Thursday, October 17, 2013

Alert! Alert! Coolcat1o

Coolcat1o was in the Temple of Zios with 4 long spiked collars on his/her trading list. When a Jammer did a "bad" trade, Coolcat made a big fuss about it and caused loads of fighting and drama. Report this so-called Jammer! (They insulted me, mainly. My face was heating up. :T)


  1. I just relized something spike collars are like dog collars! And gee I don't like mean jammers.-cyacheer

  2. Coolcat1o is a scammer! He/she scammed my green short rare spike, red rare party hat, black worn, and rare worn! Report him/her and stay away from him/her and his/hers flashing party's!

  3. She scammed my collar and there's proof on YouTube. She should be ashamed

  4. I can't wait until she gets suspended! I asked nicely, (and I shouldn't be asking nicely, she scammed my rare spike!), and she acted like nothing even happened!!!!!!!!!!


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