Thursday, October 17, 2013

Evil Memberships and Contests

Hey Jammers! This week it was PTC for me, and now it's Fall Break! No school for me today. ^.^ Today's decorative item is an Evil Jack-o-Lantern!

He looks more like an annoying squirt than an evil mastermind. That one eye on the right shouldn't be all, erm, flabby. 

It also looks like there are some contest winners, both on the Daily Explorer and on the Whip! Go to the contest blog to see if you won. ^.^ 

It looks like I didn't win the News Crew. :I Does Animal Jam only choose people who are often in contact with them? Seriously, it seems like Animal Jam chooses who they know well, and not by writing talent. Phooey. That means I'm never gonna win. :T 

But, anyway, I'm sure whoever won is probably happy. I wish they'd choose more entries, though. Then we'd all have a good chance of winning. 

Hey! There's also a new Jammer Snaps contest to enter. Good luck, y'all, cause I think we'll all need it. .-. 

Yeah, I won the first Jammer Snaps, and I was very happy. I just want to win a News Crew now, because I like writing. I'm the best speller and writer in my entire class, and I'm one of the several people in the state that got a perfect score in our state writing test last year. 

Oh! To wrap up these boring paragraphs about contests, my friend puppiesluvpancakes is hosting a raffle, and it ends TOMORROW! Visit The Animal Jam Hangout to enter! If you can't comment anonymously, you may comment here. 

Lastly, they've changed the look to the Membership cards in stores. I saved my Membership cards for whatever, thankfully, so now I have two "valuable" cards. XD 

At least nobody will think they will get those avatars, because they won't. 

Here's what they look like: 

Liza's probably trying to say, "TAKE THIS, CAUSE YOU WON'T GET ANOTHER ONE FOR MONTHS!" 

Finally. We've reached our last little tidbit today! I've been thinking of making a new blog that displays stuff about me. I will post photos, art, and possibly stories. Do you agree?

Alrighty! Goodbye! 

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  1. I WAS NOT ABLE TO POST IT ON the other blog so here it is!:
    I am not sure what the number range is in between? I will guess 19 ! And my username is: QTAngel
    What is your both's users so i can friend u!


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