Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Items, Parties, WAF, JOTW, & SNAIL POO

Hey Jammers! Jamaa's got quite a few items that have returned to stores, as well as a pet.

One of my favorite den items. Aah, these balloons. :3

Spiderweb Flooring. I'm kind of interested, so I'll buy it for whatever reason. Who wants cobwebs all over their tile, anyway?

Cute! Tarantulas are actually going to be this week's WAF, because I forgot to do it.

Bat Wallpaper. It's fine in most dens except the Mushroom Den, where it looks like spiders and bugs. Eww!
Halo. Reminds me of that shooting videogame all of those boys in my class at school play. :T

It also looks like the Haunted Forest Party has returned!

Cool! :P

I've also spotted a strange username....



That's slightly inappropriate yet sickeningly funny.

Now for WAF and JOTW (Weekly Animal Fact and Jammer of the Week)....!

Congratulations, Fam (her nickname)!

Fam is a super nice and fun Jammer to talk to! If you see her in Jamaa, try to give her a nice hello! She deserves respect, like all of us do. ^.^

Now for WAF!

Amazing. .3.

Wow. That was a long post, so it should come to end.  Happy Jamming! ^.^


  1. LOL Snailpoo! XD Btw, looks like you are reaching 25,000 views soon! .3.

  2. Congrats on winning 1st in Kinyonga's contest Nafaria! :D


    1. Yes! I certainly am! And thank you, rainbow. :D

    2. OMG YOU WON KINY'S CONTEST!!!! CONGRATS! Wow, but I still think the 3rd place is better than the 1st.. I DONT KNOW!

    3. I thought 3rd was better than 1st as well! Congratulate airlec13 for winning 3rd! ^.^

  3. Good job fam! I hope we can have some fun on the weekend! And snailpoo! Lol! Can someone send me a purple halo and bats wall and web floor? I'm trying to save up.-cyacheer p.s. cool fact

    1. haha thanks! and I can send the halo. btw I am also a purple lover!
      p.s. sorry for dressing weird. lol dressing up early for winter!

    2. thanks fam:) I know nafaria picks jammers from the heart.-cyacheer P.S. GO PURPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Lol! That's okay fam. I love purple too! :3

    4. yay im not alone!!!
      -fam :P

  4. P U R P L E R O C K S L I K E B A C O N ! ! ! ! !-cyacheer i'm super hyper right now


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