Friday, March 13, 2015

Lucky Party Pictures

The Lucky Party was really fun! We ate lots of food, went on an Adventure, and did a flash mob where we all dressed as green as possible. ^.^ Thanks for coming, everybody!

A weird glitch in elizaboo1104's den! 0.o


  1. Sorry I left in the middke of it my mom needed her laptop

  2. The party was awesome!

  3. That party looks awesome!!! The den is pretty cool too.


  4. Sorry I didn't come! I was supper busy anyway if you want to come I am having a pie party tomorrow so yeah click the link for more info!

    so yeah I hope you can come!


  5. Sorry I couldn't come I was still in school. Hopefully I'll make it to the next one! :D

  6. Bhfkeijddjejfhjejshdvusjoeftyrt

    I was on my iPad like at 5:30 (3:30 AJW time), right? (Yes.) So then I decided to stalk (I mean view) this blog. Then, I remember that there's a party today and at that time! :o
    So then, I turn on my computer. So then I'm sitting at my desk all chill and all. But then. The Apple and Microsoft ads pop up out of nowhere. Then, my computer is suddenly shutting itself down. But then I'm like, "AUGH, WHAT ARE YOU DOIN, STUPID COMPUTER?! >:U". As I try to turn on my computer again, the stupid Apple and Microsoft "updates" are loading for a half hour. Finally when it lets me go on my computer to actually do stuff on it again, I go on AJ.
    But then on AJ. 'Twas very slow and leggy. Oh and glitchy. Like at least you guys saw a cool glitch! My AJ kept on freezing/glitching. And one time as I was stalking you guys in that Adventure with Patrick (:3), the chat box thing was being stupid. So then I recovered webpage a million times. Still has that slowiness. I hate when my computer has its stupid updates. NOTHING EVEN GETS UPDATED!!! >8U

    And then my mom texted me that dinner is ready. When I go downstairs, mom asks me what's for dinner, right? No food is there- RAAWR!!!!!!!!! >8U

    Ah yes, that is why I was like a half hour or so late to the party. (The one time I actually remember the time, but stupid computer's stupidity ruined it. :c)

    Ooh, I'm in the least picture. We look so fashionably green. :3

  7. Happy Pi day everyone!!! -gives everyone free pie- :D

  8. Happy pi day everyone!!! -gives everyone free pie- :D

  9. I photo bombed the third one hehehe

  10. Hello Nafaria.
    Im not happy with you.
    I have something to add to our little truce.
    You cant mess with my friends either.
    Such as CloverGoddess.
    And not bursting into my friends, friends dens, and bullying my friends, by saying things like "Your such an immature little brat"
    Now APPOLOGIZE or ELSE!!!!!!!

    1. Well, guess what? You just broke the truce by viewing my blog. Nasty little liar you are. :)

      On the contrary, Clovergoddess was bullying me even before you knew it. At the SWS party, she swore at me multiple times. And she isn't kind to my friends either.

      You are making a pointleas argument because you don't even have the slightest clue of the real truth. Now get off this blog or it all omes crashing down to you.

    2. *comes

      Oh, and one more thing - I never "bursted" into her. She was talking with Meloetta when I came to visit her and Fomar.

    3. Fine.
      Truce still applies as long as you don't mess with my friends either.

  11. Sorry I wasn't able to come.
    The party started at 2:30 for me, so I was still at school.
    It looks fun though!

  12. Wait, nevermind my old comment.
    I got the timezones wrong so I thought it was gonna be at 2:30..

  13. Heheh, I was in the last pic.

    ~A when123 who was too lazy to log in.


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