Saturday, November 29, 2014

Scammer Alert! O.o

A few minutes ago, this guy JAGGED me and said:

"Check my list, and see if you want anything for your Beta Tiara."

I opened up his trade tab, and I saw a bunch of Old Blankets from the Shiver Shoppe.

He was obviously trying to trick me into thinking he had a collection of ROBs, or Beta Blankets, as people call them nowadays.

The Beta Blankets are a lighter green. I know my items, so I couldn't be fooled.

Take that, scammy-wammy! >:3


Ever since the Daily Explorer got a new author, the posts have been kind of jittery lately.

Take a look at this one:

Notice the punctuation? It's RIDICULOUS! Either that, or AJHQ sounds way too over-excited, like their heads are gonna blow up. And sometimes I don't think AJHQ is that happy as they seem...

Anyway, they never use periods or ANYTHING besides exclamation marks and question marks. I've also noticed that they use at least three of each punctuation mark they use. >.<

Seriously. I thought SBI employees went to school! At least they could TRY to make their posts less crappy, and start working on making them look NICE! 8U

Their grammar is getting worse than the News Crew entries they pick. No offense, but from what I've seen, they choose articles written by 5-year-olds.

Enough of my rant... blech.

Great Party!

The party was very fun! We missed those who couldn't make it, but we enjoyed the time spent with the people who managed to come. Heh, we were all so hungry there wasn't a crumb left on the dessert table!

Burnt Penguin

A few years ago (I think this dates back to 2012), there was a glitch which I called "The Burnt Penguin".

(Pictures from the Animal Jam Flash!)

You can get various hues to glow around the perimeter of your animal. For example, the red hue comes from being near the hot lava at the Wolves Only Party. The blue hue comes from standing at the top of a Snow Fort Den. This black hue (which looks like oil splattered all over your animal) came from a glitch. I believe you had to slide down a slide at the Penguin's Only Party, and then do a bunch of other stuff, then go to your den.

I just decided to post about this, since I thought it was cool. Bye!

Party is Today!

Friday, November 28, 2014


Happy Black Friday!

Non-Member, Member, and Back Again

(Picture from the Animal Jam Flash)

The string of leaves, a wonderful autumn item, was released several weeks ago. Then, AJHQ decided to swap it from a Non-Member decoration to a Member decoration, which really ticked a lot of people off.

They did the same thing with the Raccoon Topiary. First, it came out as a Non-Member item, then they switched it to a Member item. :T

Well, now AJHQ switched to BACK to a Non-Member item! This is great, but totally confusing.

AJHQ just can't make up their minds, can they?

Thursday, November 27, 2014

All of My Signatures

Mailtime Rant

When we see a bunch of gifts packed in our mailboxes, nobody can resist getting excited.

That's why someone by the name of Julian2 created an event called "mailtime".

This tradition has stuck on Jamaa ever since Julian's first mailtime video, and now a lot of people are doing it.

So, what exactly IS mailtime?

Mailtime is where you send a person gifts. If you're feeling generous, sometimes you might send them really good gifts, like a Beta item. Generosity is what makes these videos popular. The better the gifts, the more views you get.

Mailtime is just a way for people to get free stuff, and sometimes even fame.

But mailtime has its downsides, too.

1. Most of the people who do mailtime are very greedy. If they don't get anything good in their mailbox, they start to whine and make a big deal out of it.

2. Let's say you're a famous YouTuber, and you have a lot of gifts in your mailbox. As you open them, you notice many of the gifts you were sent are store-bought items, so you decide to decline and recycle the gifts you were given. That's NOT okay. Some people can't afford all those big rares you expect. You're trashing Jammers' hearts by the click of a button.

3. Not all people do this, but a lot of them don't send thank-you cards back to the people who gave them gives. Now, if they have over 200 presents in their mailbox, it would be more convenient to just say a big thank-you at the end of the video. Still, people are too lazy and snotty to just say TWO WORDS. TWO. WORDS!

4. Some people have taken advantage of mailtime. They literally scam you by going out in Jamaa and saying, "Send me gifts for mailtime!". Well, chances are, they don't even have a YouTube account. They're just begging for rares.


Animal Jam is NOT about becoming famous, collecting rares, and all of that crap the community says it is.

It's about the simple things - friends, fun, learning, and happiness.

I've always thought of rares like money. Basically EVERYONE wants money, with some exceptions here and there.

But you can't always have what you want.

And you can't expect to be happy with money all the time, even if you were the richest man on Earth.

Mailtime is one of the dumbest, stupidest things ever created on Animal Jam, in my opinion.

I admit, I used to do mailtime, but only once or twice. Then I discovered the true meaning of it, so I quit doing it. I'm glad I did, too.

What do YOU think of mailtime?

Happy Thanksgiving! ^_^

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New Contest

There is a new contest up on the contest blog, so go check it out if you want to win some pretty darn good prizes!

Turkey Oreo Treats

My Webkinz Collection

Enjoy taking a look at all my little children! xD



They all belong to my brother, but since I was young and didn't know much about computers then, I accidentally entered all three onto my account. He has his own account now, so everything's fine. c:

Shiny is my firstborn, and if I remember correctly, she is almost exactly 7 years old. Once a girl asked me why her name is Shiny, and my excuse was "because her fur shines in the sunlight". o3o

Denesa the Pink Pony is my second, and I believe she was named after a character in Spy Kids. 0.o

Annie the Alley Cat has a bouncy personality. Despite her green and blue eyes, she loves food!

max is the father of Gingerbread, a smaller, peppier Cocker Spaniel that was adopted on my brother's account. max loves sweets and is a professional basketball player, just like his son!

Spot, the Lil' Black and White Cheeky Dog, is a baker, similar to Annie. Sometimes they will cope up and cook unique recipes!

Pinkpatty was supposed to be named Pinkplatty, for "pink platypus", but somehow the name came out as Pinkpatty. She loves to study swamps, and is a whiz in botany.

Dino is a Cocoa Dinosaur. His passion reflects his name: he loves to curl up on his volcanic bed with a hot cup of cocoa!

Sara the Seal loves bubbles. A weird fact about her is that she prefers taking COLD baths, not warm baths. Wherever she is, she always needs a few saltwater taffies to keep her going!

Fliper's name is spelled wrong, obviously. What I can say? I was like, 5 or something. :P Anyway, Fliper the Bottlenose Dolphin is a gymnast. He is a talented swimmer and, of course, flipper! Hehe.

Bluey the Hippo is a leader. He's loyal, honest, and true!

Lassy is a beautiful Collie dog who loves to read fantasy books. She dreams of traveling to a real castle one day with her sister Lillie.

Snowfoot the Penguin is a sucker for fish. He makes the best-tasting fishicles in Webkinz World!

Antler is a Reindeer in training for SantaKinz's sleigh. Watch out, Rudolph - make way for Antler!

Snownose is a strange little fellow. Although he's not an animal, he's actually a live snowman! For some reason, he can't smell anything but carrots. Perhaps you know why? o-o

Buford the Mountain Goat loves to climb up steep hills, but his main hobby is collecting leaves and feathers found on the mountain cliffs.

Olivia is a little Lion who loves the colors blue and pink. She also loves to hang out with her best friend Cheesy.

Hallie the White Terrier loves to explore the neighborhood on her sleek scooter. And, when she's ready for a snack, she could eat biscuits all day! A fun fact about Hallie is that she and her sister Fluffy were born twins. Not identical twins, but twins.

Fluffy the Pink Poodle sure has a lot of fur, but she never likes to take care of it. Meanwhile, instead of working on her look, she loves to study mythology, especially Egyptian mythology. Her favorite dessert is ice cream! :3

Sparkle the Spotty Dinosaur was supposed to be named Sparkles, but as long as you can tell the difference between her and her sister Sparkle, things will be just fine. Sparkle loves to study flowers.

Lavender the Lil' Unicorn is often out of the house. So, where is she? In the forest. She believes in all things magic, especially nymphs and fairies.

Goldbeck was originally named Goldbeak, but a little typo changed it all. Goldbeck loves to listen to music, and sometimes I catch her dancing along to the radio.

Stripes the Zebra has a very interesting story to tell. He was born during a tornado, and for a while when he was very young, he had cancer. Luckily, he managed to beat it with some help from his sister Goldbeck, and is now happy and healthy!

Noodles the Golden Retriever was born right after Stripes' win over his cancer disease. I was expecting her to have cancer too, but to my surprise she is as healthy as any of my pets. :) <3

Rallsey is an odd name for a Tiger, but you can't blame me. I was 6! >.< Anyway, he is very special to me, and as unique as his name, he loves the desert for some reason.

Fudge the Black and White Cat loves fudge, but she also likes to study the moon and astronomy.

Clover the Signature Golden Retriever enjoys the sound of the river. She's also an expert stone-skipper.

Twilight the Turkey loves to collect action figures. Her favorite holiday is Christmas!

Anamada (Amanda, but oh well) the Lil' Googles also believes in magic like Lavender, but she prefers the magic of fortune telling.

Alaska the Arctic Fox absolutely LOVES winter! It's her favorite season. Even if it's summer, she still uses her snow making machine to cover her room with snow.

Ellie loves to travel. Anywhere is a good place for this Velvety Elephant!

Squishy the Striped Snake surely seeks sweet jellybeans. xP

Benny the Bulldog dreams of becoming a firedog when he is older. Who cares if he's not a dalmatian?

Cassidy the Llama is neither an early bird or a night owl. She could sleep all day long!

Blueberry loves blueberries; Muffins loves muffins. These two Hippos are two peas in a pod!

Luke the Signature German Shepard has a dream of becoming a top-secret agent. He's designed his own camera system and computer files!

Nesquik the Brown Cow has his own milk bar. If you want anything dairy, add a little bit of Nesquik's chocolate syrup and you'll never want to come home!

Vanilla the Duck has a taste for vanilla treats, but also loves to keep clean. Even if there's the smallest speck of dust on his feathers, he MUST take a bath, or else he gets extremely paranoid. O.O

Cotton Candy, the Bubblegum Cheeky Cat, loves to hide in ballpits. She digs deep under the balls, and it's very difficult to find her!

Beethoven the Koala loves to play the violin. ^-^

Like her sister Fudge, Luma loves to study astronomy, but she prefers studying the stars, not the moon.

Clara may not be the kind of dragon you seek, if you are searching for a scary Whimsical Dragon. She has a dream of becoming a queen of her own kingdom one day!

Bubblegum the Bubblegum Dinosaur LOVES BUBBLEGUM. She chews at least ten packs of bubblegum a week! She even has her own trampoline made of used bubblegum in her room. Disgusting, but interesting...

Flakes and I are a lot alike. He loves to watch the Northern Lights out of his window. :)

Candace loves grapes, Riley loves cherries, Sky loves ice, Roxie loves rock and roll, Peace-Yo is a hippie hamster, and chili makes Chili Bonfire happy. XD

Kennedy loves treehouses, Sparkle loves picnics, Steaming Coco loves toffee, Lillie loves castles (like her sister Lassy), Bree loves roses, and Smoothie loves smoothies!

Mythical Cheese loves mozzarella cheese, Jacky-O-Lantern loves pumpkin pie, McKenzie loves any food with herbs, Leslie loves tennis balls, Zinc loves the deep ocean, and HoneySun loves a nice day at the beach. :3

Nya loves late nights, Chip loves cupcakes with sprinkles, Calcium loves pop music, SeaWash loves to study the coral reefs, Nutella loves nuts, and Fizz loves soda!

Banzai loves the savannah, Gelata loves gelato (a super creamy Italian ice cream), Popcorn loves popcorn, Elsa loves Elsa (clearly!), Awesome loves trapeze, and Lacey loves knitting.

Scree Plumpy was a gift from my friend scree35. She had an unused Hippo code, and gave it to me. :) Scree Plumpy has lots of energy, Cheeky loves oranges, Katherine loves running, Chunks loves bananas, Berry loves raspberries, and Biscuit loves spaghetti.

Pugsters loves caramel, Amaryllis loves nature, Lambie loves eggs, Fierce loves to wrestle, Hickory likes clocks (o.o), and Nephredite loves clouds and angels. ^.^

Chex loves cereal, Magenta loves hairbows, Sylvia loves playdough, Chow Mein loves to play the drums, Avian loves diamonds, and Sprite loves to sip cold limeade.

That is my adorable little family, and I hope to get more Webkinz soon! 70 is not enough...