Thursday, November 13, 2014


Oh, wait. That's not it. xD

There we go! ^.^


  1. Super sweet eye! I like it! Looks evil! -does evil laugh- And this time, you didn't put your real name on the drawing, just an initial. XD

  2. Om gosh. It's Doug (or is it Dug? sorry forgot) from Up! He's such a cool dog. ;3

    Eye stares into soul. Haha- nope. XP

    I got chocolate in school today. The wrapper had an eyeball design on it. Eyeball chocolates!!! :O XD

    I like the light in the eye. :)

    I'm working on how to make good light shadings in my eye drawings. I always seem to fail on that. cx

  3. Wow! Nice job, Naff! You're great in drawing stuff

    ~when123 who is so bad at drawing


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