Monday, October 7, 2013


Hi Jammers! Quick post today. I woke up at my early posting time, but I fell back asleep. I need to work on my posting schedule! Gaah!

Anyway, the RIM for today is....

There's also some barrel sponges in Sunken Treasures.

I don't really care they return or not. At least it's Non-Member! What do you guys think of it?

Also, I'm so SICK of these bad comments. They aren't MEAN, but they're BAD. I'm going to put up some serious commenting rules unless whoever is doing this STOPS.

Also, I've figured the mystery of the free account out.

Someone got on it and banned it.

So there you go. I'm deleting the account.

Yep, no free account. All thanks to some idiot on my blog. 

I am so happy to have such nice commenters like RainbowCat1, XxRobinHoodxX, cyacheer, Avalanche25000, ilovemyfamily (then some numbers), etc. THANK YOU!

I'll do JOTW and WAF after school. Bye bye!

(I'll also answer comments after school.)


  1. I am so sorry about unkind comments! I am having the same problem on my blog. Also thank you! :) Yesterday I had to delete two comments. It says at the bottom of the list be kind... I would think that would be easy to follow. - xXRobinHoodXx

  2. Yay! Bat wings are the rare go NMs! I feel so sorry for you Nafi. It's pouring at my house an inch of rain! is what the weather man said. It's suppoed to thunder soon so the power might go out it also might flood if this rain keeps up. Wish me luck- cya

    1. Break a leg, Cya (good luck)!


      P.S., let us recall what "break a leg" means. It doesn't really mean you've got to break a leg to get luck, it means "good luck" straight :-).

  3. Yay!!!!!!! Now my sis doesn't have to annoy me about those wings!! also I thought the wings would come because of their ''rare'' symbol. thanks for calling me a nice jammer/commenter(people think I am not a nice jammer but I don't care) and you are a nice jammer your self. hope I win the contest.~Avalanche25000~

  4. Are my comments rubbish? :3
    I am kind of happy with AJHQ at the moment... making Rare Scary Bat wings for nonmembers, which also means that there will be less squabbling and superiority about the Rare Scary Bat Wings.
    But it is also kind of sad.. as now they are less rare... :(
    P.S. Nafari, thanks! You are my first comment!

    1. No, your comments are just perfect. ^.^

      You're welcome!

  5. Who's being rude!? What have the said? Tell me and i'll pound em to a pulp!!!!!!1

    1. I'm not sure who it is, but I have a guess that it could be a guy named Bloody Raven. He commented on the Clans tab. Whoever's doing it, they've said the F word and the B word. I don't like those words to boom in my brain! >.<

    2. I don't want to recall that


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