Saturday, March 28, 2015


Thanks for 350,000 views, you guys! Y'all are the BEST! ^.^ I have to leave for my trip now, so I'll see you at the birthday party. Bye!

The Winners


Congratulations to all the contestants who participated in this contest. You deserve an infinite round of appawse! *ba-dum-tss*

Well, since I don't have time for infinity, I'd like to announce the second place winner of the Lucky Fashion Show.

Give it up for Victory Sunnymoon! ^.^ Yaaaaay!

Victory, you win these items:

And our first place winner is...

Major Shiverflower! ^.^

Outstanding job! You really have a keen eye for Irish fashion.

Major, you win these items:

Victory and Major, please comment your usernames so I can send you your prizes. Concerning the little time I have left on the computer, I will probably send your prizes next weekend, if that's okay. :)

Again, thanks to everyone who participated! You are what keeps these contests alive.

So long!

Animal Jam Figurines + Flower Bunnies

No Posting From March 29th to April 3rd.

Hey Jammers! Have you watched the latest episode of Wild Explorers? Cami has some epic information about lions, squirrels, and in-game trading. :)

But did you notice the little hyena figurine sitting on her wooden desk?

I wonder if Animal Jam will be releasing Animal Figurines soon! That would be so cool! :D

I also think Animal Jam should make bookmarks, ornaments, key chains, charms, lotion, lip gloss, body spray, binder covers, pencil cases... yeah. Basically everything Webkinz once had, 'cause that stuff was AWESOME! :P

Here's a funny picture for you guys:

Disgusting, but funny, right? XD

Last but not least, there's been a strange glitch going around. When you attempt to purchase a tiger, a bunny with an unreleased flower pattern pops up.

Then, when you try hitting "next", the bunny won't go away!

I wonder if this has to do with the little accident AJHQ had yesterday with a "new update". Silly AJHQ!

Stay tuned for the final results of the Lucky Fashion Show! Thanks for another great contest, everyone. You guys show excellent sportsmanship! ^.^

You still have a few more days to enter the story contest. Click here for more information.

Bye for now!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Printer and Eraser Graphics

Rare Item Signs


I discovered an unusual . . . thing . . .  that pops up when you recycle an item.

Do you see that golden plaque stuck to the item icon?

It's a Rare Item Sign. You know, the signs that indicate a RIM or whatever?

But why does it have a diamond on it? o-o

And Clover Capes aren't even RARE.


Funny Friday

Lucky Voting #11 - Choose A 1st and 2nd Place Winner!

Hey guys! Lucky Happyjammer is our lucky (*ba-dum-tss*) 3rd Place winner. Lucky, please comment your username so I can send you your prizes. :3

Today, we're gonna try something new. Instead of eliminating someone, comment who you think should win 1st Place and 2nd Place, since I won't be here tomorrow.

Good luck!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Birthday Party

Lucky Voting #10 - Vote Out One Person! (FINAL ROUNDS)

The final rounds have begun, with three lucky (*ba-dum-tss* :3) finalists! Whoever gets eliminated this round will rank 3rd place and receive these epic prizes:

Vote out one person! Good luck and happy voting!


Hi everyone! ^.^ How has your Thursday been? I had to take a math test on different kinds of graphs, such as stem-and-leaf plots, circle graphs, box-and-whisker plots, and histograms. :L 

Yup, I know. Boring. -_-

Thank goodness all next week is spring break! ;)

Anyway, I was going through some of the art in Jammer Central, and noticed a pattern between all of the names.

All of these names end with "croc"! O-o

If you don't believe me, check out the Jammer Central board for yourself.

And if this isn't odd enough already, most of the names also begin with "Bouncing" and "Eternal".

What do you think is causing the names of the artists to act up? A glitch? A meteor? A giant floating sausage!?

Well, if one thing's for sure, having two of the same parties right next to each other is definitely a mistake. Take a look:


AJHQ needs to fix these bugs before the bugs come to life and suck my blood. Blech! >.<

Okay, I'm sorry for being all... talkative. I'm not usually like this in public. Maybe it's because this is the Internet...

Stay tuned for Round 10 of the Lucky Fashion Show, and possibly a little surprise! c:

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lucky Voting #9 - Vote Out One Person!

Vote out one person today, Jammers! Thanks! ^.^

Breaking News - Shark Hats!

Hello! I have some breaking news to share with you all, and since breaking news is supposed to be cool and interesting, you'd better stick with me. :p

A Jammer named jammerjamis is wearing an unreleased item on their brown-and-white lion. O.O

Rumor has it that this mysterious item is called a Shark Hat! No wonder the mouth is gaping with its sharp white teeth. Poor lion. x3

From what I've learned, I'm inferring that this jammerjamis dude is an AJHQ testing account. Do any of you remember sizzlerat, the player that first owned the Elf Tail Armor? That was a testing account, and I'm sure it's the same deal with jammerjamis.

Clark Stacey, the CEO of Smart Bomb Interactive (the company that created AJ) has an Animal Jam account as well.

Are you excited for shark hats? ^.^

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sledding Penguin

Mystical Glitch + Dr. Quack's Journal

Hello! ^.^

Did you know that if you wear mystical armor on a polar bear, it turns into some unreleased version of the Epic Dragon Wings?

How interesting! Please give a round of applause to Meloetta385 (for posting the glitch) and her anonymous friend (for discovering the glitch). :3

Also, while reading the Webkinz Newz, I came across Dr. Quack's journal entry, where he explains the reason he is leaving Kinzville. Take a look:


So, Dr. Quack is basically saying that:

1. Kids only need a quick little snack and a few jumping jacks to maintain a healthy body.
2. Kids rarely get sick and there is no need for a visit to the doctor.
3. He appreciates the fashion industry more than he appreciates healthy and happy Webkinz pets.
4. Players can still be his "assistant", even though he's clearly not the doctor anymore, and the office is clearly closed as of tomorrow.

Dr. Quack makes NO SENSE.

I mean, COME ON! He really enjoys judging the latest fashion trends more than he enjoys taking care of all the pets!?


Lucky Voting #8 - Vote Out Two People!

This is the last round before I start handing out prizes! Remember, vote out two people today. Good luck to the remaining contestants!

Monday, March 23, 2015

A Stolen Childhood

In case some of you didn't know already, before the Animal Jam Whip became, well, the Animal Jam Whip, it was called the Webkinz Whip.

I loved, loved, LOVED Webkinz growing up as a child. Ever since that lovely Christmas 2005 day, I have been obsessed with Webkinz.

But now GANZ, the creators of Webkinz, have gone too far.

Firstly, they added Deluxe Membership, which is a lot similar to Membership on Animal Jam. I was a Deluxe Member for about a year or so. Life was good, until that Membership ran out. :I I was pretty disappointed when I found out I could no longer play my favorite maze game, Whimsy Skies, and another game called Stardrops. Man, I was the QUEEN OF THAT GAME. No kidding! :P

Secondly, they completely changed the layout of the WShop. (The place where you can buy furniture, food, toys, decorations, etc.) They should have just left it how it originally was, because mixing the Deluxe-Only items with the eStore (online Webkinz store; purchases made with real money) items with the regular items. And that's another thing too: the Deluxe-Only items. They changed some of the best items (like the princess bed and the delicious drinks refreshing cooler) to Deluxe-Only!

Can you imagine how angry I was!? >:U

And I'm not the ONLY one who was screaming with rage and frustration.

In my opinion, GANZ should create new items to make Deluxe-Only, instead of taking away some the features we already have. It's not fair.

I know they're trying to make money, but this is so. not. fair. >:I

Then they took away the Vacation Island from us! I'd always visit the tropical wonders of Vacation Island to play that one haunted shipwreck game and spin the wheel of pineapples or whatever.

Thirdly, for almost a year, all of the new pets that were ever released were one simple animal: a puppy. Each puppy had a different pattern on it: doughnuts, chocolate, common texting abbreviations, scribbles, snowflakes, peace signs...

GANZ designers weren't taking enough time with their products.

Fourthly, they stopped traveling on their annual Road Trip! The last Road Trip I went to was in 2012. It was so much fun. The GANZ employees tossed out Wacky Zingoz plushies, figurines, bookmarks, and other Webkinz-themed trinkets to the crowds. I even grabbed a few for myself. :3 Now I bet their company has lost its popularity, so they quit the Road Trip. >:(

And finally, the mayor of Kinzville (who was supposed to be Fluffington, the richest resident in all of Kinzville) is a teenager, still in her high school years, and she's the daughter of the Kinzville Academy teacher, Ms. Cowoline. You guessed it - Cowabelle!

She's so young and childish! No one wants a 17-year-old cow for a mayor! o.e


The real reason I made this post was to let everyone know that...


I want to cry right now. I'm so agitated on the verge of bursting in tears.

Dr. Quack is the Kinzville doctor. He takes care of every pet's health needs. He's been on the job for around ten years. TEN YEARS!

I still love my family of Webkinz plush dearly, but...

GANZ has taken my childhood from me.

How could you, GANZ?

How could you?

Lucky Voting #7 - Vote Out Two People!

The final few rounds of the Lucky Fashion Show are upon us! Vote out two people today. Good luck everyone!

Unreleased Items: Pumpkin Chair & Hoodie

Hello and welcome! I have some very interesting news to share, so listen up. ^.^

First of all, it's hailing like CRAZY outside. The worst part is, I had to run through it to get home from the bus stop, which is a freakishly long distance from my house. >.< The hail balls felt like ice daggers on my skin, and now I swear I've got a bunch of small cuts on my arm.

Anyway, someone who wishes to remain anonymous discovered an unreleased item: the Pumpkin Chair! *dun-dun-dun-dun*

No, it's not the RIM that was released back in early October 2014. It's slightly different.

To me, this Pumpkin Chair looks more like a couch than a chair, don't you think?

I bet it was a prize from Twists and Turns, a seasonal Adventure from the month of November 2014. Prizes like those were only released to a few players, making it "rare" in some way. o.o

Still, it could be just another unreleased - or hacked - item.

The next unreleased item was discovered by Mimi5000. It's called...

 ... .A HOODIE!

Ooooh. The name's so scary it's practically giving me the chills. owo

*credit to the Animal Jam Paw Up*
The icon looks a bit weird, but on the bright side, it looks pretty stylish on that panda! XD

Another good thing about this item is that's it's Non-Member! Hopefully they will make it to the shops, because one more Non-Member item means one more pinch of happiness. c:

It's always fun to get a sneak peek at AJHQ's business. Not that I'm not being nosy or anything... pfft, what are you talking about? :P

Before I end the post, I just need to give you a quick notification. I will be posting Round 7 of the Lucky Fashion Show later, so stay tuned!

Alright, it's about time for me to go. I leave you with nothing but a signature. Bye-bye!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Butterfly Backgrounds

Hello! ^.^ This week has been very busy for me. so I hope you can all understand.

Today (or possibly tomorrow), I plan to update the blog for the month of April. That means dandelions, bumblebees, peach blossoms, sunny skies, and BUTTERFLIES! xD

The reason I'm updating the blog early is because next weekend I leave for a week-long vacation. Every year we head south and celebrate my birthday in the warm air, and that trip is during the first few days of April.

The problem is, I can't decide on a good background  for the blog.

I've collected some spring-themed images that I thought were decent choices.

In the comments, tell me which ones are your favorites!

Here they are:

Which ones appeal to you the most?

All right, I have to go now. Have a nice day!

Blogger How-To #6 - Digital Clock

It's always a good idea to keep track of the time, right? You may do so by adding a digital clock to your Blogger webpage!

Step 1:

Click this link:

Step 2:

On the left side of the site, there are seven subtitles. Under each subtitle is a list of countries. Click which country you live in.

Step 3:

On the left side of the site, the lists will change from a list of countries to a list of cities. Click which city you live in.

Step 4:

In the center of the site, there are two clock styles. Click on the link below the clock style you want.

Step 5:

Scroll down on to the bottom of the page. As you are scrolling, you will see different designs of your desired clock style. Pick which one is right for you!

Step 6:

Don't copy and paste the HTML code quite yet. You have the option to customize your clock. Under the text box where the code is found, there is a link that says "...chose colours and size". Click it, and begin customizing!

Step 7:

When you are completely finished, copy and paste the code into the HTML/JavaScript text box. To do this, go to Layout > Add a Gadget > HTML/JavaScript.

Now you have a