Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Breaking News - Shark Hats!

Hello! I have some breaking news to share with you all, and since breaking news is supposed to be cool and interesting, you'd better stick with me. :p

A Jammer named jammerjamis is wearing an unreleased item on their brown-and-white lion. O.O

Rumor has it that this mysterious item is called a Shark Hat! No wonder the mouth is gaping with its sharp white teeth. Poor lion. x3

From what I've learned, I'm inferring that this jammerjamis dude is an AJHQ testing account. Do any of you remember sizzlerat, the player that first owned the Elf Tail Armor? That was a testing account, and I'm sure it's the same deal with jammerjamis.

Clark Stacey, the CEO of Smart Bomb Interactive (the company that created AJ) has an Animal Jam account as well.

Are you excited for shark hats? ^.^


  1. One of the authors posted on out blog too. It's really weird, but as JamesLionKIng said, they might come out on this year's Summer Carnival. Also, I think Jammerjamis is AJHQ tester or something.. It barely doesn't wear any items! :O

    1. Yeah, that's what I think, too. How cool! :D

    2. he/she said "hola" on his jammer wall. weird, no?

  2. Cool! It's kinda cute! (I'm weird, don't judge. :P)

    Nice signature, Naffy. o3o

  3. You used comet's signature c:

  4. Replies
    1. Mel didn't find this information out. Someone else told her about it. I can't remember the name, but the real source was probably from Instagram.

  5. The shark hat that really cool!

  6. JAMMERJAMIS said "hola" on his jammer wall 9 days before this comment was written. U can send him/her a postcard. -lilacren100
    P.S. sorry naffy taffy i didn't sign moi username on my first comment which was acutally a reply
    P.P.S. friend me!!!!!!


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