Monday, March 23, 2015

A Stolen Childhood

In case some of you didn't know already, before the Animal Jam Whip became, well, the Animal Jam Whip, it was called the Webkinz Whip.

I loved, loved, LOVED Webkinz growing up as a child. Ever since that lovely Christmas 2005 day, I have been obsessed with Webkinz.

But now GANZ, the creators of Webkinz, have gone too far.

Firstly, they added Deluxe Membership, which is a lot similar to Membership on Animal Jam. I was a Deluxe Member for about a year or so. Life was good, until that Membership ran out. :I I was pretty disappointed when I found out I could no longer play my favorite maze game, Whimsy Skies, and another game called Stardrops. Man, I was the QUEEN OF THAT GAME. No kidding! :P

Secondly, they completely changed the layout of the WShop. (The place where you can buy furniture, food, toys, decorations, etc.) They should have just left it how it originally was, because mixing the Deluxe-Only items with the eStore (online Webkinz store; purchases made with real money) items with the regular items. And that's another thing too: the Deluxe-Only items. They changed some of the best items (like the princess bed and the delicious drinks refreshing cooler) to Deluxe-Only!

Can you imagine how angry I was!? >:U

And I'm not the ONLY one who was screaming with rage and frustration.

In my opinion, GANZ should create new items to make Deluxe-Only, instead of taking away some the features we already have. It's not fair.

I know they're trying to make money, but this is so. not. fair. >:I

Then they took away the Vacation Island from us! I'd always visit the tropical wonders of Vacation Island to play that one haunted shipwreck game and spin the wheel of pineapples or whatever.

Thirdly, for almost a year, all of the new pets that were ever released were one simple animal: a puppy. Each puppy had a different pattern on it: doughnuts, chocolate, common texting abbreviations, scribbles, snowflakes, peace signs...

GANZ designers weren't taking enough time with their products.

Fourthly, they stopped traveling on their annual Road Trip! The last Road Trip I went to was in 2012. It was so much fun. The GANZ employees tossed out Wacky Zingoz plushies, figurines, bookmarks, and other Webkinz-themed trinkets to the crowds. I even grabbed a few for myself. :3 Now I bet their company has lost its popularity, so they quit the Road Trip. >:(

And finally, the mayor of Kinzville (who was supposed to be Fluffington, the richest resident in all of Kinzville) is a teenager, still in her high school years, and she's the daughter of the Kinzville Academy teacher, Ms. Cowoline. You guessed it - Cowabelle!

She's so young and childish! No one wants a 17-year-old cow for a mayor! o.e


The real reason I made this post was to let everyone know that...


I want to cry right now. I'm so agitated on the verge of bursting in tears.

Dr. Quack is the Kinzville doctor. He takes care of every pet's health needs. He's been on the job for around ten years. TEN YEARS!

I still love my family of Webkinz plush dearly, but...

GANZ has taken my childhood from me.

How could you, GANZ?

How could you?


  1. They're taking away DOCTOR QUACK?! Now THAT'S'a going too far. Sure, I used to love to make jokes to my friends about "OMG evil doctor quack," but that' no reason to remove him. GANZ is just really... Ugh.

  2. What doctor quak is leaving??????? I know when I got my first webkinz in 2010 I was up sensed with webkinz and then I started to play it less. But I still go on it to visit a few times a year. And doctor quack was the best! Now what's gonna happen if our pets get sick???? Awwww im GONNA miss doctor quack I'll visit this weekend for a final goodbye wait he's leaving tomorrow!!!' Eyes start to water.... I'll visit him tomorrow for a last good bye of him:( I'll miss him...

  3. Wait so they replaced the mayor with fluffing ton? And replaced ms cows line with her daughter cowabelle and now they are probably gonna replace Dr. Quack with his son Dr. Quackers!!!!!

    1. No, the teenager Cowabelle replaced the old mayor Fluffington.

    2. Awwww:( poor fluffington is missed. BUT REALLY TAKING DOCTOR QUACK AAWAY IS TO FAR!!!

    I used to love webkinz like you, it just got out of hand, like you said, so i quit. I can't even remember my username or password anymore. And i used to have one favorite pet: a cat named sparkles.
    I didn't really make the choice of 'quitting' for some weird reason when i tried to log in it would not let me.
    But WHYYY?????? Dr. Quack ish da bezzzzzzzzzzzt!!!

  5. I agree with you SO MUCH. Webkinz was my favorite thing to do for years. I began playing three years after I was born. I have over 20 pets and I spent so many hours playing games for KinzCash, collecting money to buy new pets, buying new rare items from the Curio Shop... I can't believe Ganz could do such an awful thing.
    Remember when the whole collection of swimming suits came to the shop? I sent Ganz an email requesting more swimsuits a few weeks before that, and they replied saying that they thought that my idea "was good, but they weren't sure if they had time to make it". And what do you know? The very next week, swimsuits come out in stores. :T
    I had Deluxe for a month, but they kept taking away more things after I lost my membership, and I couldn't buy some of my favorite items...
    I quit Webkinz about a year ago, but it still makes me really sad sometimes... so many memories, and it had to end so harshly...
    And that is ABSURD about Dr. Quack!! >:O And seriously? COWABELLE? :slaps forehead:

  6. Personally gave up on Webkinz in 3th grade. Still know the characters thou, and those are some insane changes o.o

  7. I quit 2 years after they added deluxe. i made so many memories on the vacation thing. My first jump scare(wonder why they updated the warnings(least so my mom said) you're welcome). But closing Dr quacks. What will we do if our pet gets sick? Let them die?!?!? And I'm still not used to the new W shop. And that stupid kinzville outfitters. I hate the collie lady, it's like "omg fashion iz liek sooo awesome so do eveything on fashion. And now cowbell as mayor. Lol am I the only one who remembers pre-map days. I miss the old webkinz and now AJ is suffering the same fate. Oh well all good things come to an end.
    Ps sorry for the typos. I'm on my phone, angry and watching tv. The pains of multitasking.

  8. I dont go on webkinz much anymore but i will miss Dr.Quack
    -tiggy (who still cant spell right today XD)

  9. WHY would they take away a DOCTOR!? LIke, really GANZ!? YOU PUT A DOCTOR IN KINZVILLE AND NOW U TAKE HIM AWAY!!??

  10. WHAT? I'm really mad at them now! I leave Webkinz for a few months and most of the items are for members, the dog and cat when you first play the game are gone and now I here they're taking away Dr. Quack?! GRRRRRRRR When I find out their email, I'm writing them a looooooooooong email.

  11. I got the username Suzi00 from Webkinz.

    Oh, Webkinz, you turned into just another game, like Animal Jam sometimes seems to be turning into :,(

    Ganz is evil. You know, they are just an ordinary company that has only Webkinz as a get-rich scheme. They don't focus on it

  12. I remember the Things to Do List... I love the old map most, not the customizable, lame one :(

  13. Yeah.. I seriously can't believe they think that " Changing will make more kids want to play " No, Ganz. It will not, It'll only make kids quit :I

  14. OMG how could they DX i have over 50 webkinz.... they have now changed the lay out of the whole entire game basically!!! I played Webkinz before memberships and i really liked the game now its just messed up!! Like i am 12 now and i played for 6 years. I dont even buy webkinz anymore or keep them on my shelf because they reminded me of my ruined childhood.

  15. What?! Not Quack!


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