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A Guide to the Diamond Shop

The Diamond Shop, a mystical place where Jammers can spend their fancy diamonds, opened on May 30th, 2013. Ever since that time, the Diamond Shop and its all-new currency has affected the citizens of Jamaa hugely. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Diamond Shop and its secrets.

Overview of the Diamond Shop

You can find the Diamond Shop in the South Plaza (the area where the Club Geoz, Sol Arcade, and Pillow Room is), directly above Club Geoz. When you arrive at the base of the shop, you will see a line of diamonds paved your way towards the wooden door. To your right is a mandarin tree, which, in the Chinese culture, stands for good fortune and long because of the fruit's abundance and natural sweetness.

Draped along the sides of the shop are two tapestries with diamonds patterns on them. The sky windows on the roof are also shaped like diamonds. A majestic red flag is perched on the very top, flapping its wings like a bird flying carefree in the spring wind.

The inside of the Diamond Shop is much bigger than its looks on the outside.

In the center of the room stands a magnificent statue of an Arctic Wolf. Below it are two pets. On the right side of the building, there are four pedestals. The first one displays an animal statue, modeling elegant clothing and armor that changes every so often an update. The second one holds several unusual items on it, all which you can purchase with just a click of a button. The third one is a recorder, and the fourth displays models of dens.

There is also a fifth pedestal (located in the bottom right corner of the shop), where you can trade your diamonds for gems.


You can use your diamonds to purchase anything from old items to new items, including animals, pets, clothing, furniture, dens, or even gems!

Earning Diamonds

There's all this cool stuff to buy, but you have no way of buying it because, well, you're broke! How can you earn diamonds? Take a look at the many opportunities you have to collect, save, and spend.

1. Membership
Whether by gift card or certificate, when you purchase a new Membership, you are rewarded a certain amount of diamonds depending on how many days of Membership you bought.

3 Month Membership Gift Certificate (10 diamonds)
6 Month Membership Gift Certificate (25 Diamonds)
12 Month Membership Gift Certificate (60 Diamonds)

2. Gift Certificates
You can purchase gift certificates online at to earn diamonds.

3. Daily Spin
When you spin the Daily Spin wheel each day, you have a chance of winning up to 3 diamonds! Members have even a better chance of winning diamonds.

4. Promo Codes
Some AJ toy codes give out diamonds.

5. December Advent Calendar
During the yearly December Advent Calendar, some gifts may reward diamonds!

The Diamond Shop Rumor

You may heard of the "Diamond Shop Rumor". This tall tale states that if you turn your animal completely white, even the nametag if you're a Member, and dance on one of the many engraved diamonds on the floor without wearing any clothes, you will be granted 10 diamonds.

This myth was proved to be false by AJHQ in a Daily Explorer document. So because the document was from a while ago, Jammers still believe that this rumor is true, although it has been confirmed it isn't.

The funny thing is, people do it for hours and hours, just watching their animals do the same moves over and over again, but it won't ever work.

The only possible ways to obtain diamonds are in the ways above.

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  1. Whenever I see a new post about the diamond shop ANYWHERE, it makes me wanna spam AJHQ with "REMOVE THE DIAMOND SHOP NOW" themed messages.

  2. Nafaria why when I clicked your link to animal jam it lets me log off but on animal jam's site it doesn't let me log off? It didn't used to do that before until I clicked your link to animal jam...

    1. Weird. O.o

      Maybe I can try refreshing the link to the homepage. That might change your results.

  3. Please check your blog list! I left a comment! Nice post!!!

  4. how come some people "hate" the diamond shop? I don't, because its where I got my hyena, polar bear, leopard, and artic wolf. And soon to be where I get my owl :D. ~xxfrostcatxx

  5. Thanks! I am so glad that myth isnt true! What about the one where you cirle the arctic wolf statue, or the one where you click the diamond on the tree?

  6. Could you update this?


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