleted the toilets. Perhaps we'll see more wooden toilets for proper use in the future!

Weight Bench

Weight Benches are exercise equipment that exist in Tunnel Town. It has been proven that YoZade owns one.

Animal Coins

You've heard of Horse Coins, right? Well, it turns out there is a coin for every animal! Each coin comes in 10 different colors. The symbols on the coins match the symbols Members can choose for their nametags, too. Interesting...

Green Top Hat

Back when Animal Jam was in testing mode (Beta), this was the default color for the Top Hat. Once Beta was over with, this color was deleted and got replaced by all the other colors we have today.

Grey Wings

These were also the default color for Wings in Beta. It was more of a lighter grey shading on the webbed skin, and a darker grey shading on the forearms. It also had white tips on the top, rather than pink tips on the top.

Beta Creature Mask

The Beta Creature Mask is an extremely rare version of the Creature Mask. The only time you could buy it was during the Night of the Phantoms in October 2010. There are roughly about 3 left to exist in the game. Don't be fooled by its cousin, with red eyes and a white mouth.

Beta Eyeball Hat

Nowadays, people call this item the "Beta Eye". Apparently, it was given out to a few lucky Jammers during October 2010, the same time the Beta Creature Mask was sold. There are roughly about 10-15 of these known to exist in Jamaa, all being super rare.

Beta Tiara

"Beta Tiara" isn't a very specific name for this tiara, because there are actually 2 other Beta Tiaras, one being the Milky Tiara, and the other being the Pearly Tiara. This was an old color of the regular Tiara you see in the shop today, but it's unknown exactly why they were removed, although those who had purchased one got to keep theirs. There is a similar color to this tiara, though: a green one with a red gem. The real Beta Tiara has a blueish-purplish gem. They used to be really rare, but ever since people started hacking old Beta accounts, their popularity has grown, thus making them not as rare as before.

Beta Arctic Hood

This was the first Arctic Hood to exist in the game, but was deleted after Beta. This item was discovered by Meloetta385. They are very, very rare, but again, when greedy hackers stole from old Beta accounts, more and more started to pop up.
Let's have a little lesson here, because I constantly get questions on whether or not people's Arctic Hoods are the real, actual Beta one.

This Arctic Hood you see here is a similar color to the Beta hood, but do you see the little ringlet on the side? That is a black ringlet, not a green ringlet.

Do you see the Arctic Hood on the right side of this photo? That is also another color of the Arctic Hood that is often mistaken for the Beta hood. Although the ringlet is green, the color of the hood is slightly off, and isn't the same as the Beta hood.

Beta Blanket

Like many of the items above, this was a deleted color of the Old Blanket. It is just as rare as the Beta Tiara (the green one). Below you will see a similar color that people often use to try to scam others.

This is NOT the real Beta Blanket!

Pearly Tiara

As I said before, there are 2 other versions of the Beta Tiara. The Pearly Tiara is one of them. This is the most recent version, and is exceedingly rare. It is white with a purple gem. Don't get confused with its cousin, which is white with a blue gem. The gem always gets people scammed. >.<

Milky Tiara

Milky Tiaras are the second most recent variant of the Beta Tiara. They were discovered by Meloetta385, and so was the Beta Arctic Hood. They are exceedingly rare, and only several Jammers own this item. Don't mismatch it with other colors of the Tiara!

Glitched Rings

When the Turquoise Rings first came out, there were only two colors available to be purchased: these two colors, which caused this item to glitch. AJHQ fixed the glitch, but let Jammers keep their glitched turquoise rings. These are now very rare and are worth a lot.

Blue Elf Helmet

It was found out not too long ago that the Elf Helmet with a blue gem was replaced with an Elf Helmet with a pink gem. These are now extremely sought after and rare.

Magenta Furry Hat

When Furry Hats were first released one or two years ago, this color was one of the 8 different colors that came along with it. It was later removed and now is really, really rare.


Skullys were sold during Beta. They were the very first tail item in Animal Jam, and only came in one color. Then, all of the sudden, they were completely deleted from the game. Every. Single. One. It was because of how they looked on a certain animal, but there may be other reasons. A while ago, some hacker decided to bring them back, but they were deleted for a second time when AJHQ discovered the hacker and what they had done.

Horse Coin

Horse Coins were strange den items: floating coins that spin around nonstop. They were available in the gem chests as prizes only during the first hour that the Forgotten Desert was released, or so the public says. I used to own one, and I got a lot of loot from it. Recently, like the Skullys, all of the Horse Coins were deleted from Animal Jam. :c

Mace Tail

(This picture belongs to WisteriaMoon, but all of the other ones belong to me.)

During the summer of 2014, a few players including 7 and x, generated an item commonly known as the Spiked Tail, Spiked Ornament, or the Mace Tail. There were many rumors on ways to acquire this item. Although, I haven't seen a Mace Tail for quite a while, so it's most likely they are gone now.

Glitched Yeti Face

This item was put in the same situation as the Turquoise Rings. It is now considered "rare", and has an ice blue tint rather than a sky blue tint. ^-^

Glitched Ornament Earrings

(This is my picture. :p)

Like the Yeti Face, this dazzling pair of holiday earrings is glitched. The green bulb is more aqua-green than grassy green. Don't get confused!

Glitched Jamaaliday Branch Antlers

And here we have yet another glitched item, the Jamaaliday Branch Antlers! The glitched, or "rare" pair, is very difficult to distinguish from the non-rare pair. If you look closely, the wood lines on the glitched pair are brown instead of pink. :)

Stone Wall

This is a very strange item indeed. No one knows if it still exists or not.

B&W Tiki Mask

This was a color variant of the Tiki Mask which was first in early Beta, but it was deleted after Animal Jam was fully released.

Healing Staffs

Healing Staffs are unreleased items that may or may not still exist in Jamaa. This one you see in the picture above is blue, and it's called the Epic Healing Staff. There are also two other kinds called the Basic Healing Staff and Alpha Healing Staff. They are green and red.

Squash Chair

The Squash Chair belongs to WisteriaMoon. No one knows for sure how she got her paws on this unreleased item (or maybe it's just me :p). Some Jammers believe it was a "special" prize from the Twists and Turns Adventure. By "special", that means only a few were awarded, just like the Chocolate Peck Statue and Taffy Pulling Machine. There may be more than one owner of this item.

Princess Bed

Little information has been revealed about this mysterious, royal, bubblegum pink bed. It belongs (or belonged) to Whenlifegivesyouice.

Glitched Cupid Wings

When Cupid Wings were first released in 2014, nobody really cared about them - until the 2015 versions came along. The newer Cupid Wings are slightly different that the original ones. The "glitched" wings (left) have a white glare on the tips, while the "non-rare" ones (right) barely have a glint at all.

Race Car Bed

The Race Car Bed is an unreleased den item. No other information is specified.

Glitched Gingerbread Man Mask

In the picture above, there are two gingerbread man masks. The one on the left is the glitched version. Click here for more details.

Black Jamaaliday Socks

This leg item is certainly one-of-a-kind. Not much is known about these black socks, other than that they are extremely rare.

Spiked Amulet

The spiked amulet is an unreleased item that supposedly looks like a spiked wristband with a rope tied around it. Definitely a one of a kind item. It is unknown if this item will ever come to stores.