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Re: The Black Pearl-A Story I Wrote

The Black Pearl

A story by nafaria9
Note: This story is based on a dream that I had one night.
Once upon a time, there was a wonderful land named Jamaa. In this land, animals laughed, played, and socialized with one another. Each animal lived in peace for many years, until the dark phantoms came. The Alphas, Mira's (the Mother of Jamaa) and Zios' (the creator and Father of Jamaa) helpers, tried to fight off these terrible creations, which could soon lead to chaos and destroy Jamaa. The Alphas, along with hundreds of brave animals, had won the battle of the phantoms. Not much later, a darker and more powerful evil force crept into this world.... 

It was a sunny day in Jamaa. Everyone had at least something to do on a normal Jamaa day: chatting with buddies, playing in the arcade, swapping items for items, or exploring and searching for mysteries. But it seemed like today wasn't as normal. Everyone was talking about the new Poondamilia Amusement Park. This exciting playground for younger animals had really caught on! The Jamaa Journal even had wrote an article about it! A mother snow leopard named Blooming had just moved into Jamaa with her daughter Blossom. They had settled into a cozy den next to a wolf named Admiral. They were buzzing about the news together, too! "When the park opens, would you like to go?" Blooming asked. "Yes, mother, please!" Blossom anticipated. "Alright. Goodnight, dear." Blooming tucked Blossom in her bed and sent her to sleep. 

"Wake up, it's time to go!" Blooming shook Blossom like crazy. It was about 6:00 am, which was very early for a young leopard. Surprisingly, once Blossom woke up, she was super excited. After about 30 minutes or so, both leopards were ready to visit the Poondamilia Amusement Park. 15 minutes later, the snow leopard family arrived at the park. The activities board was a map of the park and what to do there. The snow leopards agreed on the Liza's Bounce and Clubhouse, Greely's Gem Hunt, Peck's Art Area, the Rope Swing, and the Mineshaft Coaster. They also planned to stop at Graham's Snack Shoppe for lunch. 

Blossom was having a blast. So far, she got to hop at the bounce house, search at the gem hunt, paint at the art area, and swing on the swing. The last thing left to do was ride on the Mineshaft Coaster-an attraction where you sit in a mine cart and takes you on a slightly bumpy ride through Kokeekoo Rainforest. It was 4:47 pm in Jamaa, which meant the ride may be dark and spooky. "No way am I going in there!" Blossom exclaimed. Blossom had a fear of the dark, but her mother soothed her down. "It'll be okay," she said. "I wish I could come with you, but only one cart per jammer. I'm very sorry. I'll be waiting for you at the end!" Blossom had been persuaded. Her emerald eyes lit up. Blooming patted her and said her good-lucks, and strolled down to the other end of the ride. 

This ride must be long! Blooming thought. It had been over the maximum time of the ride, and only a few young jammers came out of the end. 5 minutes later, Blooming began to worry. It wasn't just for her daughter-it was for the rest of the kids, too. Blooming didn't have bad eyes-she saw the huge line. But it was time for everyone to be out, and the park would close soon. Some employees were already shutting down the rides and packing their bags. Where could Blossom be? 

Blooming rushed over to a koala named Baron Happyboy. "Excuse me, but do you know when the Mineshaft ride is going to end?" she asked. "It should be shut down by now, did the employee not do his job?" Baron was confused. "Only a few jammers returned," Blooming explained. "My daughter, Blossom Arcticflower, never came out. Do you know what happened?" Baron saw the worried look on Blooming's face. He sighed. "Well, there's one thing I've heard of," he began. "A wolf named Major Canyonpride was just hired a few days ago, when we were giving out the last of the jobs available. He's sort of strange. He makes up the craziest rumors. One of his first tales was the Mineshaft Coaster was being haunted by a floating, black eyeball called the Black Pearl. Not really anybody believed him, but what you say might be a clue to seeing if this nutcase is correct." Blooming gasped at the thought of the Black Pearl. Was this legendary eyeball the causing of the absence of her daughter and all the other animals? 

"Thank you for the information," Blooming said gratefully. "I must get on that ride and see if the legend is true-and to save the jammers!" "Go right ahead," Baron offered. "Our employee must have fallen asleep." So Blooming ran over to the ride, settled in a cart, and cranked the lever. The cart slowly rode down the wooden track, and entered the mysterious jungle. Cawing parrots and gobbling monkeys irritated the snow leopard mom, but not as much as she would have been. Right now, she was too scared to think about anything but the eyeball. 

A dark, scary hiss came from behind a bush. Out came a pitch black eyeball with a small, snowy white pupil. Blooming screamed and jumped out of the minecart. The eyeball floated at high speed, charging after Blooming. The ride had ended, but the eyeball was so close to its victim it kept on going. "MOM!" a familiar voice shouted from the starry night sky. Up ahead was Cosmo's Treehouse, where all of the young jammers who had never come out of the rollercoaster were hiding. "MOMMY!" It was Blossom who was shouting! "I'm coming!" Blooming ran as fast as she could, sweat dripping from her forehead. She climbed up the wooden oak ladder, and slammed the creaky door shut. "That was close," she said, wiping her head with her paw. "Is everyone okay?" Everyone screamed when the Black Pearl broke into the treehouse. "Hhhhhand over zee young onesssss," the ball hissed. "I might consssssider ssssparing you." "I'd rather die!" Blooming yelled bravely. "So be it, zen," it hissed again. Although the eye wasn't a mouth, it creepily could talk. A huge, gusty wind shaked the treehouse, and it collapsed to the ground. 

THE END (That's when I woke up. This is a true dream.) 

I don't think I should write a Part 2. You see, the way I ended (or my dream ended) the story was for a reason. This story is after we defeat the phantoms, so it is in the future. The reason my dream and story ended the way it did was because the Alphas needed to fight off the Black Pearl. If this dream was made into an Adventure, that would be so awesome for me, fun, and would completely determine whether the Black Pearl won or we won. A Part 2 would just mess up the whole concept here.


  1. That's so creepy and cool. O.o. I would love to play an adventure like that.
    I can't believe you had a dream like that and so vivid.
    All I dreamed about last night was ogres chasing me through a haunted house. -_-

  2. O.O

    Whoa, creepy! It's going to give me nightmares! XD That's amazing you had a dream like that! O.o I would have freaked out! XP



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