Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Hooray! ^o^ We made it to 330,000 views, and wow, we did it FAST! Again, thanks for all of your support. Once the voting begins for the Lucky Fashion Show, I'll pull up another contest to celebrate. :3 This time, the contest will be a Name-the-Item contest. Ooooooh...

With lots of L0VE, keep viewing and commenting, Whippers! c:


  1. I cant hold this from you anymore.
    Want to know why I left the blogging world?
    Because of you and your bullying.
    Because of your hating.
    Because of your little minions.
    Want to know why I left my channel that I poured hours upon hours upon HOURS of work into, to get it to over 200 subscribers?
    Because of you.
    So feel happy.
    You destroyed a blogger.
    You destroyed a YouTuber.
    I have a question?
    Why do you hate me?
    Why did you post The Fight?
    Was is really your place to make drama, over me scamming?
    You claim I make drama eh?
    Well how did me scamming effect you?
    Believe it or not, you were the cause of it from the start.
    The answer to where it was your problem to post that I was scamming, and make drama?
    It never was.
    But you took it upon yourself to do it.
    You make all the drama.
    Not me, you.
    You destroyed one of the few effective scam catchers left, congrats Naffy!
    You destroyed my dream channel that I worked so hard to make!
    You squashed a blog!
    You crushed my dreams right when they were starting to come true.

    1. Wait, so why didn't you leave in the first place?

      Ever since you scammed, you could have just stuck up that fat nose of yours and left. But you didn't. You absolutely HAD to stay. :/

      And after all of the trouble you've caused - lying, cheating, bullying - maybe you do deserve the worst. Six chances is enough. No one else is seeming to have a problem with that but you.

      I have a right to hate you.

      We all do.

      (P.S. Your ultimate dream was to become a famous Blogger/YouTuber...? *raises eyebrow*)

    2. YOU decided to delete that channel and blog. it was your decision. No one could make you do it but YOU

    3. P.S. I do my channel because i like to make videos. NOT for the fame.

    4. Chances? HAH
      I never asked for your little groups chances. Your group doesn't run the world. It isn't there place to give me "chances". All I ask is to remove everything about me. And I will stop to. Oh right- and make an apology post.

    5. Here's my offer:
      I leave your blog and you and your friends alone on AJ- if you remove ALL posts involving me, and not talk about the drama to anyone.

    6. And 1 more condition. You can't repost them. Or make anymore drama posts regarding me.

    7. Fine. *crosses heart* I'll remove the posts and will no longer speak of your forbidden name.

      *deletes posts*

      Now it's your turn.

    8. Also . . .

      If you never asked for forgiveness, or chances, that tells me that you don't regret what you've done. Luckily, my friends and I were nice enough to forgive you even if you didn't want it. But you had to choice to accept it or not. And you accepted it.

    9. Final reply:
      I did regret it.
      It's just there's 10,000,000 Jammers or something
      You and your friends are only 20 people or something.
      20 people forgave me out of 10,000,000. That's not a lot.
      With this, Adios Amiga

    10. It was your choice to delete your blogs and YouTube channels the stuff YOU say creates drama it wasn't naffy's choice to delete your blogging and you tubing life IT WAS YOURS so if your blaming NAFFY for you to stop youtubing and blogging your wrong because I don't recall NAFFY saying for you to delete your blogs and YouTube channel okay? So give up stop making stupid comments to create drama and move on from the past okay? Also stop being mean for once

    11. He will be back no matter what he just doesn't give up I wouldn't trust him if I were you knowing what he's done

    12. Don't worry, Violet. I've got it under control. :)

    13. Good cause I never wanna see taco again tho that's impossible cause of SWS.
      I will help your NAFFY

    14. Tacocat, i have just realized how terrible you are at making arguments
      Do you really think all the jammers in the freaking game know about you? :U

    15. Just saying, Taco, you brought everything upon yourself.
      P.S; You are a hypocrite for more than one reason.

    16. Well, it seems to me you started this taco.. You didn't have to post this comment and everything would of been fine.

  2. Yee congrats! :D

    (I still stalk, I mean view, your blog (only this one though cuz lergh) a lot. I'm just too lazy to think of what to type in comments lately. Well, I'm here now. owo)

  3. Congrats for all the views! Anyways, I've seen that love sculpture a few time in real life. I took a family picture there, and I sat on the 'L' :3

  4. Congrats Naffy!! :D and that picture is cool!

  5. Congrats! I still need to enter that contest :3


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