Friday, October 18, 2013

Fussy Aldan

Hey Jammers! I decided to sleep in today. Today's new items have arrived in the Shiveer Shoppe and Epic Wonders....

An Angry Pumpkin Mask and Phantom Mask! I personally like the Phantom Mask better. 

Yesterday I caught 2 Jammers fussing over trading. :/

Stop being mean, you Aldanners. >:I

These are some reasons why I stay out of Aldan:

1. Not to get scammed.
2. Not to be hacked.
3. Not to be nagged for my rares.
4. Not to witness Jammers being tortured.
5. Not to witness people sit, trade, and bully. It takes up my day.
6. I just don't want to hangout with people who only like me for rares.

You could say Aldan is my least favorite server.

Here are the good things I get out of Aldan:

1. I find out how much an item is worth, most of the time.

Huh!? Only one reason? 

That's an understatement. -.-

Moving on! 

There's been a recent glitch: 

Also, that Sarepia Theater void glitch keeps happening to me when I step on the blue pillow. O.o

Here's a quick and cute Non-Member den trick:


Alrighty! Time to end today's post. Bye-bye! 


  1. Cool I love phantom mask I really wanted one! Oh and I check out your new blog!-cya

  2. hey guys! new code! STAYSAFE! enjoy! it gives you a special prize!


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