Friday, October 25, 2013

Horns and Helmets

Hello Jammers! Thank goodness I woke up a bit earlier! Today's new items are a pair of Horns and a Scorpion Helmet!

I love these horns,

but not so much the helmet. I'm waiting for the Scorpion tail to arrive.
I have another AJ Portrait done....

I would have completed the portraits before edwingrim2's, but none of you logged out as the animal you wanted me to draw. I was going to draw tabby0805's, but I unfortunately lost the screenshot. >.<

I shall do the portraits more often!

I have some screenshots of the new adventure, and it's quite easy. The prizes are a Mira Emblem, Polluted Graham Statue, and I believe a Phantom Cog? How....nice. The Mira Emblem rocks, though, and thanks to ilovemyfamily153666, the Mira Emblem can be acquired by clicking on the top right chest at the end of the adventure.

That's the Whip!


  1. The new adventure was cool. OH and for a second when I saw the long spikes and founders and den betas locked up in the cell my other friend that played with me well one of them said its possible to go inside the cell but can you get the rares? O3O Anyway, IF- IF... There is a scorpion tail in the shops few days later it might be in the diamond shop.. Just saying :D Though I wish it is in the shops.

  2. The new Adventure is pawsome! Also you are great at drawing! - xXRobinHoodXx

  3. I love the drawing of edwingrim2!!!!

  4. Who wants to know my favorite hobbies? Well it's drawing,singing, dancing, writing, and reading. And the horns are cool. they could of done better on the scorpion helmet-cyacheer

  5. Im back from my break and posting again! ^.^
    Anyway i love your new design ^.^ Great header :D

  6. Hey nafaria will I see you at my partay today? If you have no idea what im talking about check this out


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