Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Lucky Adventure

Hi Jammers! Today is Thursday, and that means it's Jamaa Journal Day! Rumor has it that this update is full of fun surprises, unlike the past two.

Lucky Clovers, the newest holiday Adventure, is here at last! Your job is to search for the hidden keys, which are found in the clover patches. Use the keys to unlock chests for cool prizes and gems!

Be careful not to overlook the patches, because there may as well be a key somewhere beneath all those tiny clovers. :3

Also, when I was listening to the background music for this Adventure, I recognized an instrument they were playing: the recorder!

The recorder is kind of like a flute. A few Celts living in the Middle Ages (and they didn't even have to be Celtic) knew how to play the recorder. It was a popular instrument back then.

Even the little cottages in the Adventure are Celtic homes! See the cross on the wooden door? ^.^

In English we just finished reading a novel that takes place in the fourteenth-century, so that's how I know all these things. owo

The Paint Studio has finally arrived! If you voted for the Paint Studio theme a while ago, well, you got your wish! Pick up some paint-tastic items today!

Firstly, March 14th is PI DAY! I love Pi Day! ^c^ For those of you who don't know what Pi is, Pi is a mathematical number that goes on forever. Literally! It's infinite. Here's a little video about Pi:

And secondly, snow leopards have finally left us at last! :c Not that that's a good thing. o.o

Target's having a sale! Now's the perfect time to snag a Membership Card if you think your Membership is about to run out. ;)

Last of all, the lions are returning! I wonder what they've found, if anything. A new land perhaps?

That's just about it for this update. Very nice, AJHQ! *claps*

Have a thrilling Thursday!


  1. Happy book day!! :)

  2. Well ATLEAST the update is a better one. The adventure takes forever U have to find 51 keys and 51 treasure chests I had 34 left and I gave up.

  3. There's this annoying bug in the new adventure. When I unlocked ALL of the 50 chests, Patrick (the koala) didn't even give me THE STINKIN' EPIC KEY!!!


  4. Is this "new" adventure the friendship adventure 2.0


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