Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lucky Voting #9 - Vote Out One Person!

Vote out one person today, Jammers! Thanks! ^.^


  1. I vote out mythical sorry :(

  2. I vote out Victory Sunnymoon. Good job everyone!

  3. I thoguht yesterday's was the last b anyways...
    Victory sunny moon

  4. I vote out mythical. Sorry!

  5. I vote out...
    Major Shiver Flower.
    I also kinda agree with voting out Victory Sunnymoon though she is so CUTE!

  6. i vote out mythical icy paw. sorry I haven't been commenting lately I've been SUPER busy

    sonicthe1st :D

  7. I think this means that maybe Lucky HappyJammer won? Wait, it says vote one person out... hmm...

    AND OMG I AM A TOP WHIPPAH! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! As you can see, I like commenting on blogs. A LOT. I don't usually get this much freedom on the Internet! :D

  8. What the... I never posted that TWICE!


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