Thursday, March 12, 2015


Hello and good morning! ^w^

Chances are you've read the post title by now, right? :p

This post is about red-to-mustard paint, obviously. >3<

When the paint set was first released a week ago, all of the items came in the same different color shades: red, orange, green, yellow, blue, and whatever.

But my friend Meloetta385 pointed out that the red paint splotches looked similar to blood. Yuck!

Well, AJHQ must have realized what they had done, so they changed all of the red paint items to a dull, mustard yellow.

*picture credit to Meloetta385*
I'm sort of disappointed with the new color. I'd much rather like it if it were mint or an aqua green. c:

By the way, if you owned a red paint item before they switched the colors, it will no longer be red. That means they aren't "rare", if you know what I'm saying. :B They're all replaced. :c


I'm modifying the party date and time to Friday, March 13th @ 3:30 P.M. Mountain Time! 

I remembered I had a hair appointment set up for the day of the party, so my schedule will be quite rushed, actually.

I hope some of you who weren't able to make it to the original party date and time can make it to the new one.

I don't have swim team tomorrow, so that's why, in case you're wondering.

Wow, changes, changes everywhere! XD

Au revoir!


  1. :Face desk: i should have kept the red paint

    1. Well, even if you did, the red paint would have changed to mustard yellow. There are no red painted items left. :c

    2. Yeah :( aj needs to think be for they put stuff in stores >,<

  2. Yay I should be able to make it THO I mgiht be late

  3. Ugh! The only time where I can make it but I forgot I have to go somewhere that day D: maybe another time :c

  4. AJHQ is against ketchup. Now there's only mustard. :P

  5. If I went to the part according to the party time change, I'd be half-an-hour late at the earliest now. Owe well, maybe next time :P

  6. Hopefully I can make it this time. It would be at 4:30 for meee. By the way, I got my first hater on my blog today. :/ Didn't really matter, though.

  7. I'll try my best to get there but i might only be able to stay for a short time

  8. Never mind, I think I might be able to make it! :D


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