Friday, March 27, 2015

Funny Friday


  1. Dear lion, I believe you are in fact wearing a squishy toast hat. I'm horribly sorry to disappoint you, but I believe that you are not floating. In fact, you just look adorable instead :3

    1. Dear Dew,
      I AM SO A FLOATING PIECE OF BREAD!!!!! How dare you tell me I'm not bread :sulks in corner: I'm the more adorable piece of floating bread you've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn't you know that there is not such thing as a squishy toast hat. :Whispers: there are only stale toast hats.

    2. Dear lion, But, you see, it's a good thing to not be bread. If you're bread, jammers might think you're food to eat :o

  2. LOL!!!
    -tiggy who thinks sticks and bread are awesome O3O

  3. OMG he's bread! I tried to eat when the other day and NAFFY was skittles today so ate her. Now THERES bread which I can eat nom nom nom:)


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