Friday, November 6, 2015

Unreleased Plushies + AJHQ's Den!?

Hey there! ^.^

Some of you may already have heard about the mysterious den that supposedly belongs to AJHQ.

Of course, the username "AJHQ" doesn't exist.

But you can access the den by clicking on the Epic Dens button from the map of Jamaa.

At the very top, you will see an orange button labeled "Fantasy Den". That's AJHQ's den. :)

And oh, the wonders inside! You will see everything from unreleased items...

... to miniature versions of released items, namely, the Alpha paintings.

Now, doesn't this teach you to never judge a book by its cover!? :D

Go ahead and visit the amazing AJHQ den yourself!

Oh, I almost forgot - ALL spooky contest entries are due TOMORROW! I will post the winners tomorrow as well.

Bye for now!


  1. Thats so cool!! imma go check it out! :D

  2. That's so cool! I just checked it out. When did it come out?

  3. It's actually technically a party. For proof:
    1. Go to AJHQ's Fantasy Castle Den
    2. Go back to the list from which you accessed it, and try clicking on it again, it will provide any needed proof.

  4. Hi.. I am Colonelcustard on AJ.. nice blog! My blog(s) are: 1. 2. :D

  5. Hello guys. I would like to say, The username Ajhq is actually a real username. It was made by ajhq and is ajhq. not sure if this site is ever going to be updated, but i would like to explain that the den you were speaking of was actually a epic den. accept it was designed by ajhq. Though the fact that you will see unreleased items is true, they are usually released the next week. If you ever need any help figuring out what things are worth, just ask me. i will be coming back regularly to this site. Forever in your Favor, Twinkle, Daughter of the Alpha Greely.


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