Monday, November 30, 2015

25 Days of Giveaways!

Hey Jammers! :)

The holiday season is NEARLY here.


That is SO crazy. This year has gone by WAYYY too fast!

Well, anyway, I've decided to try something a little festive: 25 days of GIVEAWAYS! :D

Each day of December until Christmas (December 25th), I will give away one item. The items will increase in value as the days go by, and on Christmas I will be giving away a SPIKED WRISTBAND! :o

Yeah, I know how people go wild for those things. :p

Does this sound fun? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Thanks for reading. ^.^

Friday, November 27, 2015

It's Going Down FurReal

I'm sorry. I had to. I'm crying my eyes out. I swear I am going to die of laughter.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! :) I'm wondering... what are y'all thankful for? It snowed last night, so I am most definitely grateful for snow. :3

I have a funny video to share with you:

Hahaha! :P

Have a great day!

Monday, November 23, 2015


We've done it again! Thank you ALL so much for another big milestone accomplished in the little blogging journey of mine. ^-^ I may or may not host a contest, but trust me, once we get to 500,000 views (if we get there, that is), I am going to throw a COLOSSAL party that you WON'T want to miss. ;)

Speaking of which, that reminds me - I need to winterize the blog a bit! Later this week, you can expect a new blog look, just in time for Christmas and all of those festive holidays. :D

Once more, thank you, thank you, and thank you! You are all so supportive. c:

See ya!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Jamaa Journal VOL. 160 Review

Hello! ^.^ I figured since today was an update day, why not try something new?

In this post, you will learn about not only the update (which you should already have by simply logging in), but my opinion on it.

Arctic foxes have arrived! They're actually not as macho as I thought. They may have poofy chest and tail fur, but their legs are literally sticks. o.o

THIS has to be my most favorite part about this new Jamaa Journal. For many years, Non-Members were restricted from changing the colors of their items, but now AJHQ has changed this rule! :D Both Members and Non-Members are allowed to change the color of their items. Now that's something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Yeah, yeah. Whatever...

Pet turkeys have also arrived in the Diamond Shop. I think they're kind of... weird. But the fox minibook has a quiz in the back of it, so be sure to take that, if you're feeling like you need an Arctic Fox trophy.

The Jamaalidays are my favorite Animal Jam holiday, mainly because of the gifts, the scenery, and the music. ^.^

The classic Jamaaliday Jam will be returning, as well as the pet reindeers. Nothing new here.

What do YOU think of this update?

Bye, Jammers! :)

Friday, November 13, 2015

Should I Bring Back the WhipRadio?

Several months ago I removed what I called WhipRadio, which served as a music player for the blog. It affected the blog in both positive and negative ways. It allowed you to listen to music as you explore the blog, but it also caused the site to load slowly.

So, the real question here is: should I bring back WhipRadio? Personally, I'm kind of leaning towards bringing it back. The Animal Jam Whip just isn't the same without some tunes, right?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading. ^.^


This was found on WildWorks' website on their "about" page.

I laughed when I read this. xD

According to marine biology, 1.5 gallons of seawater contain more bacteria than there are people on the planet.

So don't tell me you can create more virtual avatars than bacteria in the ocean. :/

Another odd thing I discovered today is Steve. From Minecraft. In Animal Jam.

My reaction to all this?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Monday, November 9, 2015

My Thanksgiving/Halloween Den

Since autumn is nearly over, and I need more inventory space for Christmas decor, I decided to show off my Thanksgiving/Halloween den. :P

I apologize for the bad picture quality.

Thanks for reading! ^.^

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Animal Jam Spooky Story Contest Results (2015)!

Hello, hello, hello! ^.^ This is the moment you've all been waiting for - the results to the spooky story contest!

Before I announce the winners, I would just like to say that everyone's stories were absolutely breath-taking, hair-raising, and spine-tingling. Great job! c:

Now, on to showcasing these spooky stories...

Twilight the Raccoon
By: jrl4547

A raccoon padded softly through the fallen leaves. It was right after the Night of the Phantoms, with the Feast of Thanks right around the corner. The raccoon smiled. She loved this time of year, with the red leaves and the cool, crisp autumn air. She had just finished taking down her Night of the Phantoms decorations and was heading to Jam Mart Furniture to stock up on new fall decorations. When she finally reached the shop, she carelessly threw her old decorations into the recycling bin and bought a bunch of new stuff. As she was putting up the decorations, she heard a rustle behind her. Startled, the raccoon whipped around to face... nothing. She shrugged it off and kept decorating. But the rustle came again, and this time it was louder. Suddenly a huge snow leopard appeared in front of the raccoon. "Remember me?" it said menacingly. "Wh-who are you?" the raccoon stuttered. "You know who I am, Twilight, and you will never forget", it sneered. The raccoon (whose name was twilight) stepped back and stuttered "Y-you kn-know I n-never meant t-to leave y-you and your k-kind, r-right?" The leopard unsheathed huge claws and held them up to Twilight's neck. "TELL ME THE TRUTH!" he snarled. "I-i j-just w-wanted to live a n-normal life", said the terrified raccoon. "YOU FOOL", shouted the leopard. "YOU KNOW THAT ONCE YOU ARE PART OF THE ALPHA SOCIETY YOU CAN NEVER, AND LET ME REPEAT, NEVER LEAVE". Twilight replied, "That is, if you can catch me first!" and sprinted away from the leopard. With an effortless jump the snow leopard pounced on Twilight. "LET THIS BE A WARING TO ALL WHO QUIT", he said as he sunk his claws into Twilight's neck, instantly killing her. He let out a psychotic laugh, and disappeared into the November gloom.

My Comment:

Your story was great! It had such an eerie plot to it. Great job!

The Temptation of Greed
By: cyacheer

My life was wonderful. I had a boyfriend, a nice den, good friends, and I was starting to get some rares. It was great, not knowing what a scammer was, or worrying about drama. Just perfect. Until the day I noticed the mark.

It was a bright sunny day, the sky as blue as his eyes, the air so sweet and warm. The spring sun shone down on us. My boyfriend and I were sitting outside of my newly designed fantasy castle den, right by the waterfall. I had saved up my gems to buy it, and many new den items. Now, he was here gazing at such a wonderful job I had done redecorating the place. “It’s wonderful!” He exclaimed. “I just love the bedroom you made for us, and the living room, and especially this spot.” He looked up at me. His bright blue eyes looked straight into my deep blue ones. He was a handsome dark blue snow leopard with black markings all over his fur. He was wearing his favorite headphones that I had bought for him. “Can I ask you something?” “Anything Ash.” I replied. He leaned over and whispered into my ear “Cheer, will you marry me?” 

I stared at him stunned. A million thoughts raced through my head. He was a wonderful guy. But was I ready for this? I don’t know. The words just fell out of my mouth. “Yes.” Then I realized this was what I really had always wanted. “Yes!” I cried with joy. In his paws was a beautiful silver ring that glistened in the sunlight. He slipped it onto one of the toes on my right paw, and then we kissed.

Many months later ( our wedding day was coming soon!) I was at Ash’s house. We were sitting outside by his little pond. we were talking about what type of cake we should get when Ash asked if I could get him a glass of water. So I padded into the kitchen. I got a cup and started to put some ice in it when I noticed his sister. I said hello but she sneered at me. It was strange because she was usually very friendly and nice. She grabbed something shiny off the table and padded off. 

When I returned to the pond Ash was lying on the ground. “Ash? Are you okay?” Then I noticed the blood pooling around him. “Ash!” I bent over him and realized there was a knife stuck in his chest. I pulled it out and did my best to clean the wound. I ripped off a piece of cloth from the scarf around my neck pressed on the wound, yet blood still oozed out. Ash looked up. His face was scrunched in pain, but his eyes twinkled as he gazed up at me. “Ash who did this to you?!” I screamed with horror. “Cheer…” He whispered. “What is it Ash?!” “I love you.” His eyes dimmed and became glassy, his breathing slowed and stopped, his body went limp. He was dead.

I screamed and cried. Tears ran down my cheeks. Finally after I had screamed my throat raw I looked up. Ash’s sister was standing next to me. She looked horrified. “It was me, It was me… but it wasn’t my fault. They made me do it.” I looked at her outraged that she could kill her own brother, but then I noticed a mark on her forehead. It glowed a dark purple in the light of dusk, and as I gazed upon it, it gave me a sickening feeling. It was the mark of a phantom.

This mark is all over Jamaa. Jammers who give into their greed are branded with it, and it gives phantoms control over them. On scammers and hackers it glows the brightest. Even your friends could have the mark. Do not give into the temptation of greed. For then your nightmares will begin.
(P.S. This story is partially based on true events.)

My Comment:

That was a FANTASTIC story! Your detail was outstanding, and I could picture in my mind what was happening as I read. Great job!

By: Fall17

Once during the beta days, there was a mysterious jammer who went by as Q. She never talked or had any buddies, yet she played the game anyways. Her eyes were an eerie shade of purple, that would send a cold shiver down every jammer's spine. She lived in a "haunted house" where a previous den owner was murdered by a psychopath. She loved the idea of ghosts, monsters and most of all... murder. Nobody liked her because she was so strange, so she decided to get revenge on those who hated her. She created her evil minions, that would ruin the game for everyone, steal their items, haunt their dreams, make them insane, then end them one by one. But that wasn't enough.

Many years later, she wasn't as active, so many forgot about her. Many thought she was banned or that she quitted. That is, until one day, a new jammer had buddied Q. the new jammer was so curious to go to Q's den. There, Q had waited for the right moment, hiding in the shadows, got out her dual samurai swords, and stabbed the new jammer. Q became a psychopathic killer and murdered many jammers, until the alphas came and put her to rest. Legend says that she still haunts her den, and will murder anyone who stops by her blackened eerie inn.

My Comment:

I thought your story was spooky! The way you described the eerie, purple eyes was wonderful! :) Awesome job!

Rosy's Murder
By: Balaur

Back in the day, there was a little bunny by the name of Rosy. She was black and had white spots all over her body, and always wore a little black flower between her long ears. She lived in the remote land of Jamaa, where animals took on the role of humans and lived in peace and harmony (if you were popular). However, she was never very popular because she never had any "rare" items. But she had what she wanted and she was happy about that for a long time, until one day, she felt a need for something else.

Rosy had no friends, and she wanted to make some. But nobody would even look at her because she wasn't "rare" enough, much less want to get to know her. All they would even say is, "Go away, noob" or "If you have nothing to give me then back off." All this made little Rosy very sad. So day after day, she would sit on a small, rickety old bridge, all by herself, waiting for a friend to come by. But nobody ever came.

One day, the pain of of her longing for a friend became to much for her to bear, and she broke down in tears. As she lay there sobbing, a tiger wearing a wide-rimmed hat went and ran over to her. "Well, well, well, why are you crying now?" he asked. "I want a friend, but nobody will accept me because they don't think I'm good enough." she responded. The tiger went and sat down beside her, paws hanging over the rim of the bridge and nearly touching the water below. "That's how life here is. If you're not rare, nobody will accept you. What you have to do is show off your rare items. They'll accept you as one of their own." He opened up a white gem-studded bag, opened it up, and took out a shiny black collar with seven spiked edges that gleamed so much you'd think they were diamond. He held it in front of Rosy and said, "They go crazy for this stuff. Let's see what you have to offer, kiddo, and I can make this spiked collar yours." It was hard to see under his big, rimmed hat, but Rosy thought she saw a big smirk slide through his face.

"How about the black flower I'm wearing? Or the big couch I got for my house today? Or a big bowl of fruit?" offered Rosy. The tiger looked into her big brown eyes, and arrogantly said, "Sorry, kiddo, I want nothing you've got item- wise." He adjusted his hat so that the sun reflected in his unnatural red eyes and revealed the face of a trickster, the face of a crook. He quietly whispered, "But there's one thing I want from you."

Before Rosy could react, the tiger held up the majestic, crystalline collar and plunged it into her chest. Three spikes went straight through her body, the beautiful shine of the crystal being spoiled by all the blood flowing from the wound. As Rosy's fresh, still-warm corpse collapsed onto the bridge, staining the wood with deep, crimson blood, the tiger bent over and lifted the black flowers Rosy had adored so much when she was alive off of her head. The last thing he said before disappearing was "Kiddo, I've just made you a legend. Thank me in heaven."

After Rosy was brutally murdered in Jamaa Township on 24th October 2012, the bridge where the crime was committed was avoided by the public, who went on to use the second bridge further to the left of the township, the infamous "trading bridge," while the bridge to the left was called the "Bloody Bridge" after the bloodstains that still remain in the bridge. Legend says that on a night will a new moon, if you stand on the bridge and close your eyes, the tiger with the big-rimmed hat will come out and claim you as his next victim.

My Comment:

Wow. I am STUNNED! I love the way you tied up that story! It had me thinking, oh, so that's why everyone sits on the right bridge instead of the left bridge! Because of the murder! :D Fabulous piece of writing, Balaur!

(P.S. Next time a new moon rolls around, I'll stand on that bridge and close my eyes... xD)

The Lone Red Wolf
By: Starwolves101

Everyone knows the story of Jamaa. Everyone. But nobody knows the true story. Who was pushed out of the way? Who owned it? I could answer your questions.

Once, there was a native dog. A Red Wolf. Her name was Scarlet Moon. When she was just a pup, she was an "honored" pup. Leaders pup. When the leader passed away, she became leader. Unfortunately, Gray Wolves invaded there territory. Red tried to lure the gray wolves away, but they made sure nobody was left behind.
Scarlet ran for her life. Eventually, she found, what is Jamaa now. It looked the same as it did in the Beta, but no shops. No paths. Just wild. She lived in an old den, until something pushed her out.
Scarlet met the pack of gray wolves, that attacked her. Scarlet was now a full grown wolf, ready to take them down. Sadly, Scarlet died. She was the last Red Wolf. Gray Wolves took all honor, Lisa congratulating them for there darkness. That's why Gray Wolves are so popular, and no Red Wolves.
How do I know this is true? I ran through what was her den, in Mt. Shiveer, and saw old fossils of a full-grown alpha.

My Comment:

Creepy! Your conclusion tied up the story very well. I like how your story made sense. Red wolves are critically endangered, anyway, and gray wolves are much more common. (:

By: swirlshine

The arctic wolf padded silently through the dense, black forest. Her name was Ember. Ember kept to herself most of the time, but her fangs and claws were so long and sharp that her sister and two brothers would say she could bite and claw through the thickest tree trunk. She used to live with her littermates, but they decided to move to Jamaa, close to the Township, and Ember could not follow them. She had to admit, Jamaa Township was a pretty nice place, but the noise from all the animals was too much for her to bear. Now, as she reached the edge of the forest, she stared ahead at Jamaa's center, lit up for the Night of the Phantoms, and realized she would have to cross through.

Crouching low, Ember crept out of the shadows. Feeling exposed in the light, she stalked through the crowd, weaving silently among the paws of many other animals. Seeing the bridge ahead, she knew that all she had to do was reach it, then she would be free to go back to her home in Sarepia Forest. But, just as she put her forepaw on the wooden planks, a creature appeared in a burst of black smoke. It had eight legs and one eye, one eye that glared at Ember. Growling "Excuse me", Ember tried to step around the creature, but it just hovered in front of her face again. Ember rolled her eyes " Can't you see i'm truing to walk here?" But the alien-like thing replied, " I am a phantom! No one dares to push past a phantom like that!"

"Well, I do." Ember said as she tried again to move around the phantom. The phantom moved in front of her again. Angrily, Ember lifted a paw and swiped at the thing, expecting it to be knocked aside by the force. Instead, her paw went right through the creature. Staring in horror, Ember tried again. The same thing happened. Shocked, she stared at her paw, wondering if there was something magical about it. The phantom smirked, " Ha! You do realize you can not defeat me by tooth and claw, right?" 

" Then I guess I can walk through you too." Ember stepped through the phantom to the other side of the bridge. The phantom's eye grew wide, then it rushed towards Ember, grabbing her and picking her up with its long, strange black arms. Horrified to be off the ground, Ember yelled " Let me go, NOW!" The phantom hovered with an amused look on his face as Ember tried to twist and bite him. Once she finally nipped one of the flimsy arms, the phantom said, " You shouldn't have done that. You will now know what it is like to be one of us!!!"

And with a zap, Ember turned into a phantom. No one knows where Ember is now, or if she is still a phantom. Yet sometimes, Jammers claim to hear an ear-splitting howl from the phantom fortress on the Night of the Phantoms. Perhaps it is Ember, howling to be let free and to be a wolf once more.

My Comment:

Oooh... scary! Your ending paragraph was excellent, as well as the rest of your story! ;) Magnificent job, swirlshine!

The Downfall of Animal Jam
By: elizaboo1104

Did you ever hear the story of the downfall of Animal Jam?

     One day, there was a jammer who got 10 diamonds. "OMG! Now I can get an arctic wolf!". The jammer's name was Precious, and she didn't know where her luck was going this time.

    When Precious got to the Diamond Shop, she also didn't see the blood red tints everywhere. As every jammer noticed it, some ignored it, some panicked. "AHHHHHHHH" screamed Duchess, Precious's best friend. "What's wrong?" she asked. After that, Duchess disappeared, so Precious got the wolf.

   Then she realized it. She saw the red everywhere. She didn't see the creamy white and blue of her new animal. Just red and black. As she clicked the switch animals, it looked like the " halp meh i get act" animal outfit, but all her animals had it! 

    "Muahahahah" was the only JAG message. Only the evil emojis. She didn't see Duchess's account. She typed it in. Nope, not found. She only saw the " halp meh i get act" look. No spikes. No necklaces. From rares to cheapos, there was no items.

    Then, she saw a familiar jammer. It was Duchess!  They rushed to see each other. But, the devilish banned pop-up appeared. Then, as they logged off, AJ was never heard of again.

     Later that night, Duchess went to Target. No AJ gift cards. They were gone forever.

   Years later, Duchess forgot the tragedy. But the evil wolf still lurks, waiting for us jammers.
The end. 😈

My Comment:

Creepy! I liked how you described the blood on the walls - gave me the chills! :P

The Spike
By: arcticfox48

One day in jamaa, I was wondering around, my spike jingling when I walked. I went to my den, stared up at the sky and thought ~it's late I should go to bed~ I changed into my sweater an slippers and headed to bed. At about 12:30 at night I jerked awake, choking. I gasped for air, slowly getting dizzy. I tore the collar off, throwing it to the floor. ~i thought spike collars made you cool!? Not try to kill you!~  I thought to myself. I stepped cautiously out of bed towards the spike. It jingled a bit. "Huh!?" I said frightened. "Lets get this over with spike.." I snarled. I grabbed the spike in my paws locking it in a box.

I put it in my closet and put it for trade.

I got an offer, for my best friend. "Are you sure you want it?" I asked her "yes! For the past time I'm sure!" She said back. "It almost tried to kill me!" I said trying to stop her. "I'm taking it anyways" she replied back. "Fine. Suit yourself." I said scare in my mind. ~what is he thinking!? She gonna get killed!~ I thought. ~well... The offer is good~ I got the black top hat, the to green rare party hats, the feather tail and went home. My paws trembled in fright as I thought why could happen to her. I sat on my couch, then my tablet rang. "Ring! Ring!" I heard. I picked it up, answering it. I heard gasping, and little talking. "Rosy are yo-" I was cut off by her screaming. All of a sudden he tablet went off. The screen went black. "Oh no, this can't be good.." I ran to her place. Opening the door. I saw her on the ground limp. "Rosy!" I screamed. I unreaveled my claws, I tore a the collar, leaving marks in it. After a bit I jerked it off, hearing rosy gasp for air. "Th,th, thank you darkstar.." She said. "Don't thank me" I said back, locking that collar up. "Jus don't trust spike collars.. EVER" I warned.

Ha!. People think spike are so cool? Well, hasn't this story taught you anything?
Just cause spikes look cool. Does not mean they are safe. I almost lost my life to a spike! Don't trust them ever....

My Comment:

Awesome story! I've always thought that spiked collars were a bit dangerous.

The Cunnings
By: purplestarclub

It was hunting season and the foxes were searching for safe shelter. ''The Cunnings'' , a strong pack of foxes decided to settle in the deepest but the darkest cave in the forest. Everyday, a fox would be selected to bring the food for the whole pack. One day, The Cunnings made a horrible decision on sending the youngest fox to bring the food that day. The Cunnings just wanted to make their young ones even stronger and independant. The young fox left the cave and after searching the forest for a while, she heared a weird voice. It was a bang. Soon she saw 10 humans with weapons in their hands. She couldn't run, tried to scream but her voice was just too soft and quiet for the other animals to hear. The hunters attacked the fox at once. Her dead corpse was lying right on the ground. The death of the young fox was now a big thing in the forest. The cunnings lost relationship with other packs because everyone thought that The Cunnings were actually not clever at all. The jungle lost half of its population after the hunters' attacks on their environment and the animals but many normal people still liked to visit this forest. A family of 4 people decided to go on a trip to the forest and they decided to settle in that exact same cave that The Cunnings just left. The family got impressed with the forest that they decided that they will stay there for the whole summer. Of course they could not live like animals so they spent a lot of money in changing the cave into a real house for the sake of their enjoyment. It was a rich family after all! The family was actually quite happy with their new environment. There were some downsides of living in a forest but to them, it wasn't a big deal. Until one day, the little kid told them something. ''Mommy, I see mysterious black figures walking around our hallways at night.'' The parents thought he was just joking but the older sister said something similiar. ''I hear soft screams whenever I get close to the walls..''  

''Must have been your silly dreams.. I told you to stop watching the little horror films at night!'' Mom yelled angrily. The parents did regret saying that after. Mom and dad took the kids to sleep with them for the night. The parents couldn't think about anything else rather than what the children told them.. Mom walked to the kitchen to get something. She was having headaches after she accidently drank from the old pot lying in the cave for long. She accidently bumped into the wall and heard a voice that was soft and creepy at the same time. She heard screams but she saw giant dark shadows of foxes. There was a little blood on the pictures hanging on the walls and even though she never really focuses on the spider webs and dirt, all she could see was the webs that night. Tears filled her eyes and she fell down. A circle of white figures spun around her as she tried to escape from this curse but luckily, the sun started to rise and she saw those white and black spirits float into the air and followed the moon that was setting. She was scared for life and even though they left the jungle, she could still hear little screams in her head every single night.

My Comment:

Wow! The description and detail in this story was wonderful, in a scary, creepy way, of course. Good, good! ^-^

Sugar the Fox
By: Junie4563

She stepped out of the shadows in a dark Jamaa Township. She heard a creak. She snapped her head around to see who it was. It was only her friend Daphne, a brave, black horse. She murmured a few words to her. "Sugar! Are you alright? You're the palest fox I've ever seen!" Sugar replied, "I'm fine, Daphne. Just calm down." They walked down the jack-o-lantern lit streets together. 

The walked around Jamaa for a few hours. Chatting about what they were going to do for the Halloween celebration the next day. When the finally returned to Jamaa Township, Sugar went back to her den; her horse guard would go to her den as well. "Night, Sug!"  Daphne called. "Night, Daph!" Sugar replied. Sugar went up to her plushie filled den. She had a fear of the dark. Everything about it scared the living daylight out of her. So she kept all her plushies with her at night. But this one night, they didn't help.

It was 11:55 pm the night before Halloween, when Sugar heard a sound. A large creaking sound. The sound of death. A large creaking sound of death coming toward her from outside her bedroom. "Help!" she weakly cried. But no one was there to help her. A dark shadow came over her. I silently crept toward her, with only a lightly lit candle for her to see. "I am Darkness! The one who takes young Jammers in the night!" the Thing said. "FEAR ME!" Then a large bolt of lightning shot from the sky. It burned all the trees around her den, surrounding her house in flames. "SURRENDER NOW!" the Thing shrieked. "What have I done?" Sugar asked. "What have I done to deserve this fate?" She backed into her portrait of Greely. "SURRENDER!" the Thing growled. So Sugar did so. 

Sugar surrendered. But she didn't know what she surrounded to or from. All we know is that Sugar, the innocent little fox who lived in Jamaa, is now dead. She's dead and the only trace we have left from her is her favorite rare headdress, that she never lent to anyone, in Daphne's den. No other traces found.

My Comment:

Whoa! I have to admit, that... Thing... is really powerful! o_o I could picture the flames surrounding the house. Great work!

Shout-out to penguin55544 for his story, the Jammer's Song. For some reason it wouldn't let me copy and paste it into the post. :c

You may notice that I made up titles for a few of the stories. I hope they're suitable enough for you super talented authors! ^.^

It's about time to hand out some prizes. Wouldn't you agree?

Our third place prize goes to arcticfox48! Congratulations!

Our second place prize goes to cyacheer! Congratulations!

Our first place prize goes to Balaur! Congratulations!

Your prizes will be sent as soon as possible to those of you who are Members. If you are a Non-Member, please accept my buddy request (if you received one), or comment down below a time to meet up to exchange items.

BIG THANKS to everyone who participated, and a BIG THANKS to those who continue to read this blog! :D

Don't feel bad if you didn't win. Never give up!

Bye for now, Jammers!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Arctic Fox Graphic

Unreleased Plushies + AJHQ's Den!?

Hey there! ^.^

Some of you may already have heard about the mysterious den that supposedly belongs to AJHQ.

Of course, the username "AJHQ" doesn't exist.

But you can access the den by clicking on the Epic Dens button from the map of Jamaa.

At the very top, you will see an orange button labeled "Fantasy Den". That's AJHQ's den. :)

And oh, the wonders inside! You will see everything from unreleased items...

... to miniature versions of released items, namely, the Alpha paintings.

Now, doesn't this teach you to never judge a book by its cover!? :D

Go ahead and visit the amazing AJHQ den yourself!

Oh, I almost forgot - ALL spooky contest entries are due TOMORROW! I will post the winners tomorrow as well.

Bye for now!