Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Animal Jam Marketing + Lucky Voting #4 - Vote Out Two People!

Hello everyone! Before we get to the main part of this post, let's start off with round 4 of the Lucky Fashion show.

Mythical Daisygem has been eliminated. :( Oh, well. Nice try, Myth!

For this round, vote out two people! That's right . . .


Are we clear? >p<

Now, what you've all been waiting for (lol - not), Animal Jam Marketing!

A big portion of the RIM (Rare Item Monday) items are a lot like their counterparts. In fact, most of them are just different variants in terms of color of the original item. Whew, that was a tonuge-twister. XD I think you get the idea, though.

Take the Rare Leprechaun Hat for an example.

It's almost completely identical to the original Leprechaun Hat!

The only difference is the color of the belt.

So, which product is the better buy? The RIM costs 750 gems, while the original costs 300 gems. In my opinion, I'd rather buy the original hat.

Now, how about the Rare Heart Glasses?

The frame of the glasses are bubblegum pink, and the lenses of the glasses are a creamy yellow.

See the pair of glasses with the bubblegum pink frame and the ice blue lenses? Or perhaps even the pair of glasses with the raspberry frame and the creamy yellow lenses?

These two pairs of Heart Glasses look almost identical, too. All of the original Heart Glasses cost 150 gems, but the RIM version costs 500 gems. I'd rather buy either of the original glasses. Wouldn't you?

When I hear the word "Rare Item Monday", I used to expect totally new items every Monday.

But that's not the case. :(

I want good rares. I want rares that aren't boring. I want rares like:

the Rare Paradise Couch,

the Rare Pumpkin Throne,

and the Rare Sleigh Full Of Presents. XP

What kind of rares do you want?


  1. Infinity Coolgirl and Doctor Scarystar, sorry guys! Yeah, most RIMs are just recolored differently from the original item, which is kind of annoying. :/

  2. I vote out the tiger and the fox, sorry :( and i think the rare cupcake hat became popular is because its non member and its not a recolored item (lol i just thought of that XD)

  3. Little Sillytiger and the unnamed bunny in the bottom right corner. Sorry, you all did great!
    AJHQ should make more den RIMs. Den RIMs are so much rarer than the RIM clothing items. I actually stopped buying the RIMs. (That may be because I don't have anymore inventory room) Also, will the Phantom Fortress ever be released??? I really want to do it.

  4. Same with you on the RIM ideas. I missed when AJ was actually creative with the RIMs. :(

    Anyways, I vote out the snow leopard, Princess Spiritmoon; and the fox, Doctor Scarystar. Best of luck to everyone! (See what I did there? ;3)

    1. TWO people that you can vote out, not three :P

    2. No, I voted out 2 people. Princess (who is a snow leopard) and Doctor (who is a fox).

  5. I would wish for any RIM that's not recolored, wait, acutally, it would be cool to havea RIM of the April Fool's AJ 'push da button' sign things :P
    Anyways, I vote Infinity Coolgirl and Doctor Scarystar, sorry to whoever you people are!

  6. Doctor Scarystar and the Snow Leopard whos names is Snow Leopard. Sorry guys u both did great! (off topic) i just sneezed so hard that i made my ears hurt. ow.

  7. Princess (I forget the rest of her name XD) (snow leopard princess) You should know what I mean and doctor scary star

  8. It would be nice to stop seeing RECOLOURED RIM whcih are in fact super expensive.

  9. Enchanted Rainymoon and Infinity Icypaw.

  10. I actually like those glasses haha
    Theyre cute c:


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