Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Night of the Phantoms!

Boo! Today is Night of the Phantoms in Animal Jam, and Halloween in real life, for those who celebrate it. Do any of you have a costume for tonight? I am going to be a wolf in real life and a Beta Player in Animal Jam. I'm basically going to spend the Trick-or-Treating hours plotting pranks on people. ^.^

Anyway, here is the new item for today:
It's okay. I was expecting an update, though.

We got to 30,000 views! Yay! I'm so happy! Thank you all for viewing the blog-but that doesn't mean to stop! :P I will host a party soon and a contest!

In celebration of this, I've sent the people who comment a lot a little Spooky Gift as a treat! I also want to give you all a big ol' virtual treat.....

The structure of a phantom! This is not made by me. It is made by a very clever Jammer!

I've also done two more portraits! I would have done the ones before, but none of you guys logged out as the animal of your choice. Sorry. >.<

I hope you guys think they look okay.

I got a bit frustrated while doing the wolf, and whenever I get that feeling I grab a new piece of paper and draw people's faces without looking at my drawing. Some can be good, ugly, pretty, or just a plain blob. XD

Remember that AJ Halloween Prank I posted a while back?

This prank will not work unless you have reindeer poop from Jamaalidays.

If someone will not leave your den, slide the poop under their butts and yell, "EWW!" They'll most likely leave. :3

So, have a happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Dream Item

Oh, and if any of you have a Glitched Ring, would you trade me for one of them?

Witch Mask

Hey Jammers! Sorry for the late and short post today. Today's returning item is the Witch Mask!

(Picture from Animal Jam Times)
Freaky. The wart looks like a Cheeto stuck in frozen grape juice. >.< Ick!
That's all I have for now. I think. Bye!

Post Later!

I will post later today!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

vms915's Giveaway

Visit Animal Jam Nox for a giveaway!

Flynn and Scorpion Tails

Good morning! Today's new item is the one I've been waiting for, the Scorpion Tail Armor!

Be nice or else....! >:D

Anyway, I'd like to talk about my aunt's dog Flynn.

Flynn is a teenager in dog years and still a baby in human years. He is a Wheaten Terrier with a "coat of honey and a heart of gold". He's so fun to play with! I love to watch over Flynn. :)

He can do tricks such as shake, high-five, sit, down, heal, and stay. There's lots more. I think.

Here are some pictures of him!

So adorable.

That's all for today! Happy whipping!

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Glitched Ring

A small yet spreading rumor is that there is an item that looks similar
to the Turquoise Ring but is not featured  in that color. It is known as the Glitched Ring.

Nafaria's Lessons #5-True Scammers

I'm gonna admit it. I've scammed before.

It was just recently today.

I scammed linlina1 on her howl plaque.

Of course it was never meant to be, but I was a fool. :(

I collect plaques. I told her that my red worn blanket was worth more than her howl plaque, and she offered me the plaque for the worn blanket. I foolishly accepted the trade and got a feeling that felt like I was punched in the stomach. I regret this plaque, this trade, and this scam.

I tried to give her back the plaque, but she wouldn't accept.

I'm sorry, linlina1.

Apologies bring us to the point of this lesson.

If you scam on accident and apologize to the victim, you're not a true scammer.

True scammers are those who have no heart, and scam continuously on purpose. They have no sympathy for who they scam. They only care about whether or not they get the item.

Try not to scam, and don't be a dumb fool like I was.

The forbidden howl plaque shall stand a witness of my foolish side.

*parks here* >:D

Photos and Rare Scary Elf Cuffs

Hi Whippers! I finally managed to wake up early on a weekday. ^.^ Today is after all Rare Item Monday, so the RIM for today is....

Rare Scary Elf Cuffs! I very much like these. Too bad for the price, and I wish it were for every Jammer. But since Elf Cuffs are Member, it wouldn't make sense for this pair to be NM, would it?

I've been looking at the blog and we're halfway to 30,000 views! Yay! :D

Hmm...oh, yeah. :P It's Jammer of the Week and Weekly Animal Fact! This week's picked Jammer is edwingrim2!

Edwingrim2 is a very fun person to play with and talk to. She always finds a way of understanding your biggest problems, and she's a great blogger!

Don't worry, I've got y'all scheduled for some week in the future. The SOON future.

Anyway, here's this week's WAF about migration.

Whoa! I didn't know that lobsters migrated. 

Speaking of migration, have any of you seen the geese fly by? They're on their yearly migration trip. Bye bye, birds. I hope you don't run into any windows.....

Oh, the things you can learn from Animal Jam. :3

I've also been taking a few more photographs lately:

Sort of blurry. The flowers are quite pretty, though.

Flowers on the side of my neighbor's house.

A flower on a rock with a petal sitting beside it.

I especially love this one. I took it at sundown.

Black and white lamppost!

Our tree.

Yesterday we collected leaves around the block, and took them back to our yard and made a huge pile.

The we jumped in them, covered ourselves in leaves, and made leaf-angels. Hey, I was born crazy!

Those leaves look too brownish to be leaves. They look more like oatmeal. o.o Yum!

That's the Whip for today!

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Jamaa's Funniest Stunts

What an amazing jump! Watch for that head down there....

Wow! Look at those extended limbs! *limbs pop* Ooh, that's gonna hurt.

Mom should be proud!

Don't let the dentist see those teeth.


The Witch and Ginger Lop hop! Splendid!

Halo Claws

Hello Whippers! Today's new item can be found in Epic Wonders-a pair of Scorpion Claws! The returning item can be found in Bahari Bargains, as it is the Underwater Halo.

The claws are okay. They look amazing in the photo, but what about on the animals....?

The angel set wouldn't be complete without it's underwater halo!

I'm so happy! We're almost to 30,000 views! :D A party with a cool contest will be arriving soon.... I type I'm thinking of wha-nevermind! How about I start making Adventure Walks? It's going to be an Adventure guide of completing adventures. Do you think I should do that?

Well, uh, that's the Whip!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Horns and Helmets

Hello Jammers! Thank goodness I woke up a bit earlier! Today's new items are a pair of Horns and a Scorpion Helmet!

I love these horns,

but not so much the helmet. I'm waiting for the Scorpion tail to arrive.
I have another AJ Portrait done....

I would have completed the portraits before edwingrim2's, but none of you logged out as the animal you wanted me to draw. I was going to draw tabby0805's, but I unfortunately lost the screenshot. >.<

I shall do the portraits more often!

I have some screenshots of the new adventure, and it's quite easy. The prizes are a Mira Emblem, Polluted Graham Statue, and I believe a Phantom Cog? How....nice. The Mira Emblem rocks, though, and thanks to ilovemyfamily153666, the Mira Emblem can be acquired by clicking on the top right chest at the end of the adventure.

That's the Whip!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Why were the Shamans replaced with the name Alphas?

This is a question that some people may have asked when the Shamans became the Alphas. Actually, they DIDN'T become the Alphas! The Alphas are a group of extraordinary animals that protect Jamaa. The Shamans are animal leaders that stayed back to protect their species. Although, there aren't any Diamond Shop animal Shamans, nor ocean Shamans, except for the seal and dolphin....

Nafaria's Lessons #4-It's Not The End Of The World

Hey again! I've decided to do a lesson post today!

Today's lesson is about what to do after you get hacked.

I have several friends who have been hacked before-skydrain7, partyanimalzz (when she was funlamb), xXRobinHoodXx, Gingerwings, Meloetta385, etc. 

Thank goodness they all didn't quit, except for Meloetta. She gets on rarely, and it's always nice to speak with her.

Here's a question to you:
If you got hacked, would you quit AJ entirely, partially, or not quit at all?

I'd still play AJ. I think. What would YOU do?
Most people, once they've been hacked, quit because their items are gone. I'd cry all day if my items were taken away, but it wouldn't effect whether I still played or not. 

I know that we work hard for our items. REALLY hard. We good Jammers use the trade system, not anything else. Scamming items means you're just a lazy bum who uses other ways to trick people into giving you rares.

The best ways to collect rares that DON'T include any of these ugly messes can be found on my trading blog. I hope you find the blog useful! o.o

Anyway, if you DO get hacked.....

Don't commit suicide because you lost your items. I speak from the heart, as I'm sure it is pretty bad to have all those items taken away from you.

I'm sure even that Monty monkey in the adventures feels your pain, too, even though it's a robotic player!

Tomorrow I will post more about this. Bye!

Quick Update!

Hello Jammers! I'm so sorry I couldn't post at all earlier! I've had a rough day with afternoon activities and school. I will try to be more on time! Anyway, the update is today, and unfortunately, today's post will be pictureless. The update comes with an all-new and exciting adventure, with a scheme of a tower. There is also a new buddy game joining thingy, and I believe there's a glitch to it. The last main important thing is that there is a new Scorpion Armor!

So, go and...uhh....yeah, bye!

I Will Do Post Later!

I will do the post later in the afternoon! I slept in AGAIN.....

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Whip Experts

Hey Jammers! I'm sorry I couldn't post earlier. I am quite angry and in a bad mood at the moment because I said I didn't like burritos, so my brother pushed me down for just stating my opinion! Without thinking, I furiously pushed HIM down, and he ran to his room. Now my grandma is not only being annoying to my brother by lying and saying that I said I'm sorry, but she's annoying me as well by giving all the sympathy to him! Grrrr.....

Anyway, the new item's pictures will be from Animal Jam Times! Here are the new items:

Superhero Cape! :D
Pumpkin Head!

Lastly, Scary Antlers!

Which do you enjoy best? Too bad they're only Member items.

What happened to everyone yesterday? Only one person commented, and that was an agreeing comment from RainbowCat1 on a post. Mentioning Rainbow made me realize that some of our viewers have very special skills! Yes, yes, I know for sure that y'all have special talents and skills, but I'd like to mention ones that I find very clear:
RainbowCat1 is an expert on adventures! She knows the boxes for nearly every prize in each adventure. She knows all of the tasks and where to go!

Avalanche25000 is an expert on glitches! I can always count on him to find out cool, funny, and new glitches to the Glitches tab!

That's all I can think of for now. Until then, happy jamming!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nafaria's Lessons #3-Webkinz...?

I'd never think I'd actually not play this game as much as I did before. Sadly, this terrible thing is coming true.

This game I am mentioning is the reason I'm here today, blogging, clicking, typing, any kind of computerish stuff, basically. Whenever I think about this certain game I also get a guilty feeling about betraying it. Only, I did NOT betray it.

Okay, maybe a little.

Do any of you people play Webkinz?

I have for 5 years. But those 5 years changed when I was introduced to Animal Jam. I gradually began to drift away from Webkinz.....

Until I had the opportunity to make a blog.

Since I had been playing Animal Jam a lot more than I did with Webkinz, I decided to show Webkinz that I still cared about them. Hey, I'm super protective of my stuffed animals. In fact, I treat them like they have feelings!

Anyway, I basically just made my blog about Webkinz. I posted cool tips and tricks daily throughout the summer. My blog was called "Webkinz Whip". Unfortunately, I had only gotten 251 views that entire summer.

I decided to spice things up by adding cool gadgets to the blog. I included the Followers gadget, and 2 people (pupp1266 and I) followed it.

I decided to add some MORE blaze to the blog by completely changing the subject of the blog.

Let me rephrase that. Sorry. I didn't mean completely.

I changed the blog to be about AJ, not Webkinz, but I still posted cool recipes and stuff like that whenever I felt like it.

As my blog got more views and comments, I was swept away into the miniature career of blogging about AJ and not Webkinz. I no longer do Recipe of the Month because of this.

I really, really, really want to get back into the relationship I once had with this game, so I logged on a few weeks ago and went shopping around Webkinz World (I almost typed in Jamaa). I saw one, big issue....


Yup. In Webkinz, Deluxe is Membership. Back when I was Deluxe, there was only several features. Now Webkinz's turned into a MADHOUSE! Not only this clothing issue, but they keep on making Deluxe-only themed room sets. They also have been taking away plush and putting them in the Retired pile. :(

This is a general reason WHY I haven't been on Webkinz:

There's only about 10 clothes to buy in the ENTIRE STORE! And the KinzStyle Outlet is a way bigger store than Jam Mart Clothing!

This is super unfair. 

Today I was at the library and noticed a girl on the computer playing Webkinz. I felt that sickening, guilty feeling again, but then I asked myself an unknown question:

WHY do people even PLAY Webkinz anymore? It's so unfair to me!

I admit that I will always love Webkinz no matter if I ever play it again, because it reminds me of my early childhood. I will take all my wits to protect 60 plushies if I have to.

The main reason for that is because I know that I'd choose Blackie, my black stuffed dog, over AJ. That makes me want to choose ALL my stuffed animals over AJ. I know that they're both games that are very fun, but you need your life more than you need an account on a game, right?

Here's the lesson today:

There IS no lesson! Figure it out for yourself! 


"I Like Chicken Wings" By peace8samantha

I like chicken wings
with ketchup too.
I like applesauce
with a little bit of you!

I like ice cream
with syrup too.
I like chocolate
with a little bit of-

Nafaria's Lessons #2-Keep Your Friends Safe!

I realize now that what we know as "rarethirsty" could be a disease.

A disease that spreads quickly around Jamaa.

Not only that, but it can cause banning.

I'd like to share a little story with you.

This story begins on a day forgotten. I can only remember the days between that day and now.

I've been observing my sibling lately. Whenever he plays, he goes straight to the Adventures, Pillow Room, or Trading.

I asked him, "Why do you love Adventures so much?" He answers, "I play it to get prizes."

Then I ask, "Why do you love to get adopted?" He answers, "Cause it's fun!"

Lastly, I ask, "Why do you like to trade a lot?" He answers, "Rares make me look cool."

He's said it.

Is that sentence banging in your head now?

It is for me.

Yeah, I've figured it out. My sibling is RARETHIRSTY. He puts all his "best" items marked Rare on his animals. Personally, I think most of them look quite stupid.

Listen, bud, rares DO NOT make you a better person. 

Thank goodness my sibling doesn't scam. 

But, not-so-thank goodness, because his yellow heart locket-one of his most early items ever in AJ-was traded for a Rare Wavy Bookself!
Oh, and one other thing-

RIMS aren't REAL rares.

So here's the point. 

Keep your friends safe from this disease! This disease is so terrible enough it can cause:

  • Banning
  • Quitting
  • Scamming
  • Hacking
  • Broken Friendships
  • Tears
This disease must be bad.

Good luck!

Random Photos and Coral Tombstones

Hello Whippers! Today's returning item is a Coral Tombstone, sold in Sunken Treasures!

Personally, I like the Coral Phantom Statue better. It looks more like a coffin for the tombstone.


As you can see, I changed the blog's template and look for the month of November. The music just needs to change, and I will soon hopefully get a chance to do that. ^.^

Now, boys and girls, I want you to sit carefully on your couches or chairs and get ready for an exciting, glitchy moment....

-claps paws- Wow! Such a splendid outburst of total randomness!

More, shall we not?


I finally let my energy out!



Off with ya, goodbye!