Friday, October 4, 2013

World Animal Day

Hi Jammers! I fell asleep again this morning, so I couldn't post earlier. Here are the new items:

Picture from Animal Jam Times
This picture is mine,
as well with this.
Nice items! The only comment I'd like to state is:

WHY have a bunch of new items out for sale at the SAME TIME?! It's hard for us Bloggers when we have to take a bunch of screenshots and click a bunch of buttons when you're about to PEE your pants because you forgot to go to the bathroom the night before at 6:00 am in the morning! Sheesh!



Read as much facts about animals you can around Jamaa. Videos count, too! Comment your facts you've collected in the comments, along with where you found them. Don't forget to include your username! Whoever reads the most facts will win a mystery prize. I will announce the winner tomorrow. If there aren't a lot of entries, I'll announce the winner on Monday.

That's really all I have for today! Bye! Also, make sure to visit my other blogs!


  1. Awesome! (BTW, I commented on your Fun Stuf Page .3.)

  2. Hi nafaria! I was wondering, do you want a header? I'm in the banner making mood :P Just comment back when you can .

    Oh, and it's fine if you don't want one, it won't make me upset ;)

    1. Hi! I'd surely like one! I can always use a spare. It may not appear on the blog for a bit, but I always need an extra!

  3. Yay I can finally get monster teeth! Btw can someone send me epic wonders items? I only have 54 gems right now-cyacheer

  4. I made a late post today, I slept in too. - xXRobinHoodXx

  5. 1. geckos live on every Continent except Antarctica. seripedia theater. 2. when searching for food dessert locust migrate in huge swarms up to 10 billion insects. coral canyons.3. southern royal albatrosses have a gigantic wingspan. they use these long wings to migrate from the ocean to new Zealand. kimbara outback. 4. during migration, elephant group sizes can range from only one family with a few members to a massive herd of over 500 hundred elephants! appondale. make it through mountain passes through in the Himalayas, bar headed-geese sometime reach an altitude of 20,000 ft obove sea level. MT. shiveer-cyacheer

  6. continued facts. 6. each autumn, millions of monarch butterflys fly south to reach warmer weather. for some monarch the trip is over 1800 miles one-way! sarpedia forest. 7. female turtles migrate hundreds of miles every few years to the area they were born to lay a clutch of eggs. crystal sands.8. some ladybugs migrate in large groups. while they are migrating, they can cover an area 10 ft by 10 ft with over 250,000 lady bugs! temple of zios-cyacheer

    1. facts btw you will have to scrool down to see all the facts
      :1.honey bees can be trained to detect explosives.journey book Coral Canyons.2 golden moles are blind because their eyes are covered by their skin. journey book Appondale.3 bats are the only mammals that can truly fly. Coral Canyons. 4 bats belong to the order Chiroptera,which means ''hand-wing''. Appondale. 5.geckos don't have eye lids so they lick their eye balls so they are clean.Seripedia Theater.6 to make it threw mountain passes in the Himalayas,bar-handed geese sometimes reach an altitude of 20,000 feet above sea level.MT Shiveer.7 red pandas are also called lesser pandas and firefoxes.journey book Mount Shiveer.8 Chinese mitten crabs live in fresh water, but migrate to salt water to lay eggs.after the eggs hatch, the crabs migrate back to fresh water. Kani Cove. 9 when migrating, some white tuna swim hundreds of miles off the shore of Africa all the way north to Iceland.deep blue.10 some spiny lobsters migrate by walking along the ocean floor for many days and nights without stopping. Crystal Reef.11 Pacific salmon live in the ocean and migrate to freshwater rivers to spawn.Some salmon even return to the same river where they were hatched.Bahari Bay. that is all of my facts hope i win.~Avalanche25000

  7. I knew that red foxes are sometimes called red pandas because of their bushy tail.


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